Battle Between Police Federation & Jamaican Gov’t | TVJ News – Nov 25 2021


  1. It is really a shame to see the Police have to take to the streets to get the attention of the government. The governmnent need to pay the Police Force better. This will assist with helping to fight crime and corruption, if the lawmakers are being paid well. Jamaica is the only place in the world where Police, Fire Fighters and the mass of Government Workers are paid just above minimum wage. Everywhere in the world persons strive to work with government because of the salary but not in Jamaica. Just as how we can follow what others say from all over the world as to what happens in here, we should take a leaf from their book and pay our government workers well to help stop crime and corruption.

  2. The public depends on the good services of law enforcement, so the government needs to own up to their obligations .

    1. @Kevon Reid there is a lot more than just what meets the eyes, everyone as the rights to protest, but in a time like this every constitutional given rights comes with conditions in this pandemic, which means it can be taken from you. Now this protest is a concern of National security and as much as you see the government not paying much attention to it, it is being monitored worldwide. Just pay keen attention to what will happen in short order.

  3. They should pay the police from date due for people r lining their pocket with dough shame on the government disgusting 🤢

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