Biden Assures He Will ‘Govern As An American President’ | MSNBC

Biden Assures He Will 'Govern As An American President' | MSNBC 1


Joe Biden spoke about the impact of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt while campaigning in Georgia and assured voters that even though he is running as a Democrat, he would "govern as an American president." Aired on 10/27/2020.
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Biden Assures He Will 'Govern As An American President' | MSNBC

90 Comments on "Biden Assures He Will ‘Govern As An American President’ | MSNBC"

  1. william horvath | October 27, 2020 at 3:12 PM | Reply

    Joe’s inauguration is January 20th, 2021. Its a Wednesday. God bless America 🇺🇸

  2. Donald Trump can’t even govern as a human being, let alone an American president.

    • @Tara Reade he meant to say Abraham Lincoln… you know how Doofus Trump likes to compare himself with Lincoln lol… he’s a buffoon 🤣😷

    • @R Thomas No you need to watch his interview and you will see he just simply has Dementia and though Trump was George! The guy struggles bad even with a teleprompter! Voting for old Dementia Joe is just stupid but at least if you get that Dementia joke guy in office Democrats will be finished for many, many, elections to come!

    • @Tara Reade Trump has finished off the Republican Party as we knew it… he’ll be used by every Democrat from now on as the example of what a Republican is…and by the way have you ever really watched a Trump speech?

    • @R Thomas Trump is doing well despite how much Democrats try to stop him! After Time goes by and TDS created by fake news stops, people will realize Trump is a hard working great president! KAG baby KAG

    • @Tara Reade OMG give me a break! He’s had 4 years and look where we are… Donald Trump is a terrible leader… a divider… General Mattis said it best…Trump is the only president in anyone’s memory that intentionally divided the people he’s supposed to be governing… I voted 2 weeks ago and I saw all I needed 3 or 4 years ago… Trump has been a disaster

  3. TheCultLeader In Chief | October 27, 2020 at 3:12 PM | Reply

    People already made up their minds . Sane people are tired of this 4 year of chaos, lies, racism, people dying, incompetence, division, distraction. That’s enough. Joe Biden 2020. Only the delusional, cult-followers, poorly educated want 4 more years of their criminal leader.

  4. Whole Republican family here , just VOTED for BIDEN.

  5. Trump has been governing as a Russian asset.

  6. Joe’s the pro, Don’s the con. We need to return to sane, presidential, normal, empathetic leadership.

    • Yes, I want to go back to the days when I can watch football and baseball every week and get intimidated by the Raiders and Giants, and a bunch of other things. I have not watched a single football or baseball game because of the constant breaking news about Trump.

    • Empathetic? So you want a president who says nice things and maybe goes around apologizing for America or just for whites in general? Someone who is TALK and in 47 years only done 1 thing, push HIS crime Bill. Do empathetic people say YOU AINT BLACK if you don’t vote for me?

    • Kavage_4_days fan | October 27, 2020 at 5:52 PM | Reply

      @Wisconsin Man Well at least he won’t sell our nuclear secrets to Saudi Arabia and just give them away to the Russian Ambassador in the oval office. Or higher his daughter and son in law so they can trade U.S. policies for business deals to our adversaries. I’d much rather have a politician than a con artist.

    • @Kavage_4_days fan That would be some damning comments if any of it were true. Lets not forget, 1, that what you said was nothing but FAKE NEWS propaganda with not one shred of evidence to back it up. yet WE HAVE SEEN what Biden does for Quid Pro Quo on video. Also it is easily researchable, well it was, how Bidens 2 brothers and sister, somehow got Gov’t Contracts while he was VP, making them MILLIONS. Then the whole Hunter thing. Then 47 years and a crime bill passed. Didn’t want his kids in a JUNGLE, he opposed desegregation. He said YOU AINT BKACK if you don’t vote for him. Gave the Eulogy to his “great friend” as he said, to a KNOWN KKK MEMBER.

    • All This Insanity Is Because Of The Democrats…Better Go Find Your Brains.

  7. Trump cares more about his secret Chinese bank account than he does about the lives of Americans.

    • Trump Brutal Truth @ U.N Left Everyone Speechless

    • @Johnny Beacham he admitted he had one, claims he closed it before becoming president but offered no proof as having done so, other then his “word”. He even admitted he paid 200k in taxes to the Chinese government. Based on the Chinese tax system, if it was a loan from China that he paid taxes on, it would have been a loan for over 150 million.

    • CDC numbers reveal hospitals counted over 130,000 deaths from pneumonia, influenza, heart attack, as Covid-19.

    • Allan Burns CDC numbers reveal hospitals counted over 130,000 deaths from pneumonia, influenza, heart attack, as Covid-19.

    • if you are admitted to the hospital for a heart attack, acquire the flu while admitted, and you die from that infection do you know what’s on your death certificate? Cause of death flu complicated by heart condition. The question should be, had they not acquired covid would they still be alive? Considering that death rates by heart attack are 30% what they were 20 years ago, that this years heart attack death rate is roughly in line with the 5 year average, of we counted those covid deaths as heart attacks alone, that would mean either we aren’t doing as good with heart attacks a near 60% increase or these deaths occurred because of covid. In those deaths did they die because of the damage covid did to the heart and lungs or not.

