Authorities give update on San Jose rail yard shooting rampage | USA TODAY 1

Authorities give update on San Jose rail yard shooting rampage | USA TODAY


Multiple people were killed and wounded Wednesday in a shooting at a light rail yard, the latest burst of bullets to rock the nation this year.


Police spokesman Russell Davis said the gunman was dead and that employees of the rail yard were among the victims. Davis said he did not know how the gunman died, nor whether law enforcement fired their weapons.

"There is a lot of speculation on fatalities," Davis said. “I can’t confirm the exact number of injuries and fatalities, but I will tell you that they are multiple injuries and multiple fatalities."

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  1. No matter how racist a person is or what their mental state OR ‘motive’ is — no one should have access to weapons designed to kill many.

    Ban, confiscate, buyback, REDUCE

    1. It’s not the weapon, we as humans have lost sight of our heavenly father. If they take them people will other ways look at China, Europe and the list goes on. If a person wants to do evil they will find a way. Now only if a good guy with a gun was there. Hmmm

    2. If you can only think about getting rid of weapons then you don’t actually understand the problem

    3. Your puddled, you want rid of guns fine, but these lunatics will just go get a knife and do the same thing, look at the uk the knife crime is as high as usa gun crime

  2. What the hell is going on with all these mass shootings ? God help us . Its getting so its not safe to go out the door. We’re not even safe I our own homes anymore. God help us.

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  4. So sad…
    This is nothing but lack of God in people´s heart.

    Salvation is right there…but men choose to reject it everytime.

    My parayers go to all those families in suffer right now because of this event.

  5. Mostly buzzing noise for most of the interview. The only clear voice was when the taping was over. Bad sound man.

  6. Prayers for the families. Strikes me odd that the states and cities with the most stringent gun laws have the most gun violence .

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  9. I don’t understand people’s obsession with guns. Why not make gun laws so strict that people would think,
    I would be good without guns.

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