Biden Announces Program To Give ‘Direct Relief’ To Restaurants Impacted By The Covid Pandemic

Biden Announces Program To Give 'Direct Relief' To Restaurants Impacted By The Covid Pandemic 1


  1. I’m waiting to hear the GOP opposition to this, and then I want to hear what kind of plan they had. Oh wait, they didn’t have a plan but to infect everyone.

    1. @robert hollingsworth Trump doesn’t make decisions for the state. Try again dummy. That’s embarrassing

    2. @Anthony Locke
      Texas & Florida outperformed California and New York.

      Face it. Democrats screwed it all up, Republicans didn’t. Don’t bother trying to cope and just deal with reality.

    3. @N W 500 T deaths… Remember that,… Look at India now…. No lockdown.. Blame the idiots who does not want to wear mask or follow simple health guidelines like drinking bleach or hydrochloroquin..

    4. @No Show Joe They are not printing money. They are gonna make Jeff Bezos and his boys pay their taxes.


    1. @John Gosselin Notice how your side keeps losing all the time..? Your stupidity tells us why.

    2. “REPORTED TODAY: The Pfizer vaccine brought in $3.5 billion in revenue in the first three months of this year, nearly a quarter of its total revenue, Pfizer reported. The vaccine was, far and away, Pfizer’s biggest source of revenue.”

      How much was Fauci’s cut?!

    3. Thumbs up if you identify as a sheeple (sherson, he/him, she/her , it ) 😷😷😷😷🀑🀑🀑

  3. Most people don’t like to hear that they are wrong. But right wingers hate it so much they will cut their noses off to spite their faces.

    1. @Tessmage Tessera Trump’s not going to prison now you need to stop that and grow up pet stop listening to MSNBC how many rabbit holes have they taken you down

  4. Republican don’t like that .Waite there still fighting Liz for speaking the truth…wow…

    1. No, but how’s he paying for all this? Borrowing… this is insane, just like him and you evidently.

  5. We visited my family 2 weeks ago and went to Sizzler (mmm, cheesy toast!). Usually it’s packed on a Sunday night, but in these corona times, we were 1 of 4 other tables and the only table our server had. It’s a rough situation out there for a lot of people. Hope we can help these people out by getting vaccinated and speeding up the re-openings.

    1. @Move on Over The restaurant is fully open. Just no one feels comfortable eating indoors. We only felt ok because we are all vaccinated.

    2. @Reg U I threw in extra tip when my grand-dad wasn’t looking. He’s not a very good tipper and gets offended when I tell him $5 for the whole table is not the standard. πŸ˜‰
      But yeah, totally agree with you. The plan is and always should be control the virus, then open the economy since the pandemic is what caused the shut down to begin with. Sadly, such a simple logical idea is beyond the comprehension of many conservatives. Space lasers causing wildfires…yes. This….no. πŸ˜…πŸ˜‚
      Be safe be well. πŸ™πŸΌ

    3. @Move on Over Good for you folks.
      But in a Major Metropolis it is far harder to manage things.
      Keep staying safe and healthy.

    4. @Ro G As an ex food service worker, thank you for the tip.
      LOL, I am like your dad, BOOMER.
      $5.00 was an hour or two of wage, then you look at how long they “served you”, quality etc…
      Yep tipping a minimum wage earner for GOOD service is a must.
      Give the assh@les a penny.
      Let them think of the significance of that

      And yeah, MTG and the Jewish Space Lasers, not to mention the “un-raked forests”
      Gotta wonder where their heads are …
      If anywhere but up an Orange Depend’s.

  6. Super Joe telling Americans what’s happening is way better than that other guy telling folks how great he … was.
    Go Joe!

  7. Yep. I think about this constantly, as a former service industry worker. Not to mention, it seems like every other friend I have that still does it, has gotten COVID at some point during this.

  8. I’m a restaurant owner. I have a responsibility to my customers, employees and community. I now require vaxx cards to be seated indoors. I started this when vaxxes opened up to 16 and above 3 weeks ago. We’re still at 50% capacity requirements. My customers knew I was going to do it. 3 weeks ago even on Fri and Sat we were closing @8pm. We are now closing at 10pm Wed thru Sat and operating at a full 50% capacity. I’m pushing our local chapter of National Restaurant Association for Vax Passports. Other owners are starting to follow my lead. My servers love working without masks.
    Unfortunately I had one young couple who objected to this and asked them to leave. I had to call the police to escort them from the premises.

  9. When a President can make money from out of thin air, any President can act as God. Me too.

  10. How about the funeral 🏑 who served the community each day and night 24-7 do funeral 🏑 counts since we are taking care of the final needs of over 500000 deaths. Something just isn’t right.

    1. Actually they didn’t bury the bodies they burn them,

      And all where paid hazardous pay,

      My cousin made over the last year nearly 240k moving the bodies around

  11. How about direct deposit stimulus relief??πŸ€” to those Americans still struggling ?

  12. Cleverly edited. For the unshown previous 40 seconds Mr. Biden sounded like he was having REAL trouble putting words together.

    This is scary. State media keeping people in the dark about Mr. Biden’s cognitive decline.

    1. YOU are propaganda. Like a never ending ignorance machine. The grift that keeps on grifting. YOU LIE. And your lies are in alignment with fascist leaders who have also failed throughout history. KEEP FAILING, LQSER.

    2. Why did you delete this exact same comment after we schooled you??? LMAQ πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    3. So did you inject disinfectant for the Corona virus as Trump suggested everyone do? Now that was scary. The media showed Trump’s cognitive decline and yet NO ONE CARED.

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