1. Every time I see Rudy’s face I think about that jet black hair dye streaking down the side of his head 😩😭😂

    1. Haha probably hair dye in a spray can. How about Nancy Pelosi’s Michael Jackson eyebrows. Nothing tops that one 😂

    1. At least he didn’t destroy american cities by not doing anything against crime when he had the chance to call the shots. Reminds me of another party.

  2. People forget he was a piece of crap back in the day too, this isn’t something new, he’s always been horrible. He just happened to be mayor on a tragic day, and I’d wager almost anyone would have done better on that day than him, but because he was there he gets the credit.

    1. @Rider 38 Since your comment was also Whataboutism, and I replied w/Whataboutism for fun, and now you’re coming back again w/more Whataboutism regarding my Whataboutism…. I only hope this absurd cycle can end with this as a final Whataboutism of your Whataboutism of my Whataboutism of your initial Whataboutism.

  3. He went from America’s Mayor to the guy that sent a mob to DESTROY THE US CAPITOL
    RUDY: “Let’s Have Trial By Combat”

    1. @benny blanco I must defer to you, because you seem to me like someone who forms his own opinions in a fair and logical manner. Therefore, it was all fake. Yes. All actors. Thanks for showing me the light.

    2. @Featherless Clearly he’s nobody since tucker and the bunch keep telling you people to look at him instead of the actual people getting served with Subpoenas and indictments.

  4. The tragic fall. I never find tragedy in the fall of the arrogant and abusive. Especially in someone like Giuliani who enabled the horrors the world & the citizens of this nation have been through over the last eight or so years. He can rot in hell. Put him in with Bannon in Rikers & let them picnic on each other.

  5. In the days following 9/11/2001 he was a national hero, and I thought of him fondly — until sometime after 2016 when he resurfaced on Fox News, saying some “crazy uncle” kinds of things. In the Trump years, and particularly leading up to 1/6/2021 he became a national disgrace. That was quite a fall.

    1. @Marsha Marsha Marsha, I don’t fault his handling of 9/11. He was a different person then. He was grounded, brave, responsible… None of those adjectives describe the crazy old man he became later on.

  6. Will be so happy when I turn on the news and I never see any more stories about trump or his cronies. It is never ending 😂

  7. Things really did look bleak for Rudy Giuliani at one time, but then he got a gig in the car park of a landscaping firm in a seedy part of town, and he hasn’t looked back since.

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