Bible among challenged books school district is reviewing for removal

Officials in a school district near Fort Worth, Texas, have directed school staff and librarians to temporarily remove books challenged through the district's formal complaint process in the past school year, including the Bible and an illustrated adaptation of Anne Frank's diary.
The Keller Independent School District Board of Trustees adopted policies last week that set new standards for how books and other instructional materials become selected for schools. The policy includes putting books up for 30 days of public review before they are purchased by libraries and removing challenged materials from shelves while they are under review. #cnntonight #AlisynCamerota #CNN


  1. This may be a coincidence but some of the states(most in the southern region) with “banned” books score low in educational standards. However, reading is fundamental.

  2. I remember public libraries having the book mobile, school boards don’t control public libraries or private book stores.

    1. @Appalachian Crochet Designs A cute two year old. Great, well I suppose it could be worse 🙂

      There is something there, and I believe in you. Take away all that anger and fear, and I know you will be fine.

      If you want to move on to how messed up I am that’s ok. I’ll freely admit I’m far from perfect, but the one thing I have over you, is faith. That’s all, the little difference, a hope of things not seen. The thing that makes all the difference in the end. I could give in to this world, but I choose not to, I stand firm on foundations that are solid.

      You can say all bad things about me, it only makes me like you more for some reason. Weird. Maybe it’s the Covid Fog, or maybe it’s because we are called to Love, even those that hate you (not that you do), and yes it can be hard to do that (fail a lot:-)

    2. @1NewMe Anger and fear over what? You make alot of assumptions for a complete stranger. Your personal issues are none of my concern as I have no effect upon them.

      Enjoy your morning, I am going to finish this rabbit plush toy and blanket order before I miss my deadline. Kid’s going to arrive in a few days and I don’t intend on making a new momma wait for her special order.

      Future comments will receive no response as I have more important things to do. Whether you like me or not is of no consequence.

    3. @Faith & Freedom Amen! Adding to the Bible, such as claiming that it really talks about gay marriage or abortion, or that these things are more important than showing compassion or helping the poor (both of which it does mention very clearly hundreds of times), then being cruel to people because of the lies preachers tell about the Bible, just creates more atheists every day.

    4. @Appalachian Crochet Designs
      Well get back to work! I’m sure you will meet the deadline, good luck 🙂

      Edit: it’s a consequence, not to you maybe, but that which is a fight between light and darkness. Any light overcomes darkness.

  3. For a country with a terrible education rating in the world. You’re doing your best to fall further down the list

  4. I think people should just start objecting to all of the books. If they are going to want to review the books make them review them all! Sometimes you should watch what you ask for.

    1. I’m gonna object to every single book mentioned in the Authors cards deck. *Ha.* Someone’s gonna really know western literature by the time I’m done with them.

  5. Everybody should have the freedom to read whatever they want.
    Banning books looks like witholding knowledge or ideas, in order to create a certain mind set.
    Let the young ones make up their own mind.
    + One should not be worried about “dangerous books” or whatever,when you can get fire arms everywhere no problem.

    1. Precious sensitivities? Haha. Who’s triggered here? It’s called compassion, empathy, and understanding. Clearly foreign concepts to you!!


    1. And not just kids. I took the list of 800+ books the reactionary right wants banned, and have been working my way through it, borrowing the books from my local municipal library, and if the books aren’t there, I request the library add them, or another book by the same author if they can’t find the book I name. I have to say, whoever made out that list of books to ban had really great taste; I’ve yet to find a book on the list that was boring or mediocre – they are all high quality writing.

  6. Here’s a tip. Kids read stuff on the internet. Doesn’t matter what’s in the library except the staff want to control the image of the school. I taught my son that just because it’s in print, it is not necessarily true. Read more than one source to learn more perspectives. Why don’t they try that?

    1. Why, challenging thoughts is good. Banning is not. So you apparently don’t like diversity of thought, as long as views align with yours, everything is good.

    2. @Ima Doll Not true. I think people should be publicly identified whether they challenge books i support or don’t support.
      I would like to know the demon’s name who challenged The Holy Bible.

    3. @Ima Doll i would challenge the indoctrinating hypersexualizing books that confuse kids (and even adults) and cause mental illness but my challenge should be public record. I don’t understand your claim I’m being hypocritical

  7. To prevent your kids falling for conspiracies, you have to teach them everything they need to be able to fact check. Do these people really want their kids to be dumb? Or be like sheeps who follow any false narrative because they can’t predict where it’s going to lead them? Teaching them history is essential, even when it’s a dark history or uncomfortable. If they want to learn about religion, give them everything. But never stop kids from learning, never. Because at somepoint in the future, they are going to decide what happens to your country.

