Audio obtained by Washington Post claims to be from friend of Pentagon leaker

The Washington Post reports the person behind a massive leak of classified US military documents worked on a military base and posted sensitive national security secrets in a group of online acquaintances. Former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper joins CNN to discuss. #CNN #News


  1. It appears the strong role based access control around these sensitive classified documents is pretty non existent.

    1. They cannot find the Supreme Court leaker or the RNC pipe bomber but they claim a twenty down year old had access to this material?🤪

    2. This is so simple there’s no way this can happen even apple or space x have protocols,THIS WAS INTENSIONAL LEAKED

    1. @Jao Bidan CIA spook when seeing a mentally unstable individual: Here buddy, it’s all yours!

      Billy: Wooww a Daniel Defense AR!

  2. Dude did his “friend” no favors by doing this interview. He really thinks the Feds aren’t going yep be knocking on his door after this?

    1. He’s 21 and has access to those documents? The Guard should promote him for identifying weak points in the military system… and arrest Hillary for her leaks… which were wayyyy more damaging than this!

    1. @AnIdiotMakesThings  Well, if I am honest, the whole “you’re” thing has been a problem my whole life. I am not a very educated man. I farm for a living, so my job is not anywhere near as important as yours is. Thank you for pointing out my problems. I will work on them. And please know that I feel much better knowing we have people like you leading our future. Please continue to try and improve all of our education levels. One comment at a time.

    2. Yep, you notice how that makes the command look, they surely won’t get good ratings, period. If you have spillage, your first 1 star has to retake the training again, now that sucks.

    3. I can almost guarantee that the entire officer leadership of the A6 is about to be replaced at this squadron.

  3. “The system we have is based on trust”
    The absolute hilarity and horror of this moronic statement

    1. Well, if there was ever a background check before he got hired, someone musta been impressed that he ‘loved God’, was a ‘gun enthusiast’… oh, and that he was also a ‘racist’!

  4. Having worked for the Department of Defense for decades, we are given yearly mandatory training on how to handle classified documents. We are told in multiple group training sessions what the consequences are for even the slightest infractions. When the world sees that our highest leaders like presidents and vice presidents are casually taking these classified documents back to their homes and barely get a slap on the wrist for doing so, it totally erodes the credibility of our systems. I see this as a consequence of leadership not being held accountable for their own infractions of the laws and regulations and policies governing the protection and control of classified information. When they find this young man you can bet they will throw the full force of the law at him because the people must be held accountable while the leaders do whatever they want.

    1. @bdoubleu6 and i wonder if those were the credentials he used to get the position to have access to classified records,, “truth and common sense”???? I’ve been woke for decades , mr friend

    2. @poopsitout gaming it’s because you get put in high position because of your race or sex not because of merit

  5. Well it just goes to show that there was clearly somebody in that server that was a foreign agent and OG was posting it under the guise of “look at these cool documents from the government haha im cool” but really he was just leaking them to his handler on discord over a mutual server rather than DM

    1. That’s what I’m figuring. Whether he knew it or not I think he was finding ways to post them that would go as undetected as possible.

    1. Looks like we have a new name to add to the “training” course. I guess having a big ego is one of the indicators. Now every officer will be a suspect.

    2. We talked about that today, he will be the next case study and those of us that know never would imagine being THAT GUY. Think about his family and friends….wow. He was arrested today.

    3. @ktn808 You just gave me flashbacks with that line. And if you didn’t take the quick couple questions and get them all right, you had to sit through it all again.

  6. The handling of top secret documents from the President, Vice-president, members of Congress all the way down to the soldier with administrative access needs to be updated. And equality in charging someone who has taken top secret documents out of the so called secure areas.

  7. Does the janitor have access to these files too? Does US Intelligence just not bother securing highly confidential info anymore? This kind of leak is easy to prevent. They just chose not to protect it.

  8. There is a delusion of security that exists that has been highly worrisome to me my entire career. As someone who has worked in the security industry for 20 years in a broad range of roles, I can tell you that it disturbed me from day 1 and now the totality of those 20 years, in regards to the practices that exist or simply do not exist when it comes to the security of infrastructure, people and information. They all go hand in hand. I have worked in and with most industries/corps/gov/mil in some fashion. This includes working with the people/groups tasked with maintaining these things. The first thing that goes out the window are security protocols in the name of convenience. Security is not supposed to be convenient, it is inherently inconvenient. I can maybe count on one hand the amount of times I have dealt with people/departments that actually had good protocols, strictly practiced them and had managed to build good security culture. You have to be uncompromising. And people do not like this. There is also a lot of pressure from people in authoritative roles who end up pushing people who are trying to follow the rules. Because things go wrong every day and people do not understand how anything works, or their agenda necessitates making compromises. So my point is, while it does surprise me at how this was able to happen, at the same time it doesn’t surprise me at all. It doesn’t matter how many times I’ve seen bad security practices, I still just cannot accept the senseless absurdity of it. Because it always comes down to willful negligence. Had there been, and there certainly are, strict protocols followed without compromise, this might not have happened.

    What is more concerning to me beyond the fact there was the leak, is that this 21 year old supposedly worked in intelligence. And it’s quite alarming that he would even post them on Discord even from a self preservation perspective. When Discord is one of the most insecure platforms there is. Meaning, he seems to lack rudimentary knowledge in terms of protecting himself. I do not know the circumstances surrounding how he was using the platform, but it is broadly known that Discord would be maybe even the worst platform to communicate on if you even value basic privacy. This is what blows my mind beyond the obvious. That someone working in this field would use Discord at all.

    1. Agreed. On a related concern, just plain digital security is hopelessly disregarded. Hardly anyone anymore seems even remotely concerned with or cognizant of digital security. QR codes are just the latest. For how many years were people warned not to click on any link when you don’t know for certain, and with trust, where it is going to take you. This seems to have been forgotten. QR codes are totally opaque and “title” attributes allow simple destination spoofing. Actually I am more surprised these things haven’t blown up.

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