Battle for Donbas is underway, Russia launches new strikes against Ukraine | CTV News in Kyiv

Russia has launched increasingly intensifying attacks on Ukraine's eastern and Donbas regions. Daniele Hamamdjian has the latest from Kyiv

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    1. @Konstantin Zdorovtsev We have a massive border with Russia. If they can roam unchecked it will become one.

  1. RU didn’t literally “declare” Donbass independent. Rather it “recognized” their declarations of independence.

    1. @Level 70 LPR and DPR both have citizen militias and local government. The local governments made the declarations, RU “recognized” that, literally.

  2. Donetsk and Luhansk regions voted on this, they decided. Just like Crimea voted. This is really a long running civil war with external powers meddling on both sides.

  3. Russia has lost 9 generals in 8 weeks , they wont have that city by May 9th…….as then they will be in retreat….

  4. The world will never forget Xi Jinping’s🇨🇳 vow of *”no limits”* support
    – for Putin’s invasion of Ukraine🇺🇦 at the Opening of the Beijing Genocide Olympic.

    1. Well it forgot what happened to Libya, Syria,Iraq and many more what makes you think Ukraine is special?

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