Bernie Sanders Has His Sights Set On Super Tuesday | Deadline | MSNBC

The Sanders campaign heads to two Super Tuesday states, North Carolina and Texas, where new polls show him on top. Aired on 2/14/2020.
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Bernie Sanders Has His Sights Set On Super Tuesday | Deadline | MSNBC


    1. Roman M     ……………..   Hey Dopey, trump and Republican supplicates just put the ‘good times’ on the credit card . Tax cuts and buddy-boy spending ALL not paid for. Result is a 72% increase in the deficit. The latest annual budget a shortfall of over $1 TRILLION for the first time  . National Debt increased to over $24 Trillion .  PERSONAL credit over $1 Trillion for 1st time in history . Stock market rise = INFLATION . Unless YOU bought early and know when to SELL high, you’re SOL .  The irresponsible trumpublicans are setting the US up for a currency crisis . We won’t call it a ‘recession’ .

    1. Anthony Browne : So you want them to keep 25 cents out of every dollar ? That’s just federal. Then you throw in state, local, and city taxes.

    2. MSNBCNN and FoxNews really believe that Bernie and AOC will come to their houses, take their sh!t and give it to the poor.

    1. Rob Ceriani what do you call police, firefighters, public schools, FEMA, etc…???? I suppose you think that should all be privatized and only available to those who can afford it! THAT would be true capitalism. Wake up

    2. @Rose Healion and yet with socialist, government would basically control everything like communist China, Marxist Bernie Sanders has admit it, he’s NOT a capitalist, while he takes advantage of it, total hypocrisy! Lol

    3. @Texas-7111 Freedom and Liberty! one… you can not have a socialism and communism at the same time. They are two different economic ideologies and are structurally and systematically incompatible. While they are both Marxist ideals, they can not exist within the same government structure. Two… Bernie Sanders is a DEMOCRATIC SOCIALIST. Which is a halfway point between socialism and capitalism. Democratic socialism that Bernie Sanders promotes is based on the Scandinavian model which literally has worked for them for years. Norway, Sweden, and Denmark have less poor people, higher life expectancy due to better healthcare outcomes, higher education standards and outcomes, and far less debt per capita due to the model of democratic socialism. AND they are, in fact, democracies. Why do I have to keep explaining this people? It’s fairly easy to research rather than going off of uninformed propaganda.

  1. Cuts the polls out the story on the front side, terrible edit and watching them give props to Bernie is like watching someone getting a tooth pulled.

  2. Would have been an interesting conversation if you actualy had someone on who isn’t foaming Sanders hater. The crying about people on social media being mean is getting old fast.

    1. My favorite BernieBros are AOC, Nina Turner and Susan Sarandon! Hello to the Sisters and Brothers of Bernie! We can win this

    2. @Beau Knows AOC is going to be too busy doing reality TV shows to help with the campaign. On the other hand Susan Sarandon has all the time in the world. Susan, are you happy that you stayed home in 2016. If Bernie doesn’t win this time why don’t you just end yourself Thelma and Louise style .

  3. Canada is a capitalist country with a Medicare for All health system
    going on 60 years now. Canadians got a Medicare for All health system
    because they fought and voted for it. It’s not a perfect system but it
    cost 50% less than the American system and you don’t lose coverage if
    you get sick. It’s paid for the same way you pay for firefighters,
    teachers, schools, highways, army, government…..Many major capitalist
    countries have Medicare for All….France, England, Spain, Canada,

    1. You may be surprised, but Mexico does too, also for sixty – some years! Everyone has access to the health system – poor, middle class, or rich- no exceptions… I’m amazed it’s such an issue for Americans…

    1. I mean if I was working at Burger King and every time someone ordered a whopper I gave them a chicken sandwich, I’d be fired.

  4. OH honey, you could not be any more wrong i am 62 years old. And many of my friends are the same age and older and we are all going to VOTE for MR BERNIE SANDERS . THank you very much . oh and by the way I did not get any payment to say this or back him It is just the right thing to do for my fellow AMERICANs

  5. The main stream media are so bias against Bernie, I bet it makes them nauseated having to even talk about him. GTF Bernie isn’t new, he’s been saying the same thing for decades, just own the fact you hate Bernie because he’s not greedy like you lot are.

    1. @William H Music 2020 You keep trolling and Bernie keeps winning. He will be our next president, no matter what you say and no matter what you do. We outnumber you.

    2. Scottish Wifey Does it bother you that they’ve been doing this to President Trump since he got into office…or are you just another Leftist Democrat hypocrite?

    3. Look at where corporate media profits come from, advertising revenue from pharmacutical, insurance, fossil fuel, and automotive companies. Those advertisers don’t want Bernie. The news corporations, themselves, will be paying their share under a Bernie presidency. They don’t want that, either.

      As most of the comments are calling out their bias, it look like Bernie has popular support, after all.

  6. This makes no sense how could the other candidates win they ALL have less than him …they said he only has 26% .,well who has more ? They just want the American people to keep struggling while the rich continue to prosper..,,,this is just sad to see people true colors

  7. More important that being able to get everything achieved you campaigned on is your vision and fighting hard for that vision. Bernie will fight hard for that vision and that is all we should demand.

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