Bernie Sanders May Be Hard To Beat In 2020 | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Is Sen. Sanders emerging as the 2020 Democratic candidate to beat? The Morning Joe panel discusses. Aired on 12/27/19
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Bernie Sanders May Be Hard To Beat In 2020 | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. Bernie is your only chance. You will not survive a two term Trump.

    For the sake of the world. Please. Do what’s right.

    1. First of all, you dont live in America. Which means you have no idea what America will PAY FOR. socialism isnt one of those things

    2. The Bernie or Busters that voted for Trump in 2016 had a very different version of “Do what’s right”.

      Sanders supporters that voted for Trump
      WI: 51k
      MI: 47k
      PA: 116k

      Trump win margin
      WI: 22k
      MI: 10k
      PA: 44k

    3. You can’t be serious? A greying Socialist advocating policies from the 1970’s…wait, didn’t one of them get shown up for the electoral disaster they are recently? Like, 15 days ago?

  2. I have a general feeling that ‘ole white men’ have not done a good job of running our country lately, but I would vote for Bernie he seems different.

    1. @InnerBlackBeauty May not always come true. Look what happened to Jeremy Corbyn. I will keep reminding you so called leftists or progressives till in sink in

    2. Old white men invented 90%+ of your life lol. We can credit a white woman for nuclear fission but that’s because it was dangerous and she died from radiation…

    3. @Lara Palma speak for yourself. I bang chicks all the time and I have a large family of precious, precious white people.

  3. Bernie is the only one who has his finger on the problem! It’s the concentration of wealth and power in fewer and fewer hands! He’s the only one who’s been on message from 1981 to now and the only one that will do what working people need done.

    1. @Tessmage Tessera
      How has Putin failed? The communist Labour party in the UK recently took a massive loss and Bernie won’t ever become the Democratic nominee thanks to Russian bots like myself and the Democrats themselves not allowing Bernie to get it like last time. Putin and his people are in good shape.

    2. @Colonel Ruckus Sorry, not sorry, but Yang has NOT earned my vote and he sure ain’t going to buy it. His policies are not better, either.
      Bernie through his CONSISTENT record for decades on issues I care about has earned my vote, not bought it.
      Bernie/Nina2020 RECEIPTS

  4. Huh… Did MSDNC actual report facts about the strength, polling, & possibility of Bernie winning the primary. Shocking from this propaganda outlet

    1. @Kevin NYC What about a resume of a reality tv star who failed at every business he tried starting tells you he has a commanding understanding of how the economy and Executive Branch work? Bernie at least has experience working in the government, and understands how the government functions, the people around him aka the experts in their fields will be the ones with the “commanding understanding” instead of merely surrounding himself with yes men.

    2. If you fools think Bernie can win in WI, MI & OH youre out of your minds. Explain the poor Bernie totals vs GOP totals
      Michigan Republican primary, March 8, 2016
      Donald Trump 483,753
      Ted Cruz 326,617
      John Kasich 321,115
      Marco Rubio 123,587
      Total GOP MI primary votes : 1,323,589
      **Bernie Sanders 598,943
      Hillary Clinton 581,775

      Wisconsin Republican primary, April 5, 2016
      Ted Cruz 533,079
      Donald Trump 387,295
      John Kasich 155,902
      Total GOP WI votes: 1,105,944
      **Bernie Sanders 570,192 Wisconsin
      Hillary Clinton 433,739

      Ohio Republican primary, March 15, 2016
      John Kasich 933,886
      Donald Trump 713,404
      Ted Cruz 264,640
      Total GOP OH votes : 1,988,960
      ** Bernie Sanders 535,395

    3. @Ramon Sanchez Good post. Now if some of these Neo-Libs Dems or Trump supporters would take the time to click into its link and read it. They might not as foolish as they do when they spout off about “what they don’t know”

    1. @ray reedy Troll: You know nothing about politics nor democratic socialism that’s obvious by your comments.

    1. Jeanette Leatham More Hillary supporters flipped to McCain in ‘08 opposing Obama than Bernie supporters to Trump in 2016. Plus, some of those Bernie supporters were Republicans that flipped back after he lost the primary

    2. @Jeanette Leatham Wrong again Miss trump Divider. Like i said I was a registered Democrat of 48 years in 2016 and I watched the DNC lose the election all by themselves. It started in the primaries and they got the end result in the November General election. Hopefully, you are not going to help them do it again

    3. @Jeanette Leatham The more you talk, the more I am becoming convinced you are a DNC troll! I think you are on the wrong page. The only thing you are doing is causing division among those who will switch their registration and vote. Get something clear, the Independents have a “Very High Number” of registered voters. These are the voters that “each party” wants and needs to come over to their side in order to win the General. And YOU are alienating them.

