Biden addresses nation on COVID-19 anniversary 1

Biden addresses nation on COVID-19 anniversary


Joe Biden gives speech to the nation on the anniversary of the coronavirus.

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President Joe Biden gave his first prime-time address to the nation on the anniversary of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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    1. @Kenny McBride Democrats don’t ever want to lose power! All this would of started 4 years ago had Trump not beat Hillary. They want a New world order . They don’t care about the average American because it’s all Billionaires and billion dollar tech companies and China behind it. This is why they have the capitol surrounded by the military, they’re getting ready to completely change America and it’s not gonna be pretty. Get all your weapons and supplies ready, dirt bikes off road vehicles , tools. Camping gear. If you don’t want to be captured , quarantined, tattooed with a bar code and have a locating device implanted in your body were gonna have to fight! Ban together or it’s gonna be like North Korea where our lives are dictated daily by the government and it’s gonna be Hell! I’m ready, are you?

    2. My favorite thing is when they say your a cult member when you voted for Trump. 75 million votes acknowledged (it was actually much more) that’s a pretty big number for a cult no?

    3. @We Know They’re just jealous because thousands of people chanted we love you to Trump and there were more people out in the parking lots of Trumps rallies than there was at at anything Biden did. The election was rigged by billionaires and billion dollar tech companies and China 100%. Democrats who support Biden are literally pathetic.

    1. If Biden addressed the nation in his own words.
      Biden: Good afternoon, I mean evening. My fellow Americans, why do you think I am standing before you now? Seriously, why am I here right now? I forgot. Oh wait, I know. It’s time to sign another executive order.

    1. @Ra awesome YouTube doesn’t choose the amount of midrolls, of which there is an absurd amount, that’s all the poster

    2. @Ra awesome as well as demonetize anything (wrong think). All forms of thinking will be banned in the near future.

  1. This message is brought to you by the Ministry of Truth….

    “War is Peace, Slavery is Freedom, Ignorance is Strength”…. pretty much sums up the current state of affairs.

  2. Get it, you must get the vaccine into your body NOW!!! Mwahahahahaha! The writing’s on the wall people. God bless.

  3. Let it be known, this video had 9 times more dislikes than likes.

    1. @Tabris ah okay just an Enlightened Centrist. To be honest, election fraud conspiracy theorists and especially Qultists don’t deserve to be treated with civility. Using nice words to espouse atrocious lies is much worse than using mean words to expose the truth.

    2. @nafaidniAh , so you’re one of those people who pigeonholes everything. I will always defend the first amendment, I’m sorry you feel differently about the freedom of speech. Perhaps you should move to a country where freedom of speech is prohibited , maybe then you’ll be happier with your life.

  4. Thomas Massie of Kentucky: “If you’re waiting for permission from the chief executive to celebrate Independence Day with your family, you clearly don’t grasp the concept of Independence.”

    1. Yes, since “independence” was actually political independence, and profit motivated by colonial businessman. So to conflate this with some kind of revolt against very basic and easy to follow public health measures…lol.

  5. Fact: Politicians have not lost any income over the past year and have in fact gotten a pay increase

  6. In few months or no time, people would be definitely be kicking themselves in regret for missing the opportunity to buy or invest in cryptos.

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