Bergen claims PM Trudeau is ‘desperately clinging to power’

The federal Conservatives have come out swinging after a deal was announced between the Liberals and NDP which would keep the Trudeau government in power until 2025.

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    1. @biggame3107 Uhhh B.C. here. no I will keep voting for ndp or liberals. So will my wife, Vancouver and Vancouver Island. You really know how to sound as ignorant as conservatives.

  1. “Claims” – even though it’s been PAINFULLY OBVIOUS for a while. But it’s a “claim”. OK, “news outlet”. LOL

  2. I’m glad to see the NDP and Liberals finally coming out of the closet and admit what we’ve known for years.

    1. @Groggy you must be lapping up the welfare or disability cheque!
      Lol so you’re sayin 67% of Canadians are lazy radicals! Got it! That’s what i thought as well!

    2. @Groggy we will see how happy you are when Canada becomes Venezuela with your worthless Canadian dollars that’s already frowned upon abroad.

  3. Not exactly a crazy claim, Trudeau has been the prime minister with the least amount of voters twice in a row.

    1. @Majora We do not have a Popular Vote deciding who will become Prime Minister, when was the last time you went to the Polls and voted in who you want to be P.M.? The answer is “NEVER” ! Are you new to Canadian politics or just Ignorant?

    2. @Keith M keep telling yourself that. I don’t need a government to hold my hand and tell me to wear a mask. So yeah you are a coward.

    1. Progressive Conservatives hate Democracy! They probably would vote for Trump if the Dink was up here!

  4. I think we need a different voting method suited best for the voters NOT the Liberals NDP party.

    1. @biggame3107 classic liberal argument. I was once a liberal, haven’t changed my views, and I’m now considered right on most topics. This is why…

    2. lololololol funny how conservatives scrapped the voting reforms. Conservatives would lose ever harder if there was a ranked based voting system so what system are you talking about?

    3. Ok I’ll put it out there. Does anyone think or believe that when we go vote that the system they are using to count the votes is fair and accurate?

  5. I’ve lost confidence in the NDP the moment they were hugging and kissing with the liberals ….

    1. Lol you must not have been very smart, it’s no surprise the NDP and Liberals are working together, they share many of the same goals.

  6. Universal gov’t dental will allow companies to eliminate all dental benefits from their plans, making them even more profit. The burden will again fall on the ever shrinking middle class with increased income tax.

    1. Dental care for Canadians will come just as fast as the 10 buck day care has in the last 35 years.

    1. @Russell Styles dou you research. Hate crimes rouse in Canada in 2015-2016 with hate speech laws because peouple were less able to courrect racist ideas.

    2. @Russell Styles the minourity Liberal gouvernment is why Justin Trudeau can’t get any ouf his poust-modernist legislatioun passed.

    1. @John Oliveira So you couldn’t even describe the problem to wake up from? Do you even know the problem or are you just parroting right wing podcasts?

  7. More government spending and debt for years to come. Get used to big government, fewer freedoms and more rules on how to live your life.

  8. Shamefully for Singh, this spells the end of NDP. To get himself on Trudeau’s side isn’t something to be proud of. Either way, Trudeau must go.

    1. TBH, not a JT fan, but the Cons just out outsmarted and outplayed. It’s not something they haven’t done before. They’re done for a few years now, at the least.

    2. @Groggy I’m an NDP voter. I don’t, and no NDP voter I know does. The shrug that says, well at least we get dental, isn’t even qualified as yet. As for you Liberals posing as NDP, I’m sure you’re just giddy.

    3. @Biggles McGillicuddy Strange, as an NDP voter with lots of friends who also voted NDP we like it as it’s a substantial win for a party who isn’t in power. A party that historically has managed to with with governments in power quite frequently I might add.

    4. @Biggles McGillicuddy You and me both… Along with many of my NDP voting friends… There’s a distinct break in the party at the moment.

  9. Shamefully for Singh, this spells the end of NDP. To get himself on Trudeau’s side isn’t something to be proud of. Either way, Trudeau must go.

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