Beto: Feels Like Democrats 'Blindly Seeking Some Kind Of Compromise' With GOP 1

Beto: Feels Like Democrats ‘Blindly Seeking Some Kind Of Compromise’ With GOP


Fmr. Democratic Congressman Beto O'Rourke says Republicans are “dragging down democracy” with their efforts to make it harder to cast a ballot in future elections. He reminds Democrats that they have control of Congress and can pass legislation to protect the right to vote, “they just have decide that they want to get it done.”
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  1. Pass the voting acts of SB 1 and John Lewis Voting rights Now, Dems in Congress, by getting rid of the filibuster.

  2. that time in America when bribed politicians mind-melded with evangelical racist QAnon puzzle solvers and threw away 250 years of hard work

  3. Joe Manchin needs to admit that democracy is already doomed if he stays on his current path. At this point, the only way to prevent a catastrophe is to have Joe talk some sense into him, let him know hey, it’s good that you are trying to go by the rules, but there are 50 senators who have decided they aren’t going to follow the rules and if you don’t do the right thing, America is going to become a communist country, is that what you want?

    1. Manchin is the only person holding the failing dem party together. And ironically he would be considered a far leftist a decade ago. Shows just how radical today’s dems are.

    2. I don’t think it will become a communist country.
      But I do think it will become a Fascist dictatorship.
      The parallels with how the Nazis came to power in 1920s Germany are huge.

  4. For a guy who lost his seat in Congress, lost the senate race, and badly lost the Presidential race, he sure does get a lot of air time.

    1. see, the difference between democracy and authoritarianism is that the ‘opposition’ plays a role whether they are in government or not.

    2. @animation and news President Trump won the highest office in the land on his first try ever in politics. Beta obv isn’t in the same league.

    3. @Bryan Ex-President Trump. Sure, Beto O’Rourke is bad at politics. He is too soft.

  5. The Dems can seek all the compromise they want but they won’t find it in today’s GOP. The filibuster needs to change. It’s strangling the Senate and makes no sense anymore.

  6. The Dems have the Whitehouse, Congress and Senate yet the Republicans have the skills to ensure they take back power and keep it for the foreseeable future. Come home Agent Manchin your work is done

  7. Who would have thought that Texas would be the first state trying to be just like Putin’s Russia?

  8. Thanks Beto for still trying to fight for Democracy in Texas. When you have to make it harder for more people to vote you know they have no policies or ideas. Vote in numbers never seen before.

  9. Well said. For years northerners were helpless at southerners threatening secession and war unless they got more slavery. Finally Lincoln made his famous Cooper Union speech and declared northerners needed to be strong. “Might makes right”. Lincoln was willing to fight and with that he galvanised northerners to stick to their guns.

  10. The situation is exciting in the USA: The Republicans still want to stage a coup. Now that Trump has failed in all of his attempts so far, it looks like they’ve missed the momentum. But they still believe they can reinstall Trump. It won’t stop even when he’s in jail. Fortunately, all of his children are unable to replace him, and fortunately the youngest son does not seem suitable.

  11. It’s absolutely bonkers to try to play a fair game when one player is unapologetically cheating.
    Mark my words: democracy in the US is doomed. It’s gone. There’s gonna be a coup and Republicons are gonna take over indefinitely.

  12. It’s time to give up on Republicans they’ve sold the farm for trumps magic beans…let them live with that.manchin and cinema are like 2 holes in the boat .with domestic adversaries like Republicans we cant afford 2 weak flip floppers taking up space.

  13. Here here – give the President the power. He is willing to do the right thing. He is the right guy for the job and I called it for Biden well before he even joined the race for president. He was my guy well before he decided to try.

    But I must now pull my nose out of American politics.

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