Australia’s History Of Slavery

Australia’s History Of Slavery 1


Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has denied existence of slavery in the country’s history.

The nation was founded on the wealth of slavery, according to historians. It helped finance Australia’s colonization in the 19th century, leading to the theft of indigenous people’s lands who were also killed by settlers and colonial forces.

The comments come in the backdrop of Black Lives Matter movement. Australians have taken part in anti-racist rallies across the country.

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3 Comments on "Australia’s History Of Slavery"

  1. 60,000 people killed. Did they keep count back then. Who are you preaching hate. Oooh I disagree with you.

    • tintin3366 it’s an estimate of the atrocity. Was probably worse

    • Newsfeed all of a sudden we are getting groups blaming us for past history. These were good days until it’s fashionable to blame every white guy. Let’s have another protest

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