Baratunde Thurston: Derek Chauvin Trial Has Retraumatized Me | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

Baratunde Thurston: Derek Chauvin Trial Has Retraumatized Me | The 11th Hour | MSNBC 1


  1. i feel like every news anchor wishes they could say “the humanity!” on air at least once in their career.for the meme..

    1. @nonayour business after the so called “resisting” he is calmly walked across the street to chauvins police cruiser handcuffed. He trips on the curb and struggles to keep his balance and that’s when things take a turn for the worse. They force him to the ground and multiple officers put their body weight on him.

    2. @Noreb no, it is pathetic you want an innocent man imprisoned because a career criminal loser died from taking too much drugs so you can virtue signal.

    3. @nonayour business except for the fact literally no one involved in any of this has said that drugs caused his death and multiple medical examiners stated that he was killed by chauvin not drugs and an overdose does not result in a death that resembles ANYTHING CLOSE to what happened… but yeah hes totally innocent..

    4. @C P his seargent came out today and testified that chauvin used excessive force and after he was handcuffed there was no reason for 3 officers to be sitting on him let alone one on his neck to “subdue” him…

    1. Oh please…When I hear or see a comment like this I don’t know whether to laugh or just be disgusted. To try to compare the continued treatment of black folks to an occasional injustice of a white person is absurd.

    2. @Hocus Pocus so, it’s ok for “occasional injustice to white people”? Don’t ever cry for justice because that’s not what you want when you allow ANY injustice.

    3. @Hocus Pocus thanks! Your comment spoke volumes about your leaning here. I just highlighted it.

    1. @Paul Bentley Yup, and I take nothing back. If you think there’s something demeaning about what I said, than you’re confessing that Koopasix’s words are demeaning. You’re saying more about Koopasix than me. May you all find a conscience.

    2. @Kenosis Not for any criminal I won’t. I only feel for that criminals victims. He can rot for all I care.

    1. @International J – Troll boy, you’re freaking hilarious , lol. Plus, France has plenty of real causes to play martyr for. Refocus on your own messed up country beta boy.

    2. @Herbert Rutter You desperate far-right/QAnon sycophant are desperate to make up a story so you don’t have to face reality so of course you’llsay ignore because providing anything other than lies and hate wasn’t in your agenda. Yet I’m still waiting for answers to my questions…all you have is attacks, lies and deflection. Typical of the far-right sycophants when they were accusing Cuba of financing MLK because we know Civil Rights weren’t needed so Cuba had to be behind those black people asking for justice…same script, different cast.

    3. @Drebin Co No I’m not! Do you know what ment by that? He ment you know what yourw getting with conservatives! We don’t pretend to be something were not! Not cherry picking one single bit kid! Would you rather have someone act kind your friend with an agenda? Not me!

    4. @International J I can get here and explain it to you all day but you’re obviously too stupid to understand.

    5. @Censored User You should give it a try really…but something tells me you won’t because you can’t. You have nothing other than ad hominem, lies, lame attacks and cries like a baby. The typical far-right sycophant.

  2. Tony Timpa didnt try to rob a store owner or ingest a fatal dose of fentanyl and meth or resist arrest. He didnt get three funerals in a golden casket or any memorial murals.

    1. I had never heard of Tony. How freaking SAD. The stark differences in the case should alarm EVERYONE! Tony called for help, he did nothing criminal. Tony was not a criminal. The officers absolutely caused his death, BUT because he was a white man, his case is not heard of. What a perverse society we live in. People lift up and defend a criminal and ignore the death of a truly innocent man calling 911 for help!! God help us!

    2. @Jack Sayers Thats because blacks are the racist here and corporations and liberal media sympathize with them.

    3. Try the Hennepin County Medical Examiner report.
      Floyd was saying he couldn’t breath (a symptom of an opioid overdose) while he was still standing, before anybody even got close to his neck.
      There is zero evidence of any racial motivation or animus on the part of the officers involved.
      I didn’t defend Chauvin in my comment.
      Literacy and reading comprehension, try it sometime.

    4. @Kenneth McGuire – excellent post. I need to follow Strunk & White – write clear and concise. LOL

    5. @Kenneth McGuire But that doesn’t fit the narrative of racism so you have got to be a white supremacist. Your post makes way too much sense.

  3. Wow, paid guest speaker felt like he just came off an audition for a bad monologue play in the withering Minneapolis theater district. “Struggling to survive?” Was he there at the time? Also the kid at the forefront -future city attorney? You don’t need to go big for the camera every time bro, my God.

    1. @Unbelievable I guess you’re right. I should probably avoid MSLSD in the same way I don’t watch the Maury Povich Show everyday. YT just crammed it on me.

  4. He said what the DA should say in his closing statement “ every body showed emotion that was there, except the one that was responsible “

    1. Emotion is not what wins court cases. Well at least it shouldn’t. We are going backwards and y’all really don’t see it…
      think with your head, not with your heart.

    2. Stupidest comment Ive read in a while. Emotion has no bearing on what actually transpired. GTFO. Softer that a pillow

    3. @Alexander Locke if their heart wants things backwards or back in time, then count me out!!!!

  5. So reminiscent of the OJ trial. A true dramatic production. Am surprised they don’t have commercial sponsors interrupting the show with ads.

    1. If the neck is pressed, make an arrest ?

      No. Knee the neck, and you get check ? No.

      Lets keep thinking

  6. I wonder how many of these people that had a prayer for our fallen veterans that come back from the wars did any of them stop for a minute and give a prayer for them maybe a few

    1. @Maxine Fowler I’m so glad you don’t care for me that’s the problem we have with this country nobody gives a s*** about their fellow man and women you’re on top of your game thank you

    2. @Chris Barbour You have an opinion, opinions are like ears. Everyone has them. The temper tantrum should have been corrected by who ever raised you. Learn to agree, to disagree sometimes. You need a shrink, like many people on this forum. Google freedom of speech. (White people feel its only for them, its not.)

    3. @Chris Barbour Quit acting like you know Me. My father and Uncles were soldiers. Black Soldiers. They are afraid of being killed in their own Country, truth be told. (If the White cops , arrive at a home that was broken in to, and a Black home owner has a gun, guess what happens). That’s just one example, think about it carefully.

    4. Let’s be clear about one thing when I say those people it doesn’t matter to me if your green white purple black yellow it doesn’t matter what does matter to me is everyone assumes it’s a race thing it’s never a race thing with me but I know I’m white so I’m a Target feel free and I think the world of all veterans black white yellow brown all veterans to me when you draw the race card it shows to me that you have a brain the size of a p

  7. Reality TV loves trauma – Money in their Bank ? Emotion instead of Reality ? Everyone feels anguish – We all chart our own course in life through our Choices 🤔

  8. All I need is my 20/20 Vision to see Derek chavin murdered George Floyd no if ands buts about it

  9. I’m sure he’s a great guy, but I hear “building a psychic wall” and I really can’t help but have an internal facepalm. I do hope it helps him though.

  10. When George Floyd started to call for his mother it was because he was seeing her! She was waiting for him on the other side with open arms! When people transition from life to death they tend to see family members who have long past. I know this is true because when my grandmother was starting to transition she began calling names and started talking to family member who had long past.

    1. @Just A Tiger thing Ok lets call him up and ask him if he was just trying to get out of an arrest! You got his number?

    2. ​@Just A Tiger thing Not sure what the issue is? Please explain! Let’s just give the man a call to see what he was thinking!

  11. The humanity and the lack of humanity…those words capture this poignantly. RIP GEORGE FLOYD

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