1. The wealthy will never be held accountable in the same way the masses are. It’s sad that we just can’t get this right🤕

    1. It takes a real down to earth Leaders with guts to fight for democracy and to bring the rule of law and to apply it equally to everyone. The department of Justice is slow in bringing those who have power and money to Justice. How is it that Trump can do all thoes crimes and still walk around freely, and he is thinking about running for president! After all that he had done.

    1. Grimer got 9 years in a Russian prison for carrying CBD oil, a non narcotic…..BANNON gets 4 months for disregarding a subpoena….a joke is an understatement!

  2. this verdict is a slap on the face of the ordinary man and women in this country. we would all be arrested and done our time immediately

  3. He got away with a slap on her wrist. His sentence runs concurrently and he doesn’t have to surrender immediately. Yeah they’re different rules for the rich than everybody else that’s all This proves

    1. There is maybe just one silver lining here. The first appeal would be to a three-judge panel of the DC circuit. If two of the three think “Judge” Nichols’ decision is bulls- i mean, _are unimpressed_ with the “judge’s” decision on substantiality of the traitor’s claim, they can reverse it and send him to prison pending their ruling, as long as the DoJ appeals the substantiality finding in their first appellate filing. Which let’s face it, to appeal that is just a gimme and if they don’t, i’d have to say they too are in the tank for Team Insurrection Cult.

    1. It’s the corrupt judges that are to blame. Hold THEM accountable. Woops! no one is held accountable if they have money.

  4. He Should have gotten a year, this delay of setting his time back is Crazy, let him sit in PRISON while his lawyers WORK ON HIS CASE.

    1. Exactly! This is a slap in the face of regular Americans! He has thumbed his nose all along! So disrespectful to the January 6 committee and now to all of us! He should have been taken into custody today! The wealthy really do have different rules, don’t they?

  5. Being sentenced, and SERVING jail time are two very different things. Justice delayed even further. Sickening.

    1. Meanwhile he dances and prance around mocking the justice system like he’s the one that won. And in a sense, he did. Because he clearly didn’t learn anything.

    1. There are people who have gotten way longer sentences for way lesser crimes….the system is making him into a cult hero… the term joke is an understatement!

  6. Wouldn’t we be so lucky if we were in his same shoes we would’ve been ordered to serve time immediately 😡

  7. Watching from afar.Just as I was thinking the Courts had enough of this mockery by X45 and his enablers they give this arrogant and despicable man a light sentence and a pittance of a fine.What sort of a deterrent and message does that send out.

  8. Four damned months?
    Hell, they may as well had not given him any time. Then he gets to be free until he appeals. What in the hell? If it were the average person, we’d be locked up for at least a year. This is ridiculous! They always get away with their bull crap. He will be in vacation prison and will be out in two months. How does he get to be out until his appeal? Omg!

  9. The max was 1yr. He maxed out his contempt. What more would he have to do to get the full year?!

    1. My thought, too. Judge needs to describe what else Bannon would’ve had to do to get even 6 months – naked cartwheels in court while giving the judge the finger? Resistant witnesses can be held indefinitely to force testimony AFTER they appear in response to a subpoena. Susan McDougal did a year during Ken Starr’s Whitewater investigation.

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