Biden Announces Plan To Withdraw From Afghanistan: 'It's Time For American Troops To Come Home' 1

Biden Announces Plan To Withdraw From Afghanistan: ‘It’s Time For American Troops To Come Home’


President Biden announced that the U.S. will work to withdraw troops from Afghanistan by September 11, 2021, calling for an end to "America's longest war." Aired on 04/14/2021.
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Biden Announces Plan To Withdraw From Afghanistan: 'It's Time For American Troops To Come Home'


  1. I know people will twist this announcement into something negative and corrupt but I’m going to take this at face value and be happy we have and end date in sight

    1. You’d be naive to think that he’s not going to use the troops elsewhere. He’s got a nasty temper so will probably start a war very soon.

    2. @Octavius Chan Previous announcements always had conditions on it. Biden isn’t putting any conditions on this.

    3. Former President Trump was already pulling troops out like crazy. Lol! Biden is literally just continuing to do the same. The Taliban told Biden in a Vice interview to leave Afghanistan

    4. typical liberals, unaware of what’s actually happening. This means nothing more than re-placing troops.

  2. If you want a good laugh, go over to fox news and watch them struggle with trying to find something to criticize Biden over this plan…without bringing up how GW Bush failed so miserably when it was Iraq we were trying to pull out of.

    1. @Ro G former President Trump was already pulling troops out lol. I don’t expect a civilian like you to know that though.

    2. @OEF Combatveteran Yeah, I remember that “deal,” where t’rump announced the reduction in troops without conditions from the Taliban. Yet another genius move from the guy who told America to inject bleach!

    3. The real joke is Biden trying to take credit for something good he had no part in creating. The extraction date was set for 2021 prior to his occupation of the Oval Office. All he has to do is follow the plan already in place. He is pathetic, weak and, to date, has proven he is incapable of doing anything good for America.w

    4. @PJ Celeste ya, but these leftist don’t want to admit that this was all Trumps doing. What makes me laugh even more is the leftists that aren’t military and they actually think they know what’s going on

  3. Good luck to the Afghan government. I wonder how long it will stand, after we pull out. Good luck to the women and girls of Afghanistan, they’ll need it.

  4. The moment you realize you lost the war, the people and money. But still not certain US troops will be withdrawn completely. How many American presidents have announced withdrawning US troops and always postpone.

  5. (I hate to say it but …. You know if this was a hand off from Obama to Trump, Trump would have sent more troops in just to spite Obama.)

  6. I’m not sure why 26 people dislike this video so to the 26 people why do we need to have our soldiers walking around in a useless desert for 20 years?!?

    1. @Tessmage Tessera or arm chair soldiers sitting their mom’s basement playing call of duty thinking its a real war.

  7. To the absolute surprise of no one, Lady Lindsey is objecting to the pullout agreement signed by Baby Cheesus.

  8. I can’t wait for Joe and Dr Biden to visit Australia, it’ll be the first time I’ll bother to go out and see a visiting official, you’re welcome here anytime,

    1. I’m sure it will happen eventually. Australia and America are best friends. We’re sorry about that crazy Trump guy… but as you can see, we got rid of him.

  9. Afghanistan has resisted being controlled by the British, the Russians and now the US. It’s time to get out after 20 years. Welcome home our troops!

  10. I guess this means that after 20 years, we’ve stolen enough opium and natural gas from Afghanistan.

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