Before and after images show Hurricane Ian’s destruction

Many beach cottages that lined the shores of Sanibel Island were wiped away by Hurricane Ian’s storm surge, new aerial imagery from NOAA shows. See the before and after images here. #CNN #News


  1. 가후 펜데믹 줄어들어 회복이 쉬워지기를… 그리고 미국의 건강성이 좋아지기를 바랍니다.

  2. The republicans that hate big government, loves big government now. God bless Floridians. God bless America 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  3. I prefer the once in a while earthquakes on the west rather then the yearly hurricane and tornados of the east coast.

  4. Neighborhoods that are known to flood and building it back should not even be an option anymore in Flood Zones.

  5. Heartbreaking. My thoughts are with you. We had terrible floods here in Germany last year and this looks so terribly familiar.

    1. Yes we all saw the images of your mud filled homes it was horrific. Everyone is going on about floodplains and I agree never build your house on it but it doesn’t make any difference to the loss people suffer. It isn’t something that occurs yearly, people don’t expect this.

  6. Love you all
    Amazing reporting
    Amazing rescuers
    So sad for all who suffer and those who have lost loved ones and their homes pets livelihoods

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  7. I have family in St. Petersburg, Florida and unbelievably, they just had hard wind and rain. No flooding at all. It’s basically an island. It’s strange, thankfully, how some places, or individual houses, are just “missed” and left untouched. 👏

    1. Very glad to hear your family is safe and well.
      I sincerely hope they are voting against science-deniers.

  8. Why do city councils keep issuing permits to construct houses in high risk areas, waterfronts etc?

    1. Wrong! lt’s for the same reason they removed the legislation requiring food packaging to state all the ingredients in a product.
      “FREEDOM” to screw up!

  9. Such a tragedy hope casualties are low and I also hope the insurance covers all this and doesn’t push it on the people they lost enough already

    Watch out for Alligators and Sharks those are probably having a field day in the still flooded areas

    Stay safe

    1. Insurance pays for what you paid for in your policy. That’s capitalism, the way of the USA, right?
      Interesting how many people against “ socialism “ suddenly want it when they realize they need it.
      I’m for socializing health care coverage, I.e. public option or Medicare for all.
      But I am not for rebuilding homes in the same place that will be wrecked again soon by another climate change fueled storm, or wildfire. That is insanity and isn’t fair to those of us who choose to live in safer albeit less beautiful areas. We are to pay taxes for John Doe to live on the water and then rebuild his home every time?

  10. I’m sure it won’t take as long to fix things in florida, sanibel etc, as it is to rebuild Puerto Rico. 5 years already. Priorities. Where there was money before, money will come running. I feel so sorry for you all, and hope you’re all taken care of., but don’t hold your breath 😥

    1. Why so many comments saying the people who remain deserve what they get, they should’ve left?
      On this video of rescues I couldn’t find one negative comment about the people who were being rescued.

      Why are the people here being derided but not them?

    2. @donna Do you feel the same way were there are wildfires, blizzards, earthquakes, droughts, volcanoes, and tornadoes? Just asking. And thank you so much for your compassion toward your fellow humans!

    3. So sorry for misspelling “where”. I’m sure you would not have been able to help yourself by helping improve me.

  11. I know a family that their daughter just happened to come to Canada to visit the week before the storm from Florida. She is very fortunate to have not been there unlike many others. But like so many she is doesn’t know if she has a home to return to?

  12. Thanks for the clarification on which one was before and which one was after. I really couldn’t tell

  13. 20,000 years ago during the last Glacial Maximum Florida was over twice the size it is now. By the end of the century 70% of what if left will be a sandbar at low tide. Acting as if we can just keep throwing Trillions at it over the few decades these areas have left to rebuild here is ludicrous. It’s time and start rezoning these area’s as coastal wildlife zones for the time remaining and not building homes on them that only have an effective lifespan of two or three decades at best.

  14. I feel for the people of Florida. But when you choose to live near the coast from Texas to N. Carolina you’ve got to take the consequences when Mother Nature gets angry. The same is true when you build or buy a house near a river or creek. *IMPORTANT TO NOTE: THIS IS ONLY THE FIRST HURRICANE TO MAKE LANDFALL ON THE U.S. MAINLAND ALL HURRICANE SEASON WHICH ENDS IN A MONTH!*

  15. My heartfelt prayers 🙏 goes out to all the families and friends in this tragic situation, we are all her with you #floridastrong

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