1. I get that Evan has to challenge answers and in a time when reporters fail to do this often I would rather he was unfair then not challenging. But his bias was on display. You know it when Candice was able to ask him if there were any charges of sedition.

    1. I think he was more worried about his audience which the state and being convincing to them instead of the actual viewers watching

    2. Just becasue there were no specific sedition charges doesn’t mean there was no ill intent against our democracy. He is correct that lots of charges were laid, but imo law and order should be a hard line and the conservatives shouldn’t be speaking out of both sides of their mouths. They basically dismiss the “extremism” and “illegal activity” with a wave of their hand and don’t really address it. Can’t have it both ways and they have not been strong enough in vocalizing what is an acceptable protest and what is not.

  2. Did Tom Marazzo ever say anywhere anytime that he wants to form an unelected government as Solomon stated? Did I miss something? Was Tom involved in that Memorandum of Understanding that that one group (a few outliers) brought to the protest?

    1. Ah yes, that one tiny group that helped organize the convoy with that little outlier MoU that only had 320,000 signatures.

    2. @stoutz Canada Unity had a petition with 320,000 signatures? I find that very hard to believe from the interview with them I saw on W5

    3. @Ashatan yes just over 320K based on a web archive capture on feb 8 before it was taken down on feb 9

  3. As a host interviewing my guest, I NEVER speak over them. It is always my distinct privilege to be able to inquire of them and position myself as a listener. Listening to my guests is a generous opportunity for the expansion of scope of thoughtful inquiry. When guests are on my programme, they are the highlight and as host, I ensure that I am gracious to them. I am impressed by The Leader of the Conservative Party in the interim. She possesses distinct values of well developed character, integrity to truth, and has established herself in this interview as worthy of the honor of respect due her.

    1. It always seems the interviewer is more concerned with getting their points across or reinterpreting their answers, rather than actually letting the interviewed answer the question they were asked

    2. Evan Solomon is a liberal . It is obvious in his interviews . When Evan interviews a member or supporter of the Conservative party he often gets frustrated because he does not share the same views . Talking over a person you don’t necessarily agree with is a sign of dominance and authority . Candace Bergen is a strong well spoken intelligent woman and i think she conducted herself with a lot of patience and self control . WTG Candace

    3. He is obviously boast or under the instructions to be this way. Very aggressive interviewer. Candice was great and strong.

  4. He looks like he is proud of his behaviour. She is extremely professional and intellegent, a true leader.

  5. Listen to solomon, terrible interview doesn’t let Candice finish a sentence without interrupting her

  6. It seems that conservative politicians are the only ones who answer the question that was asked these days.

    1. @MakinA \ Wake I’ve watched it twice and still haven’t found a single direct answer to a single question.

    1. He’s someone that doesn’t like the truth. And yes talk over her so his audience would be distracted from the truth

  7. Nothing wrong with the gst on fuel; it’s the carbon tax that needs to go. A useless tax that just lines the pockets of politicians.

  8. Opposition is more a real government than the government voted in! Thank you conservatives! Thank you Candice.

  9. I love this woman. I think she would be a great PM for our country. As for Evan, he is being rude and is obviously biassed. Maybe it’s time for him to get a new job.

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