Aunt of teen shot after going to wrong house speaks out

A White, 84-year-old homeowner charged with shooting Ralph Yarl after the Black teen went to the wrong Kansas City address to pick up his siblings told police they didn’t exchange words before he fired at him through a locked glass door. Yarl's aunt, Faith Spoonmore, and attorney Lee Merritt speak to CNN's Don Lemon to provide an update on his condition. #CNN #News


  1. Aunt said there is no way you should see fear when you look at Ralph.

    But unfortunately when you have a spirit of fear and a dark heart, you are not seeing 👀 correctly, hence why you get a result like this 😒😐😑.

    Be well and be at peace.

  2. This story is outrageous and heartbreaking. Sending this young man so much love and hope for recovery physically and mentally. ❤❤❤

  3. I know personally how it feels to have a loved on hurt when they are totally innocent. My son was being robbed in front of church in the middle of the day, when he refused to hand over his bag, which held his drum sticks. He was smashed in the face, left bleeding, taken in to hospital to be stitched up for hours. He was trying and was making a difference with music. This happened in the city. It still is painful to think about. He is not black but still I can relate to your pain.

  4. As a Marine combat veteran, if I’m lucky enough to live to be 80, I’ll never fear for my life, because I already won.

  5. This is absolutely insane!
    What’s next, idiots shooting drivers from their front door who stop in front of their house to check their GPS?
    Poor kid was doing what big brothers have done forever….pick up their younger siblings. Heartbreaking that this EXTREMELY INNOCENT task was turned into an attempted murder.
    What happened to “You have the wrong house”?
    I hope the shooters age has no bearing on charges and sentencing. He needs to be in jail!

    1. @David Segura  I’ve seen that tragedy broadcast on TV several times today.
      Outrage appears to be a locally generated thing and/or reaching the right ears. Tying outrage as a race based issue is “race baiting” imo and unnecessary.
      Both shootings are overreactions and equally tragic.

    2. So why not put that in your first statement instead of asking what’s next when I put a article pretty much exactly what you were stating.

    3. @David Segura  Because you don’t dictate what I do is the 1st thing. 2nd is this post is about the kids incident. Also do you understand the concept of a rhetorical question.
      You defaulting to race pretty much explains why you’re trolling this post.

  6. Glad he is alive and with his family. He went through a lot. I can’t imagine the trauma emotionally and on top of the physicality of being shot. He must have been so scared.

  7. I’m so glad she said not to factor in his age! She could add any health issues he has because if he was strong enough to pull the trigger twice then he’s strong enough to do the time!

  8. Glad to hear Ralph survived this terrible incident and hope for his continued healing. He certainly didn’t deserve what happened to him by just ringing the wrong doorbell!

  9. This is truly heartbreaking! To think that if you confuse street and terrace you could be shot is crazy. The time Lester took to get his gun he could have used that time to get his phone and call the Police. On second thought … could have been worse, who knows with some of these cops. Lester didn’t even exchange words to find out why Ralph was at his door. Who does that!! very useful information

  10. So sad for both parties involved! The poor boy who knocked on the wrong door in the middle of the night, and the poor elderly half blind man who thought someone was breaking into his home. The whole thing is heartbreaking!!

    1. The boy rang the doorbell and knocked. Someone meaning your harm wouldn’t do those things. The man didn’t need eyesight to understand this. Also, if you are that blind you shouldn’t own a gun. Sad for both parties? Smh

    2. @Ms. Chris  The elder gentleman reported that the young man was trying to open his storm door, and it was dark outside since it was just after 10pm….Also, the police let the old man go after questioning him. We weren’t there so we’ll never actually know unless someone somewhere has video footage. It really is a terrible incident for all involved.

    3. @Aponi Nodin But not a single word was spoken like “get away”, “step off the property” or anything. The man displayed complete animalistic behavior. Any if you are going to shoot, why the head. How about a knee cap? He shot once through the door and another time after he saw the boy on the ground – no need to shoot again. Animal I say.

    4. Why you feeling sorry for the perpetrator of the crime and not the victim that old man is racist he has no empathy in his heart why are you having empathy for him a killer maybe you’re the same?

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