    1. Here’s the thing: there really isn’t any credible way to slander Bernie. He’s had the highest approval rating of any member of Congress for more than a decade. He’s been honest and consistent throughout his entire political career. Regardless of whether or not you like his policies, there is no doubt about Bernie’s integrity. So instead, they’ve been doing their best to IGNORE Bernie. But we always knew that ultimately, the corporate media would be forced to admit the truth: Bernie is winning… whether they like it, or not.

    2. Thus begins the subliminal backhanded compliment strategy; survived a heart attack, popular but not electible, no new followers (no surge), etc. They use the headline to bait, then switch to ‘poor old vintage socialist is dropping to 1st place with the far left, too bad he can’t win moderates’ subtext.

  5. The regular news is finally forced to notice that Bernie has a lot of grassroots support. The DNC may catch up on reality.

    1. @OUdaveguy And while we’re at it, Hillary blithely waddling on parade routes, pointing to imaginary friends and waving… but the camera doesn’t show that she’s cordoned off by goons so that nobody gets close enough to do the unthinkable- ask her a question.

  6. Bernie has the highest favorability of all Democrat candidates, while the DNC continues to question his electability. Can you say “rigged”?

    1. @Foul Gerbil <-- Using no sources and being a faceless anonymous YT turd to extrapolate your propaganda worldview is so GD douchey.

    1. @Atemporal YOU are making me laugh. Who lost? Hillary lost the General. But she won the nomination because she and the DNC manipulated the primaries. Did you watch any other state primary besides your own? Or do you like to reside in a bubble? The last time you did, reality broke it. Nominate the wrong candidate, be prepared to lose, then cry and blame everyone else like Hillary did!

    2. @Luna Azule Wrong. Establishment centrist neolib dems (specifically HRC) rammed down the voting public’s throat by the DNC are to blame for why we have Trump. And they are at it again with their ‘anyone but Bernie antics’ and trying to push anyone else other than him as the ‘frontrunner’.
      In 2016, even with all of the DNC’s cheating in the primaries and throwing millions of voters off of the rolls in CA , this still wasn’t enough to get HRC elected.
      Do we really have to keep repeating history instead of just actually LEARNING it and learning FROM it?

    1. Russ Wilson Saying the MSM would prefer Trump being re-elected than Bernie winning is like saying a bear would prefer a steak instead of kale.

  7. That lady had to nerves to say Bernie wasnt criticized like other candidates 🤣. Stupid women Bernie has been getting nothing but attacked from the MSM and the establishment every hour on the hour since he noticed he was running. MSNBC had people on there saying “Sanders make her skin crawl” and MSNBC still haven’t issued a apology for that.

    1. @Steve M Every pundit with a “brain” said Hillary had it in the bag and was going to crush Trump, I think I’d rather go opposite of what they are for this time.

    2. Barry Sutton It’s known who the Crooks are now. Bernie knew about Trump and Russia and remained quiet. This was talked about during the campaign 2016.

    3. @erik3423 She did have it in the bag. Comey letter plus FOX News saying Hillary will be indicted in the final week changed everything. You phucking dolt !

    1. Bernie Sanders is not a FDR/JFK Democrat. Bernie Sanders is a socialist nut because he does not speak for all center to center-left Democrats.

    2. sanders is the democrats only authentic candidate. he’s actually the only authentic candidate, period. bar none.
      love him or hate him, you know exactly who he is and who he stands for. bernie is not fake. nothing fake about him.
      and that is going to go a long long long way in 2020. i thought it would come down to bernie and kamala… and then kamala melted into a pool of wish-wash.
      i’ve been predicting bernie would win since the race started. not really because of his policy, but just because he’s not fake. same reason he’d crush trump in the general.

    1. No not only Bernie. Only the candidate chosen by the party.

      I would love to vote for Bernie Sanders. He’s an honest man with firm principles.

      But I will hold my nose and vote for whoever the Democratic party ends up with as their candidate if I don’t like them.

    1. M E YOU R so right, 2cents isn’t any where near their “fair share” but they R loathe 2even contribute that pittance 2the well being of our country, Blessings Love is the answer

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