      Additionally, Known symptoms of covid are shortness of breath and chest pain, just because someone dies and has chest pain, doesn’t mean it’s a heart attack that killed them. Finally, a lot of the death certificate descriptions will have a statement saying died of respiratory cardiac arrest, which every death no matter the cause will be of respiratory cardiac arrest. Many of those deaths that you are claiming were heart attacks, alternate right wing media have wrongfully defined that particular statement on certificates as a heart attack.

      Additionally, covid causes pneumonia, that’s what happens when you have a SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome) is nothing more then a severe acute pneumonia. Pneumonia is nothing more then a lung infection. If you test positive for covid and it’s infected your lungs, guess what, you have pneumonia caused by Covid.

      As for your influenza comment, can you become infected with more then one illness at once? Which one do you put on the death certificate as the primary cause? The one with a .01% fatality rate (flu) or the one with a 4.3% fatality rate? Ironically, the 1st 3 months of this pandemic, cdc guidelines discouraged testing for covid if you came up with a positive influenza test. So it’s highly likely that there were 3 months of influenza deaths mis diagnosed when they should of been marked as covid. Evidence of this can be seen in the data, as from February to April, influenza deaths showed nearly triple fatality while at the same time showed a significant decrease in over all confirmed influenza with a 400% increase in influenza testing. Ie it’s statistically probable that many also had covid and that it was covid that spiked the influenza deaths that first 3 months. Course this same evidence suggests that covid was likely in several states as early as December. Which goes in line as to what I was seeing in the field late December thru mid February. People super sick some dying from flu like symptoms yet testing negative for the traditional flu tests.

  8. I feel Joe has grown slowly over the period of his campaigning

  9. Scotland4BIDEN.

  10. Marisel Rivera | October 27, 2020 at 3:21 PM | Reply

    Go and vote!! Vota!!! The election is not over yet!! Vote for Human Health Dignity!! Vote for Decency!! Vote for our Childrens!!Vote for our Families!! Vote for Hope!!🌊🌊💙💙

  11. Country over party! Biden will unite us all! 🇺🇸💙❤️

  12. Full sentence speech, comprehensive content. Someone who look at ME during he speeches and does not play accordion every time he speaks. Vote Blue down ballot blue

  13. This is competent leadership!

  14. Barack Obama was awesome at the Florida Rally today!! I sure miss Barack Obama as president. Biden-Harris all the way!!!

  15. Ashlynne Shain | October 27, 2020 at 3:26 PM | Reply


    • Mystfying Illussion | October 27, 2020 at 4:26 PM | Reply

      @Chezzyperson thats a little extreme but i do agree with you America would be better off without these cultist.

    • Chezzyperson CDC numbers reveal hospitals counted over 130,000 deaths from pneumonia, influenza, heart attack, as Covid-19.

    • Kavage_4_days fan | October 27, 2020 at 6:00 PM | Reply

      @Brian Nave No they did not!!!!!!! That’s stupid conspiracy talk and it has been debunked for months now. What you’re referring to is that the White House received information that as a patient was dying with covid and their bodies were shutting down they would have heart attacks and strokes. So Trump ran with it as always and put his lying spin on it. But the medical professionals assured America Covid deaths are indeed Covid deaths nothing else.

    • Ashlynne Shain | October 27, 2020 at 9:03 PM | Reply

      @Chezzyperson Trump and his brainwashed followers all need a mental evaluation. You’re worshipping a lying, reality tv actor over doctors, SCIENTISTS, and researchers.. Do your OWN research….#BIDENHARRIS2020🌊🌊 P.S LOVING THOSE POLLS BYEDON ✌

    • Ashlynne Shain | October 27, 2020 at 9:04 PM | Reply

      @Kavage_4_days fan they’re all brainwashed ignorant morons. Not worth the time.

  16. Feel that hope
    BUt feel strong enough to clear the house and senate of the obstructionists that stole the dream from us last time he was on the ticket.
    Joe can do this! Give him the House and the Senate and he’ll get more done in two years than every president since 1984 including Reagan.
    You got this thing!

  17. Barbara Nieland | October 27, 2020 at 3:34 PM | Reply

    I have faith in our future with this man!!! I already voted Biden/Harris for all America 🇺🇸

    • Thomas Armsworthy Jr | October 27, 2020 at 3:50 PM | Reply

      The trafalger polls have Trump ahead they predict a Trump victory

    • CDC numbers reveal hospitals counted over 130,000 deaths from pneumonia, influenza, heart attack, as Covid-19.

    • Kavage_4_days fan | October 27, 2020 at 6:11 PM | Reply

      @Thomas Armsworthy Jr Boy both you and Brian Nave cut and paste, over and over. You do know that only Bull S…ters need to repeat themselves over and over. They think if they repeat it enough someone just might believe it. Well you’re wrong it’s still a lie no matter how many times you repeat it.

  18. Lori Oestreich | October 27, 2020 at 3:45 PM | Reply

    Vote Biden/Harris!!!

  19. shannon mcgilvray | October 27, 2020 at 3:46 PM | Reply

    I pray 🙏 to GOD that Biden will be elected with numbers to big to rig and to real to steal!

  20. Kavitha Balkrishna | October 27, 2020 at 4:00 PM | Reply

    Biden, a man of charismatic and a humble Character… What a President should be.. 💙💙

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