Beijing upset after Trump signs Hong Kong Human Rights act

Beijing upset after Trump signs Hong Kong Human Rights act 1


Shortly after President Donald Trump signed the Hong Kong Human Rights Act into law, China's Foreign Ministry accused the US of "bullying behavior," "disregarding the facts" and "publicly supporting violent criminals."

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  1. REAL BLACKS KNOW THE TRUTH | November 28, 2019 at 3:37 AM | Reply

    And they should be! We stand with the people of Hong Kong💆💪🙏😎❤

  2. Good. China should also stop claiming the South China Sea by bullying the smaller countries surrounding it. It’s international water.

    • Jaust Mike u were retreating in Vietnam, the Chinese wiped you out. I saw american troops crying and begging for their lives as the retreated. You’re disgraceful and subpar.

      We have never done that. America is fake. It’s a Ponzi scheme run by people who call themselves Anglo saxons. You people don’t know what anglos Saxon is. We have thousands of years of heritage and pure blood whereas you are confused and constipated. How dare any of you think trump or any of your leaders are Anglo Saxon . You bring disgrace to my heritage and the great things we have done with a fraction of the population. Your dna is polluted beyond recognition and your country just prints money to keep you afloat.

      However I do like McDonald’s.

    • @Thimble Maybe clarify with the person what he/she is before going on a tirade coz this ” u retreating in Vietnam” took me a second. I realized you assumed I’m American. You’re Chinese I assume? And to clarify, you’re okay with China claiming South China Sea then?

    • Jaust Mike Sounds very much like the USA.

    • @Helen Lindsay Yup. 😂 That’s why I was specifically talking about the South China Sea and the infrustructure China built in the disputed water.

  3. Tell me I’m stupid | November 28, 2019 at 3:50 AM | Reply


    • ​@All Right Gaming
      Grill dog sweet and sour with gold leaf , steamed cats with truffle.enjoy

    • @Melody Lin LoL, oh no it’s one of you.
      Some one pointed out that is Americas isn’t the beacon of shiny light on the hill.
      Move if I don’t like?
      LoL, come and make me. How about stop living in denial and help clean up our backyard so we can get back on our high horses actually judge China the proper way.

    • @All Right Gaming Cats and dogs? You went there? Meat on the plate. Nothing wrong with that. You eat chickens raised in pens so tight the owners literally have to debeaks and declaw so they don’t eat other.
      Pigs literally living thier whole life in a pen just big enough so thier head sticks out in a endless feeding trough.
      Baby cows are chained to create lean cut of meat.
      We treat animals sooooo well, but being the animal fucker you are. You should know this. LoL, but by all means keep the stones coming. We got plenty of windows.

    • @elijah mikle How can you compare food that’s not 100% healthy with poison? You don’t have a heart or brain.

    • @megahamza8 US stand on Hong Kong.
      Hong Kong hot A$$ belongs to US like taiwan’s, better like it or else.

  4. VoteBrexit Party1212 | November 28, 2019 at 4:51 AM | Reply

    Shame the UK lost it’s backbone, wish I was born in the US.

    • @Supreme Snek Greedy corporate America will fail like Rome.

    • @LOL POP i’m happy for corporate america to fall too.. they collaborate with the Chinese Communist Fascists.

    • Cassius Simpson Most Brits don’t identify with the country’s imperial past. That’s like saying that being ‘American’ means suppressing natives and killing bison. Why do Americans get to escape their past in this romanticised idea of their country, but Britain doesn’t?

    • @LOL POP Get a job you fucking wimp….

  5. Free hong kong 😀

  6. Best wishes to out brothers and sisters in Hong Kong 🇭🇰 🇺🇸💪

  7. things are about to get really spicy

  8. Anything that pisses off the CCP is good for me.

  9. As long as Communists are angry I am happy.

  10. Awwwwww, the Commies are mad.

  11. Well looks like the deal with China ain’t gonna happen now lol

    • Lol we don’t need China you haters are dumb they need us to thrive for thier economy 😂😂😂

    • @Isaac Harvison Exactly. They’re low information twats, pay them no mind

    • Isaac Harvison Isaac Harvison that’s not true. The corporations manufacturer all your household electronics over there. They do his to avoid paying a living wage to Americans. And still overprice the product. You call up Apple, and Microsoft and you tell them, to stop manufacturing their products over there. Tell me what they say.

    • So let it be. A deal that’s not going to be followed is no good anyways.

    • Melody Lin true

  12. Signature a day keeps Commies away

  13. free hongkong😂

  14. CCP is definitely covering its human rights violations by blaming USA bills.

  15. Patrick McCormack | November 28, 2019 at 11:28 AM | Reply

    “It’s an important and popular fact that things are not always what they seem.” – Douglas Adams

  16. Ah yes, enforcing basic human rights.
    Truly, a most despicable of plans.

  17. Airport Chronicle's | November 28, 2019 at 4:17 PM | Reply

    WE LOVE YOU HONG KONG!!!!! FROM THE US!!! But dont trust our media, they side w China!!!

  18. I’ve been wondering how CNN is going to spin this as a bad thing once Trump signed the human rights bill.

  19. These are 🇨🇳 China’s problems that must be addressed,  that China:
    – steals Intellectual Property in a massive scale from micro chips to iPhones to fighter jets. It state-sponsors, encourages and rewards IP thefts

    – engages in predatory economics by using economy as a weapon for political gains. Canadian canola oil import restriction and rare earth export ban to Japan are prime examples

    – devalues the Yuan recklessly, subsidies exports, gets around trade regulations causing an unfair advantage in trading with partners

    – manufactures and exports Fentanyl,  a heroin-based illicit drug, in a grand scale causing thousands deaths per year around the world.

    – violates systematically basic human rights of Hong Kongers, Tibetans,  Uigurs, ethnic Kazakhs, Kyrgyz, and other religious groups such as Falun Gong and Christians.

    – kills unarmed people using the brutal force of the PLA. Killing protesting students at Tianamen Square and the massacre of 64 Vietnamese soldiers holding flags on a South China Sea island are prime examples

    – kidnaps, detains and tortures people arbitrarily who voice opposition to the regime without giving reasons or fair trials. Examples are the Simon Cheng, 5 Hong Kong booksellers and the two Candian diplomats.

    – Steals land and sea of  neighbors, builds,  militarizes illegal man-made islands in the South China Sea,  then threaterns neighbors with military if resisted

    – ignores UNCLOS obligations for maritime protection, disobeys UNCLOS ruling on the South China Sea disputes

    – bullies Japan,  the Philippines, Vietnam by repeatedly violating their sovereignty and EEZs

    – Violates international laws by letting Chinese fisherman poaching giant clams for jewelry and using illegal fishing nets, causing irreparable harm to marine environment and species

    – uses naval militias in the cover as fishermen to terrorize others on high seas to advance China’s maritime ambition and claims

    – violates international laws by letting domestic manufacturers release massive amount of greenhouse and illegal gas such as CO2 and CFC-11 into the atmosphere causing great damages to the earth ozone.

  20. A democracy a day, keep the commies away.

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