Biden Approves Louisiana Disaster Declaration

President Joe Biden has approved a major disaster declaration for Louisiana, so those who need assistance can begin applying either online or by phone.
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#HurricaneIda #ExtremeWeather #Louisiana


    1. Not hard to sign a paper releasing funds and giving FEMA permission to help with relief efforts. Media is trying to help Bidens approval and make him look good.

    2. @catalinacurio more Hurricanes under Trump then any other President aside from Bush. He signed off on relief for every State before they made landfall. Maybe ask the Governor of Puerto Rico why she kept Hurricane relief ad locked in a storage unit during Maria.

    3. @Guyinthecommentsection They weren’t told about them hiding supplies. Poor delusional Democrats. The world see’s the blood on their hands.

    1. @Guyinthecommentsection <---Typical deflection from the video at hand, about compassion for the hurricane victims....What this America don't count? Ya know tRump don't like POW's, and thinks they are weak for being captured....Doesn't that make you wonder if he really cares about dead soldiers....Oh wait he didn't want to visit Arlington cemetery because it was raining out, and didn't want to mess up his toupee.

    2. @Guyinthecommentsection actually no.
      I already checked out your statements through my military network.
      They are true.

    3. @psycobleach46 tullis

      Every single point you made is filled with error, imprecision, inaccuracy inexactitude passion and ignorance.

      Each point.

    1. @Jason Saunders to far fetched? 😂😂 I wanted to test the waters and see just how much left side clowns would believe. I see a lot of outrageous claims by clowns online and in real life.

    2. @Mike Honcho maybe if we had healthcare like some other Countries like Canada then we wouldn’t have to worry about it

  1. “This is a tough hurricane. One of the wettest we’ve ever seen, from the standpoint of water. Big water. Ocean water!”
    -Stable Genius

    1. @Suzy Q Na….nice try. What a disgrace cheating Joe is! 🤮 100% cheating Joe’s fault for the withdrawal. The democrats fault for cheating and putting this lying, corrupt, demented, America Hating trader in! 🤮 His supporters for voting for him. They all have this blood on their hands. 🤮

    2. “I declare this hurricane a success.. my butt’s been wiped so nite nite… zzzzzz”
      – Sleepy Joe Hidin’

    1. @My Perspective Nope. The most progressive state in the USA is also the richest state in the USA. So much for your theory.

    2. @Tessmage Tessera you get none of that wealth 🤡 stuck on the democrats plantation. Smart POC aren’t democrats. That’s a fact.


    1. Holy crap! A left wing troll gave birth to a right wing troll. I always wondered how trolls reproduce. I thought they laid eggs or it was binary fission or something. Fascinating.

    2. @TooBadThatDidn’tKillMe People in a southern Puerto Rico city discovered a warehouse filled with water, cots and other unused emergency supplies, Why did they hide the supplies sent by Trump

  2. TFG would have just thrown out paper towels at a photo op that he only agreed to after someone explained to him, with crayons and pictures, that he would be the center of attention and that “all the peoples of the land would rejoice upon seeing their ruler’s kindness and he’d rule happily ever after”.

    1. Since you are obviously so educated on politics can you explain to me why the Biden administration is drone striking children in Afghanistan?

  3. Thank you , President Biden, for helping the residents of Louisiana! The former guy, wouldn’t have done a thing, so thank you, sir!

    1. @Jack Lewis stop crying you know as well as I know Joe Biden is not mentally fit for the position he’s in but orange man bad orange man bad that’s all you know

    2. @Aisha bint Abu Bakr All you need to know is this: Trump is gone. We kicked him out of the White House and he’s never coming back. I win — you lose.

    3. @Tessmage Tessera Trump 2024 !

      – now that America is seeing the Biden administration’s true colors
      Utter incompetence-
      more concerned about gender pronouns and wokeness than actual national security and concern for fellow Americans

    4. @Tessmage Tessera
      I didn’t realize you were four years old…I don’t respond to little children

    1. @GoForBroke442
      How stupid are you gramps?
      How old are you as well?
      70s – 80s?
      You’re not even American to make that ludicrous statement.

    2. @GoForBroke442
      Your profile old man.
      Or provide us with legitimate American documents
      Like your American property assessment notices for the last five years, which includes your lot number and legal description of your lot. 🤔

    1. I hope they are not dealing with urban looters like Catrina. Im glad the US Rangers came in and shot some.

  4. Wow . . . A president who responds to the governor’s request, while the disaster is happening, and not waiting for a week or more? That’s new . . . At least they won’t have to suffer the indignity of having paper towels being tossed at their heads while they stand in the rubble? . . . 🙄

    1. Trump sent the help not Biden.
      Since everything is Trumps fault.
      Like the border . Afghanistan. Inflation. Covid.
      So Biden has done nothing it’s alll Trumps fault

    2. @David Hale : WTF are you BABBLING about, son? Talk to someone? A relative, a friend, a therapist? Complain to the FCC if you don’t like the news? Or the Met Office, if you don’t like the weather? I don’t give a fig. Go Karen on your own path, Putin 🙄

  5. Good, hopefully it goes better than Afghanistan. Hope and pray for everyone including the Biden administration to see the light and do the right things for everyone not just themselves. My opinion

  6. Jen psaki is my aunt and she said don’t listen to the tv we are doin great joe and Kamala told her america has had the biggest airlift since Hitler

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