Audio reveals how Giuliani pressured Ukraine to investigate Biden

Audio obtained exclusively by CNN shows how former President Donald Trump's longtime adviser Rudy Giuliani relentlessly pressured and coaxed the Ukrainian government in 2019 to investigate baseless conspiracies about then-candidate Joe Biden.
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  1. Rudy Giuliani is prepared to take his case all the way to the supreme courtyard by Marriot to prove his innocence.

    1. Wow I just heard the Penguin extorting Ukraine for his orange master? Giuliani is getting himself indicted for that treasonous traitorous stunt for sure and he’ll do what all Trump patriot cult worshipers do and rat his cult master out. It’s Trumps American way.

    2. @Da Moose lmfao I just saw your post. My apology for not laughing last night 🤣🤣🤣 2024 save my comment. If some how I was wrong? Which I won’t be but if I was I will send you 30. Trust me indictment is on its way

    1. Manchin doesn’t care about bipartisanship, he’s playing with with this country’s political future by putting his own first.

  2. “at the right time” Yeah because when it is about honest investigation into crimes, you always want the person to wait to investigate it until that perfect time, because evidence gets better over time and it wouldn’t interfere into any elections to hold off until that perfect time.

  3. The leader of the Ukraine showed ethical backbone. He deserves a visit to the White House.

    1. By all means. Let’s invite him to answer some legitimate questions about Hunter’s shady underhanded deals with Ukraine and Joe’s admission of Quid Pro Quo and the DOJ’s mysterious disinterest…. which of course goes lock step with the rest of the criminal msm in America.

    2. @smackCenter Thank you for asking. The lasers are actually fine today. We doubted whether they could ever be recharged since they were so depleted from burning the hemorrhoids off your face yesterday but once again, the Tesla technology came through. We appreciate your business.

  4. This is merely the start of the drip drip drip of revelations…on a biblical scale no less. Maybe its time for Giuliani to call another presser at the Four Seasons (garden supply company).

    1. @Dudley Burleson : This was all under Trump and his personal attorney, US Attorney-General Bill Barr. Had there been credibility in it, Donald & Barr would have been using it already and flaunting it to world for all to see. Anything that comes from Murdoch’s FOX or NY Post media is all lies and disinformation. Australian Murdoch doesn’t care if our Free Press and whole country goes to ruin as long as it benefits him and his family financially. Talk about amoral, greedy, crooked sociopaths.

    1. Agreed, but first Trump must be jailed for life for what he did to Ivanka when she was a child…

    1. @iamthe partyone Putin saw an opportunity to instill the most incompetent president the US would ever have and he took it. Say what you want but Donald Trump is the worst thing to happen to this country since the Civil War and its not even close.

    2. @The Guy From That One Place Putin didn’t instill Trump you ignorant sheep 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Facts matter much more than false narratives. Cool opinion though.

    3. @William Springer for what, causing deaths of 100,000 s by ignoring covid. For using foreign powers to attack political rivals. Try to overturn elections

  5. Rudy you still alive? I honestly didn’t know. I’m glad because I’m looking forward to seeing your latest collaboration with Borat, I hear it’s a cinematographical wonder.

    1. The Sopranos. I was about to say the same thing. Mafia members have this whole code for discussing things like assassinations and robbery — “Did you resolve the issue ( did you kill) with our mutual friend ( Jacky) ?”— that is intended to keep them protected from being bugged.

    2. dishonest people have a hard time speaking directly. They almost always use analogies or euphemisms

    1. Nothing that happen in this entire case was illegal. Since when is investigating criminals illegal. Biden and Obama are both criminals and we have mountains of evidence against them. Wake up, you’re entire reality is a lie!

    2. @Joe Blow, yeah right, mountains of evidence and yet NO indictments or prosecutions by Trump’s DOJ. Isn’t that odd?

    3. @Jim Wheeler you’d think theyd find something, anything. But instead, they found zilch, nada, zero, just like they found nothing on Hilary

    1. @Yvonne Plant but he was doing it while trump was president? He was a private citizen. Are you not up on current events?

    2. @Richard Granati, that’s obviously an erroneous analogy as Hand Grenade Rudy was working for Dotard Covidiot in an effort to extort the Ukranians into launching a bogus investigation into Dotard Covidiot’s political opponent, Joe Biden.

    1. No, but we can watch you sell yourself last to the communists you fully support. They only eat you last. You’re far too stupid to under stand that tho

    2. After hearing him extorting Ukraine for his orange master, the penguin better learn how to fly far and fast.

    1. @Luke Belanger Sorry, but I don’t need to prove anything-the whole laptop kabuki has been debunked.
      Biden is POTUS, you lost control of the House and Senate.
      No one has the patience for “wanna-be” militia maga boys who have to hide behind accounts to… bravely…post their support of idiots armed with poop to smear on walls. Deal or don’t-

    2. @Tonya Sweeney Absolutely nothing about the laptop is debunked or even denied. Go back to sleep sheep!

    3. @Dudley Burleson when a respectable person who can hold a press conference in a respectable location and not sound like he’s spewing far out conspiracy garbage maybe I’ll take note of it. But Rudy can’t stop himself from being a total screw up and I can not and will not take this guy’s words seriously

    4. @Joe Blow If there were any real “evidence” on that laptop, it wouldn’t be entrusted to Rudy G., FFS…

  6. Accountability is desperately needed in America to restore American’s image and respect it used to have

    1. Correct! However I don’t see it happening. America must be the only nation that tolerates foreign agents openly working against our democracy!

    2. @Gerry “Castleman” Warde You see it clearly with the Clintons and Biden even admitted it and the DOJ doesn’t give a damn. Barack Obama handed billions of dollars to Iran knowing they are the biggest sponsors of terrorism on the planet. But anyone who complains becomes a target of the FBI to be further vilified by the media. Crooked is as crooked does.

    1. @Smarter than you As a trial attorney attorney where is the evidence please so I can file it in federal court on your behalf without any cost?

    2. @Smarter than you Guliani stated “I don’t even know if it is true but the Biden thing needs to be drawn out”. He then just requested a public announcement to make it look like President Biden was doing something illegal in order to have a meeting with Trump. This is illegal and even if the Senate refused to convict it is irrelevant to it being illegal.

  7. Watching those 2 ” game show failures” on the same stage making life and death decisions is scary as fk.

    1. @Peter Sedesse and stuff. The “science” is not settled on what happened, where it came from, or what methods worked. The experts are the idiots that continue to bullshit the non-experts on all things COVID and the government doesn’t want us to learn that it is a bio-weapon because that would mean that China committed the act of war against the world, and who can settle a dispute like that without bombing the hell out of Beijing.

    2. @John Lorraine Sars viruses were coming out of bats in that region before there was even a lab there. The reason there is even a lab there is because the bats. All the experts say we don’t know where the virus came from, you and other maget idiots are the ones talking about wmds and war, with no proof it came from the labs. It is more likely it came from bats since that has already happened multiple times from those bats.

    1. The democrats are the swamp people. They literally have all the power and money and they playing people bad

  8. I’m aching for the third reel, when Nosferatu is finally put back in his coffin with a clove of garlic in his mouth.

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