Baltimore Mayor: Trump Should Stop Tweeting And Send Federal Help | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC 1

Baltimore Mayor: Trump Should Stop Tweeting And Send Federal Help | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC


President Trump is unleashing a new series of attacks this morning on Democratic Congressman Elijah Cummings and his West Baltimore district. Baltimore Mayor Bernard Young joins Stephanie Ruhle with his message for the president.
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Baltimore Mayor: Trump Should Stop Tweeting And Send Federal Help | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC


  1. The Kushner company, America’s most notorious slum lords, manages 900 different apartment buildings in Baltimore, units known for rat infested code violating slums!
    Perhaps the city of Baltimore should step up enforcement starting on these units! But that would cost Jared & IVodka some
    money, so let’s start there!

    1. bet the filth is from the fatherless scum whuz kids on welfare with not a daddy in sight to stop the killings in the street that stand at 300 a year
      so stfu u fcnn liberal worthless pos

    2. Baltimore can’t do anything for Kushner!!!! He’s been violating the laws and he got away with all his CRIMES!!! That tells USA also has been a corrupted country with corrupted politicians!!

  2. Mister mayor why don’t you fix your city Senior reps why aren’t they doing anything what happened to the money that Baltimore already got where did that go obviously not to infrastructure but it went somewhere

    1. 50 Years of Democrat Rule in Baltimore = from wealthy city to Crime and Rat Infested city. No one to blame but the Democrats. Valid criticism is not racism.

    2. @Roy Roye How comes that 8 of the 10 poorest states of the USA are governed by Republican governors in the last 45 years! Using the phrase no “human being would want to live there” implies that Baltimorans are not humans! Logic my dear, logic!

  3. Shouldnt the major be talking to his congressman? The president does not distribute federal money.isnt that the job of Congress, aren’t they the ones who allocate funds? Trump’s is not the one who is a racist. MSNBC you couldn’t get in enough attempts to start a race war. You might not like the way he does things, but he says it like it is. Cummings hasn’t done a thing but worry about finding some reason to blame Trump. That someone who did something thing. Don’t know who, don’t know what, just know it’s out there and they gotta find it. No matter who suffers, how many lies it takes, and however long it takes.

  4. Lol…he said “Dividing the country racially”…. living in a box or something….I have grown black family members that are successful…they just aren’t living in his abused poor philosophy government style!!

  5. But if we use American tax dollars to fix America how will we pay to crash drones in Iran Iraq Afghanistan…….you know the fun stuff?

  6. Does Baltimore have a rat problem…. Yes or no?

    If yes then the present was telling the truth…. What, you don’t like the truth?

    Pointing out the truth does not turn you into racist but taking another person’s words out of context to push your agenda does turn you into a liar.

  7. While everyone is distracted by what trump says meanwhile laws are being put in place and deals are being made with no one able to shed light on it smh

  8. Per capita , I would think this administration in the Whitehouse is the most crime infested in the country.

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