Barack Obama, Joe Biden stump for Pennsylvania Democratic candidates | USA TODAY

Former President Barack Obama stumped for Pennsylvania Senate candidate John Fetterman and gubernatorial candidate Josh Shapiro during a rally.

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Swing-state Pennsylvania is the stage for a clash of presidents on Saturday as each party’s biggest stars work to energize voters just days before voting concludes in high-stakes midterm elections across the country.

Former President Barack Obama opens the day at a Pittsburgh rally with Democratic Senate hopeful John Fetterman, the Pennsylvania lieutenant governor who represents his party’s best chance to flip a Republican-held Senate seat on Tuesday. Obama and Fetterman will appear alongside President Joe Biden and gubernatorial candidate Josh Shapiro later in the day in Philadelphia.

Former President Donald Trump, meanwhile, will finish the day courting voters in a working-class region in the southwestern corner of the state with Senate candidate Dr. Mehmet Oz and gubernatorial candidate Doug Mastriano.

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  1. “We can’t allow the people to use Democracy to vote us out. That would be a HUGE threat to Democracy!!!”

    ~ The Democratic Party
    “We can’t allow the people to use Democracy to vote us out. That would be a HUGE threat to Democracy!!!”

    ~ The Democrats

    1. @Free Thinker you’re getting destroyed in these comments 😂😂😂😂 is “your side” ready to be rittenhoused again?????

    2. @Marié telléz And Texas is not as a bad as any blue state. I live in one. Police have been not completely defunded but a lot of funds the goes to police have been taking away. The lack of support from the government to the police has result in that a lot of them have quitted and they are having issues in finding people who wants to work as police officer. The result crime has skyrocketed as an example in some places the police response is up to 30 min. If the amount of what been robbed don’t exceed $2000 don’t bother in calling the police send an email “very helpful”. People doing drugstore during day time nothing to do about it. 2.6 billion of loses on retailer theft just this year and no help for businesses. People with more than 50 convictions released almost immediately when they captured them again for other crimes. All of the above and more because of a result of democrat policies. I am not saying Republicans are perfect but is time to work together as a nation.

    1. What a fine example of a Big Pile of Dukie! Anyone with a brain would see that this guy elevator is stuck on two! He can’t even

  2. At the time of this comment, 2.17 million views and only 32 likes. Wake up America. We didn’t want Biden in the first place

    1. 🤣🤣🤣
      You can’t make this s up. Biden is so removed from reality. Cole is a big industry in PA. Stay home and go to bed sleepy

    2. So cutting all oil, coal, capping Natural gas wells, cutting aid to farmers, Burning food processing plants, Burning oil plants, Burning Warehouses across America, Open Borders millions illegals have crossed Latin Countries are opening there Prisons and jails sending them to America with open arms, sending oil reserves to Europe and China, Students pay offs for votes and soon military Draft, two wars with Nuclear power countries, sending troops to Ukraine, Highest food cost, Highest energy, Highest Homeless in History, lowest farm harvest in America soon Starvation and war, Saudi Arabia has told Biden they will go with Russia and China cutting all oil and destroying the Dollar, 2023 87 thousand IRS agents Armed to go after the middle Class, all of this is done by this Administration, vote Blue if you want more of this.

  3. If democrats win senatorial race in PA we know what happened. Businesses are leaving PA. If you don’t like how it looks for the future of PA vote republican. Keep your business.

      That’s is his goal to let the LGBTQ trans control and rule by
      BAAL lack Hussein Obama
      Claiming Christian but Muslim by lineage
      .HUSSEIN …
      ANDREW 😂🤭

    2. Joe Biden knows you, he’s been there. Crapola, Biden’s never had a job and has been feeding from the public trough for 50 years. Just like Obama.

    1. We can’t take two more years of Biden. He is going to do away with fossil fuels. Those windmills kills thousands of birds. They freeze up in states that get cold. Look what happened in Texas. Inflation is only going to get worse. Biden is still selling our fossil fuels to other countries. Not a joke as Biden would say. God help our country. Let’s take our country back.

    2. Who wants to listen to this ultra-rich Obama anymore. Natural gas went up by 30%, electricity up by 20%, gas went up by 80% and food prices are up by 75%! Does he care? Is he talking about current pocketbook issues? He literally doesn’t have any substance to talk. So, he lies and shows emotion. Remember, he made history in 2010 mid-term, big time loser!!

    1. @rachel warren Oh wow you parroted just about every talking point from cnn and msdnc.
      So how did you verify the bankruptcies? How? The word of the press doesn’t count, they aren’t obligated to be truthful and it is not a means of verification. Plus not every bankruptcy is the same, if there is means to pay then they still have to pay and different types allow for reorganization, it’s complicated. Regardless the same people bashing literally every thing Trump does are the same ones who were praising him before.
      You apparently aren’t aware that each state decided how to handle the plandemic, that there were states that did very little and had no problems at all, businesses didn’t go under, people weren’t forced to mask etc. Yet people called Trump a dictator but when he rightfully allowed individual states to handle the situation with support from the federal government, he’s accused of not doing enough. Science changes too and I listened to tons of medical professionals they just weren’t the ones being propped up by the press. The American rescue plan wasn’t Trump’s plan, it was done by the senate and congress, he signed it but otherwise he’d been blamed for the shut down otherwise. Damned if he does damned if he doesn’t.
      As for Joe “getting a grip” on it, lmao, yeah yet more people have passed from the virus under Joe by a long shot the press just doesn’t put it on repeat nonstop. It’s crazy too that excess deaths are at an all time record but it couldn’t possibly be because of the experimental jabs that had no long term data and that people were shamed or worse into getting it. mRNA has a very long history of being unpredictable and unstable too sadly.
      Joe has added billions to the deficit in just the first 2 years and most of it goes overseas but you ignored that part.
      So I’m to believe someone who’s never been in politics is such a terribly corrupt man verses those that have been in government office in excess of 40 years are apparently saints?

    2. @rachel warren So if that’s all you know maybe don’t go around challenging others who obviously pay more attention than you do.

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