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    1. Leaders? More like followers. They ain’t leading.. They only care about their career and time in office until they depart.

    2. That’s correct. Unfortunately, our people have been kept in a state of illiteracy, ignorance, and political division by our incompetent tricksters called politicians. Hence, the voting populace has failed to hold these poppy shows accountable, instead, continue to revere and believe the lies they spew. I honestly dont see any of our politicians who is comparable to a Mia Mottley in education, intelligence, passion, or commitment to nation-building. The political stability, education level, international respect, standard of living are testament to the superior leadership in Barbados.

    3. You are confused about their purpose. THEY ARE DOING EXACTLY what they are there to do.
      = Hold-you-down.
      Queen Nanny of the Maroons can come back in 2021 and have the exact resume CV skills to get a job in tourism business. she doesn’t need to know how to run a centrifuge.
      take a Japanese person from the same era and put them in Japan 2021 and they are not hire-able.
      👉🏽 👉🏾 YOU WILL NEVER SEE A SPACE STATION 🛰️SPACE 🚀🇯🇲 built from Jamaica its [singing ,dancing, cooking, waving and fluffy pillows ] except you need 6 subjects now

      Jamaican children are born and raised to SERVE (on the island or aboard to others) its that simple 1+1 =2

      this is why Sam Sharpe can come back and get the same job he had before. just a different queen name ruling out of Buckingham Palace too.

      on an island that is 97% black. JLP cant find a Prime Minister to reflect the majority of the population. They are either white or close to it. 1+1=2

  1. Similar histories but little Barbados has a GDP per capita of $18k versus $5k for us yet few of us are embarrassed by that.

  2. If we think the we should continue to have the queen as our head of state then we do not appreciate our own identity as a nation. If u think the privy council is an asset to Jamaica justice system then think again.

  3. I really would want to know how beneficial the queen was to your country and if the country can handle being independent Republican on its own it’ll be the best choice but if not I do not agree 👍🏻 I wish Barbados the best in all your endeavors ⏳

    1. I think Barbados are making the right move to become a Republican State. Cause i think they will be fully independent, because if another country is your Head of state you are not fully independent and you are still rulings under the same slave masters.. well done Barbados to move forward.

    1. Repect to him. But most people didn’t really care back then. More eyes are on the bajans in this Era. The world is more connected and the Barbados leader is more dynamic than past ,and present Caribbean leaders. Let me add the gentleman just gave me a Caribbean history lesson. Past Jamaican governor’s originally sailed from Barbados 😏🤔 Perfect Saturday to research some Bajan history 🇰🇳

    2. JA had two quuen lovers-bustamente and norman manley that’s why the country is still colonially yoked to britian and the ignorant people only make matters worse.

  4. This is the very same issue “SIR P” mentioned in his video about our so called independence. We need changes in our tax codes, laws, politics, health care, schools and technological standards moving forward.🇯🇲

    1. @ᒍohn ᗰabelo I believe Jamaica was set to fail from moment we started talking about sovereignty. In the infancy of our independence, I don’t believe we had the political chops or relationships needed to grow our GDP. By this, I meant, pharmaceutical, trade agreements, household products not made in J.A., lines of credit and the geopolitical connections that our queen had already established. Add that issue with the “Cuba Missile crisis” and Jamaica stance with its next door neighbor, only to get a flogging with the loans from world bank and IMF agreement. Plunging us further into debt. I see our politicians as if their hands are tied, meaning they can’t admit being controlled. No one is reach down to help us up or out of a rut. Except for when China step in to assist J.A., in building it infrastructure. But then again John! NO-THING-NO-FREE! One way or another, Jamaicas will all pay “By The Hook or The Crook” these days it seems we’re all paying the crook’s via extortion.🤦🏽‍♂️😭🇯🇲

    2. wow….deep level of reasoning here my G..
      Look like yuh ah di head ah the PIA😃
      But yes ….the rabbit hole goes deeper than the ordinary citizen know. You’re right for one…the Chinese and others come in and build up things …but it truly comes at a greater cost.

    3. @ᒍohn ᗰabelo if you listen to the older heads, Jamaica was good during the days of pound and Pence. Even though, we never controlled much. I wasn’t born in those times but to see what J.A. has dwindled down to, I don’t think citizens are prepared for our technological future. I’m No P.I.A! I’m just a student of history, hoping to make my mark as Jamaica transition from the belittling term Third World country to the prominent First world nation.

  5. It’s time to move from the Monarchy and run our own affairs, we need to follow Barbados 🇧🇧 Big Barbados and President Mottley

    1. Lol dream on. All these slave colonies ain’t running nothing.
      I dare anyone of them to close their CB and start printing their own money backed by something like gold or even bitcoin and you’ll see what is it they run.

  6. Honorable Mia Mottley is the best Prime Minister in the Caribbean at the moment,she is very educated and intelligent. She is doing the right thing for Barbados. Jamaica should follow her lead,but our leaders are not progressive.

    1. Right now she is way ahead of her peers in the region especially the ones in JA who want to continue to colonially yoked themselves to their colonial masters from britian.

  7. Congratulations on that wise move…i do hope the others in Jamaica and the rest of the Caribbean who are dragging their feet on this sensetive issue will wake up and acknowledge great leadership between you Mr David comissiong and the prime minister miss Mia mottley of Barbados great leadership…i am Jamaican and i said what what is the real truth

    1. Don’t hope people need to wake up and find more progressive people in JA to handle the affair of JA. With a population of over 2 mil it’s only 63 people who know what’s best for the country.

  8. I really love and respect the Prime Minister of Barbados, the Hon. Mia Mottley. She talks, leads, and get things done! She is not about just having power but has become a shining light to the Caribbean. Well done!

  9. Guyana became a republic do many years I’m still waiting to see the benefits we have derived from it. I had to leave my home to achieve a better standard of living in little Antigua . I was able to buy land and build my own home ,working as an elder care worker.

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