1. Why are you even saying that? That isn’t relevant. Besides it isn’t an option until Canada chooses to leave the Commonwealth because we are legally tied to the Royal family.

  1. If I lived there I would be forcefully, but without physical contact, removing the paparazzi from my community.

  2. They are sicken me. Why should we pay for them? Too stupid to understand what independence means? Disgusting couple.

  3. What a joke a prince and an actress, who now think they can live here and not cause the same reactions as in UK. They are still dependant on the regular people’s money cause their 12 m a year is not enough for them and carbon use for planes all the time is such a must for them. F…g joke

  4. There are no Sussex’s they are Harry and Meghan…..or it could “ Oblio and Arrow banished from the Land of Point

    1. Charlie Ford Liberals won’t need any help since Peter MacKay is going to be next Tory leader. Did you know that his wife is (‼️) IRANIAN?

  5. Don’t let the nastiness in the comments bother you, Harry! It’s just the miserable Conservatives who are pissed off because their next leader is going to be Peter MacKay. 😂🤣😂

  6. BC’s Privacy Commissioner Micheal McEvoy is being accused of Breach of Trust for turning a blind eye to well documented government reprisals against citizens who file grievances with his agency. He is an Officer of the Legislature. He has a lot of explaining to do in court.

  7. Canadians DO NOT pay for any security, etc. for: Drake, Celine Dion, Justin Bieber, etc. THEY PAY FOR THEIR OWN SECURITY – and they are far more popular and welcome in Canada. MM & Harry are here less than 2 weeks are ALREADY causing PROBLEMS. LEAVE CANADA ASAP you two.😯😳😖😖😖

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