Bernie Sanders Raises $34.5M In Fourth Quarter | Morning Joe | MSNBC

2020 Democratic candidate, Sen. Bernie Sanders, raised more than $34.5M in the fourth quarter of 2019, his campaign announced Thursday. Meanwhile Pete Buttigieg raised $24.7M during the fourth quarter. The panel discusses. Aired on 1/2/20.
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Bernie Sanders Raises $34.5M In Fourth Quarter | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. He’ll be able to stay in the race? Bernie is leading in several polls, wtf are these ppl talking about.. They’re making it sound like he’s polling in 6th place and the money is keeping him around.

  2. “This guy ends up being the terminator, he just keeps coming” Only you guys would be suprised by his performance. Also what a stupid example to give

    1. Might as well be Fox pancake eating instead of talking what is going on. Bernie raised $34 million and Joe resides to talk about a movie, way to eat up air time.

    1. @DeepIn Thought don’t bother. It’s a Russian troll. Those are word-to-word same points they’ve used for the past 2 years.

    2. NeonFluffyCakes
      I would wait until the Primaries are over before gloating on how much money Bernie has from donations. Money
      does not win elections. You might want to ask Bernie what happens to the money he doesn’t use if he drops out? Who gets it?

    3. @trainwreck told ya no one here besides you is calling what Bernie proposes socialism. I have a job

    4. @NeonFluffyCakes I can’t wait for your real change. Bernie will never be able to accomplish anything. You think they hate trump? He will never get any bill passed. The Democrats won’t let him do anything, much less Republicans. It’s a good thing you have a job

    1. @Patricia Hyland He has a name and he is not crazy but a political operative with a job to push certain spins.

    2. @Daneelro The commentator on this segment garbled his point, but I think what he was trying to say was that some people are steadfastly devoted to Bernie regardless of his policies, to the point that they will deny that Warren is better than Bernie in some respects. For example, Warren has a better anti-Trump voting score per the fivethirtyeight rankings. Warren’s anti-Trump score is second best in the Senate, while Bernie is only fourth best. The Bernie Bros absolutely ignore facts like this and will even attack Warren as a “centrist” or a “Republican.” The devotion of the Bernie Bros to their candidate, to the point that they deny reality, is just laughable.

    3. That is #1 REASON why we are supporting him!!!! The 2nd is that he’s a rad grandpa and a good human being.

    4. @Nathan Baker There _are_ Bernie supporters who are like that, but you painting all or even the majority of them with those colours and using the “Bernie bro” slur (one that originated in 2016 as a suggestion of anti-feminism, belied by Bernie’s high support among women) only exposes your own biases. Most Bernie supporters don’t look at indicators (a single number that doesn’t weigh the importance of the different votes or look at the specific votes) like the one you mention but look at the actual policies in detail, and find Bernie better on almost every policy, including such top issues as the M4A plan, the Green New Deal plan, the student debt forgiveness plan, the immigration reform plan, the wealth tax plan, or the foreign policy stance (the biggest difference and the only subject on which I personally think Warren is not merely a fellow progressive with a somewhat less good policy but actually bad). We can agree to disagree on which candidate is better on each of those policies, but to deny that those are the real subject of disagreement is dismissive and ignorant.

      ADDLEDUM: for the record, I add that there is one subject where I think Warren was better: in her early loud endorsement of impeachment. Then again, my view on impeachment is a rather minority one, one that isn’t and shouldn’t be publicly endorsed by any of the candidates but which is, unfortunately, obviously not Pelosi’s hidden strategy, either: I think impeachment should be the key weapon for the Dems to win senate majority. The idea is to force GOP senators to expose themselves as partisans to voters, and then nationalise senate races equating a vote for those senators or non-vote with a vote for Trump. For this to work, impeachment would have to be drawn-out, with several more articles of impeachment pursued at the same time or successively. Including articles concerning Trump crimes more closely affecting voters than attempting to smear Biden. Even if Dem incumbents from Trump districts moan and groan, on the basis of IMHO very mistaken strategic calculations that run contrary to the 2018 experience (when candidates who tried to assuage conservatives with a more Trump-friendly wishy-washy position lost and anti-Trump candidates won even in purple districts).

  3. Msdnc: Young people like Joe biden.
    Joe Biden: I like young girls, not young people. msdnc, get it right.
    Msdnc: Yes joe, we know. We won’t tell the public though.

    1. Yeah, I don’t know what that guy was going on about. He must be an escaped mental patient if he think that of Bernie supporters.

    2. That is exactly what I was going to say, when I saw your comment… Strait BS again from the main stream. Are they from a different world or is gas-lighting a real thing, despite what Rick and Morty said…

    3. Take policy out of it.

      Is “a very old White man with a funny accent who yells a lot” an attractive option? NO. So it’s clearly about policy.

  4. “Poor Bernie, bad debate, his campaign was over” he’s leading in every way and you worms keep doing everything you can to lie to the public.

    1. @Jimmy Nguyen Bernie would WRECK crooked trump. And the EASIEST target against dump is tainted Joe Biden. He cannot answer about his son without losing it.

  5. Joe had to clear his throat after announcing Bernie took in a record $34.5 million. I guess that news was hard to swallow.

  6. Sanders: raises the greatest amount of money from the most individuals in a grassroots campaign in political history
    MSNBC: Joe Biden

    1. They really want to keep avoiding those higher taxes. Weather you like it not MSNBC, someday you are actually going to have to pay your fair share to help our society. Why would any big company want to help the people that keep them in business? Oh my, what a terrible idea.

    1. He’s not a carpetbagger. He’s literally lived like one district over for YEARS. Southern California is Southern California.

    2. @Daniel V He’s a carpetbagger —

      “Uygur has a bigger problem. “I’ve never once seen Cenk at anything. He’s truly a carpetbagger. Nobody knows him, other than the people like me who actually listen to his show.”
      – Zakia Kator – Afghan refugee progressive activist

    3. @Feels Good Man Who can forget Cenk at LAX screaming — Where’s the Plane !! Do you have a plane !! Yelling at and berating the boarding gate staff while he live streamed it all .. Then there was that priceless moment when the plane arrives and they start boarding passengers – and LAX security pulled Cenk out of the line and booted him from the flight . The meathead look on Cenk’s face of bewilderment that he could be knocked off the flight for being a loudmouth troublemaker– was priceless HAHAHAHA

    1. @STATIC Child lib tears have that adrenochrome in it. High class high quality high premiums. Mmmmmm. Keep talking imma steal more than your childhood if your boat don’t sink.

  7. Did he just say “core Sanders supporters arnt supporting him because of Policy” …like wow. They are totally disillusioned.

    Edit: And then lie to say Biden has young support lmao

    1. I’m a young person and I would have supported Joe over Hillary 4 years ago. But God had other plans. But now, Joe is clearly losing it, and is a sitting duck for Trump to make fun of him. I’m gonna be sweating on Election Day if Biden is the nominee.

  8. Can someone send this link to Kyle kulinski so he can make a breakdown. This commentary was truly pathetic

    1. While I’m fond of some of what they put out, mostly from the women only, clips like this make me say “BSNBC”.

    2. Nhan Ngo I’m not a fan of the tax hikes that would pay for Medicare for All… That’s one policy I can’t say I agree with. The Green New Deal also isn’t feasible

    3. @Tim Schnell the average american will pay less without profit seeking health insurance, even with tax increases, you decrease deductibles, copayments, premiums

  9. Got a great laugh at Joe literally choking on Bernie’s fundraising numbers. Joe seemed depressed the whole segment. Feel the Bern corporate bootlickers.

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