  8. I read Diary of Anne Frank in 6th grade. I could relate to a young girl scared of uncertainty. Best book I ever read. Then To Kill a Mockingbird. Lord of the Flies in 8th was a weird experience though. What’s next? Take away the Bible in every cheap motel? 😂 Oh the humanity. Judy Blume was another favorite of young girls. Geez..🙄 Republican narratives will now be YOURS too. Republican OPINIONS will now be YOURS too. We’re going to tell your children what we want them to think. No exceptions. ~ Republicans. FACISM has arrived.

  9. a real education is only fully developed when ideas that you both agree with and do not are presented, you should be challenged in both your opinion and understanding and allowed to form an opinion without bias. you should also be taught all the wonders of mathematics and science and presented with the application of them in the real world. removing or skewing them to fit any set of beliefs is a loss to the full education of the student and speaks more to keeping them uninformed than teaching them

  10. There is always a way to process misinformation peddlers through the legal system. Why shouldn’t the government prosecute those hiding behind free speech rights to misinform the readily gullible ones? There has been mayhem because of this, and in some cases loss of lives. Don’t people have a right to also live over free “misinformed speech”?

    1. @Erick Borling We’re seeing it with Alex Jones, but it is a very expensive, slow process that has but a small probability of succeeding. Most cases never make it. Religion, all religions are one example, quackery is another. So, for the most part, you are correct.

  11. Personally, I think education (or, specifically, a lack thereof) is one of the strongest driving forces behind things like this — because ignorance breeds fear and distrust, especially in things that are new or foreign.

    When I was in elementary school, back in the 70’s, I was reading my way through my school’s sci-fi section. It was just a few shelves, but it had almost all the classics… Asimov, Bova, Bradbury, Campbell, Clarke, Doc Smith, Heinlein — and then I got to Verne. I’d just finished up 30,000 Leagues and was getting into Journey to the Center of the Earth when I found a page had been ripped from the book.

    Being a good student, I reported it to the Librarian… but instead of focusing on the missing page, she was outraged that I was reading this particular book. It was “above my level” she said, and “too difficult” for me. This was a hundred-year-old story at this point, and I was pretty sure it wasn’t a difficult one to follow — the movie was even one of my favorites every time it aired on Creature Feature on Saturdays! But she still took the book away… and over the next few weeks, that sci-fi section became empty shelves as she removed and locked away almost all the books there.

    A short time later, I overheard her talking to another teacher about, of all things, a “shooting star” — a meteor that many had seen a night or two before. The Librarian was mocking the teacher because “a shooting star is impossible — the Heavens are permanent! The stars don’t move!” As the teacher tried to explain the idea of a meteor, it seemed to both terrify and outrage her. And the longer that conversation went on the more even I (maybe 10 or 11 years old at the time?) realized — the sci-fi books she had removed weren’t above MY level, they were above HER level. She had no understanding of science, and all these sci-fi stories about starships, robots, and alien worlds were things that she just didn’t understand… and because of that, they scared her, so she locked them away.

    And unfortunately, it sounds like that sort of mindset hasn’t changed all that much in the 40 or so years since then.

    1. @dave h Unfortunately, the parents are the ones from whom the kids are learning how to bully.

      I agree that there are things the parents should be teaching, but they’re not doing their jobs. They should feed their kids too.

    2. @dave h Good for you, not everyone gets that education. Specially not where parents control every single thing that can be taught or not in school.

  12. It’s absolutely RIDICULOUS to try & stop ANYONE from reading what they want, they’ll just find another way…EVEN YOUR KIDS. The perpetuation of IGNORANCE is the true concern.

  13. The good news about this so-called book banning is to realize that Americans still know what books are and that they are still reading. Seeing what’s happening in the US, I had my doubts.

    1. @johnh23z it’s ok buddy. Be yourself.
      You don’t have to suppress your feelings for other guys . It’s 2022.

  14. How these residents can’t see that this is a pattern of what happened in Germany before the war is beyond me!

    1. @dago87able ignore this clown he joined a week ago and has somehow already posted nearly 500 comments on just cnn videos.

  15. This downward spiral of our country should scare every single one of us, well those of us who actually know history and what all this kind of nonsense can lead to! Scary indeed!

  16. I took a course in college called the Bible as literature. It analyzed the Bible not so much as being a gospel but as being a text and considering some of the incentives and bases for as much of the propositions that were contained in this script. It was a pretty interesting class one of the few I still remember from my undergrad days.

  17. The funny thing about all this is the idea that any school kid ever steps foot inside the school library except for when they have to.

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