1. @Lesco Brandon The president has nothing to do with gas prices. Want to thank someone for the price increases? Thank Putin. And save up a little money to buy a clue.

    2. @Lesco Brandon Huh? “Propagated?” Yeah, ok.
      Propagate: breed specimens of (a plant or animal) by natural processes from the parent stock.
      “try propagating your own houseplants from cuttings”

  1. They’re well placed to talk about the criminality of Trump and Nixon. Carl Burnstein investigated the Nixon Administration from the outside looking in and John Dean was briefly part of Nixon’s inner circle and saw some of the desperate means Nixon engaged in to try and stay in office in spite of the wrongdoing he had overseen

    1. @Terry Bolea Well Nixon was considered bad because we used to have certain standards for what we’d tolerate in a president back then. Trump blew every one of those standards right out the Oval Office window. That’s what happens when your president gets out of bed every morning wondering how hard he can rip at his countries social fabric before it’s time to hit the links.

    1. The folks who “need to watch it” won’t because they were a part of it, they knew what was happening. They really don’t need to watch it at all.

    1. @Dave LoL. No, he isn’t. You’re a few sandwiches short of a picnic, I guess. Trump has no Jewish heritage at all that I know of. Tell me who in his ancestry was Jewish.

      “Jews marry jews even if they’re gentile.”

      Gibberish. You don’t know what you’re talking about.

  2. If a picture is worth a thousand words, video worth 2 thousand, than accountability would be worth a million, at this point, only prison time will sway voters.

  3. This is no surprise he’s like an open book if you know how to read people. He was telling what he was capable of even before he ran.

    1. I’ve known who that man was since the late 60s. Interesting how others do not see through Trump like we do.

  4. We know what we saw and we know what we heard trump say on Jan.6th. Just fill in the gaps with other evidence, charge them, convict them and banish them from any platform that allows them to cause harm to our country. Will the DOJ actually do their job tho! That remains to be seen.

  5. Every last Republican in Congress who has spoken up in defense of trump not only knew what trump was doing but helped him in some way, no matter how small, plan J6. Those who have kept silent knew J6 would happen but looked the other way. In varying degrees they are all as guilty as trump and need to answer for the damage they have done to our country.

  6. Murderers ans serial killers don’t get this this publicity. Lock that SOB up already! We see and hear him planning, pushing for and even watching the coup, for chrst sake America demands this!

  7. It saddens me to hear often that people need to be reminded of what happened on 6 Jan and that they now have other things on their mind like high gas prices. Images that peppered our screens for days should now be etched into memory. Do people not realize that gas prices and the rest are temporary problems that will soon be forgotten whereas the threat of losing our democracy was and remains very real unless acted on by those in responsible positions?

    1. @William Winn You undoubtedly wished Trump had won before Jan 6th even got here. Who you think you’re fooling.

  8. What about that he had boxes full of classified documents I wonder what kind of meteral it was, I bet he sold us out. Anyone else would be in jail

  9. Liz Cheney may not be a party in herself, but she herself definitely fully understands how that party is preparing for this upcoming moment and probably giving solid input to the Dems for strategic planning for the not just near future, but what happens as this case starts progressing and we even get to midterms.

    1. That’s a whole lot of words saying next to nothing… lmao 🤣 I love how Rory is trying to make this as dramatic as possible🥱

  10. Jesus Christ !!!! Thank you Mr. Bernstein for your explanation. I am Indonesian, but I do really concern with things that has been happening in the States.

  11. I hope after the hearings are over and everything the committee is going to reveal has been revealed, that the folks at CNN who make those great documentaries that they do put together a comprehensive timeline detailing how everything unfolded.

    1. @Jim McLoughlin I’m sure there will probably be enough material for a whole series what I’m unsure of though is how much patience there will be for a series. People are already emotionally exhausted after more then a year of near daily reporting on the efforts of the committee. People just want things to be over with and see those responsible to be held accountable. Just like any of us would be if we were responsible for such an attack on the Federal Government and Democracy in general.

  12. Those lawyers that recommended it, should be disbarred and prohibited from participating in law or gov in any way going forward.

    1. Not just the lawyers. The politicians who forwarded this scheme should also be removed and prohibited from office in future.

  13. It’s hard to imagine any situation where everyone who showed up to riot on Jan 6 isn’t a traitor to their country. Now they must pay the price of their free choice to follow along.

    1. @Sean Faherty *Capitol, not “Capital”. Capitol
      [ kap-i-tl ]SHOW IPA

      the building in Washington, D.C., used by the Congress of the U.S. for its sessions.

  14. I remember Sam Ervin and his well founded righteous indignation towards the criminal litigants in the ‘Nixon’ hearings. And all the evidence that they dug up is a anthill compared to what mountain Congress and the DOJ has in this proceeding. There will be some that may escape prison because they will make a deal and roll over on their fellow conspirators but, those will be few and though these televised proceedings will bring out alot of names not yet connected in the public mind, these same proceedings are far from the conclusion of DOJ criminal prosecutions. Of course we here in the States are so ‘civilized’ that what we read or hear from trials in other countries where expulsions, very long or life sentences, and in some cases exectutions, that we won’t be as harsh? We need to be!! Maybe even more so. The Fascists within the GOP have an idea of insulation because they feel like they are above the law, but Fascists they are, dangerous in their delusions, and need to be treated as if they are the lowest form of life…..because they are…

    1. Donald Trump – #AmericanTraitor
      Josh Hawley – #AmericanTraitor
      Jim Jordan – #AmericanTraitor
      Mark Meadows – #AmericanTraitor
      Lindsey Graham – #AmericanTraitor
      Steve Bannon – #AmericanTraitor
      Perjury Taylor Greene – #AmericanTraitor
      Rupert Murdoch – #AmericanTraitor
      Fucker Carlson – #AmericanTraitor
      Madison Cawthorn – #AmericanTraitor
      Louie Gohmert – #AmericanTraitor
      Matt Gaetz – #AmericanTraitor
      Mike Flynn – #AmericanTraitor
      Peter Navarro – #AmericanTraitor
      Barry Loudermilk – #AmericanTraitor
      Ginni Thomas – #AmericanTraitor
      Mo Brooks – #AmericanTraitor
      Roger Stone – #AmericanTraitor
      Paul Gosar – #AmericanTraitor
      Jason Miller – #AmericanTraitor
      Tom Cotton – #AmericanTraitor
      Kevin McCarthy – #AmericanTraitor
      Lauren Bimboebert – #AmericanTraitor
      Paul Manafort – #AmericanTraitor
      Kellyanne Conway – #AmericanTraitor
      Ron Johnson – #AmericanTraitor
      Ronna McDaniel – #AmericanTraitor
      Devin Nunes – #AmericanTraitor
      Rick Scott – #AmericanTraitor
      Stephen Miller – #AmericanTraitor
      Marsha Blackburn – #AmericanTraitor
      John Cornyn – #AmericanTraitor
      Steve Scalise – #AmericanTraitor
      Elise Stefanik – #AmericanTraitor
      Andy Biggs = #AmericanTraitor
      Chip Roy – #AmericanTraitor
      Tommy Tuberville – #AmericanTraitor
      Ted Cruz – #WorldsBiggestAsshole

  15. This is what happens when a sociopath who couldn’t even get a security clearance is allowed to run for office. A glaring case for having criteria completed prior to declaring candidacy. Everyone should be required to pass a civics test such as a naturalization citizen and FBI security clearance PRIOR to declaring candidacy. This should be for any office in the US.

    1. @Jim Wheeler I live in WV. You can believe me when I tell you there is plenty of room in small town and rural America for the MTG’s of the Retrumplican party. Bigotry and hatred have experienced a complete rebirth with Trump’s virtue signaling it’s OK to say the quiet part out loud now. Lots of “very fine people” in America feel far more emboldened than they used to feel.

    2. @Nagroddy Are you suggesting we try to “vet out” stupidity in politics? Why you’d deprive the Retrumplican party of 90% of it’s candidates. That just wouldn’t be fair at all.

    3. You know without having to think about it that a civics test would permanently exclude Tre45on from office. But prison would be better.

  16. Every single person involved with this horrendous act of treason must be held accountable for their actions and their contributions, including Ginny Thomas.

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