Biden At JusticeCon: Americans Have ‘Duty To Act’ To ‘Dismantle Systemic Racism’ | MSNBC


    1. @John Gray nobody knee capped sanders but thousands and thousands of voting delegates. The system is not perfect, and full representation is something to fight for, but last election it was all about the superdelegates. This time there were no superdelegates (delegates with 2 votes); a proportional vote and not the crooked republican “I got 50.1% and win everything” nonsense; and most people already had the benefit of knowing sanders’ position from 2016 — and they STILL didn’t vote for him.

    2. @RaisedByCats “He’ll find a place for Bernie in his cabinet.”
      Yeah, all the way in the back, next to that can of Lima beans he will never use. lol

    1. Corren love leader 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂🤪 the guys a moth mind come on the party that started the kkk

    2. A leader for the last 40 years that is responsible for all the racist policies of the US government. Go home racist

    3. Joe biden praisesd Sen. John Stennis  as a “man of character”. Go look up sen John Stennis and his relationship with joe.

    1. If joe wasn’t behind the policies that shipped jobs overseas then made it so he could throw millions of people in jail for petty drug offenses maybe people wouldn’t have a problem getting a job and making a decent living. But vote for racist joe

    1. Oh shut it. It’s always the lesser of two evils in the presidential race in the US. This is the way it is.

    2. this is what Trump thinks. if you contribute to society at zero and then commit crime, then your life is valued at negative. 987

  1. Now this is what you call a leader who knows what he’s talking about. Instead of trump me me me me me me or no it’s him him him her her her he’s a joke

  2. You know how when you look at old pictures from the Civil Rights era, and see the people protesting AGAINST the Civil Rights people…and wonder, “what were those people who are opposed to it thinking?” Well, ask any t’rump supporter today what they think about BLM, and there you go.

    1. Do you know Joe’s past? Do you know how many people his little crime bill got thrown in jail for petty drug offenses? But sure if you want to support someone who has a long history of voting on racist policies go right ahead

    2. @michael sweeney I’m infinitely more faithful in Biden’s ability to grow and change than trump. trump wishes he could have been to kneel on Floyds neck and likely will never change

    3. @Mario Lopez So what you’re saying is you dont believe he did push the bill and have it past? So what you’re saying is you’re ok with millions of people getting trapped in a system? So what you’re saying is you dont care if people change what they believe based on the way the wind is blowing? I’m confused are you backing this clown? If so you might be a racist too

    4. @michael sweeney
      I’m just saying all of you are so predictable in any given contextual content.
      I don’t support Biden or Trump.
      They both should ride off into the sunset.
      The old guard just wants to play partisan party politics and continually putting our country in the rear view mirror.
      At least the younger candidates have a better vision for our country.
      I don’t care who or what side, just infuse younger blood into our political system.

    1. Love the guy who’s been in office for 40 years and voted on all these racist police policies. Go home you racist

  3. If America is going to make amends for wrongs from the past that still continue then they have to start with Native Americans. When a white man can safely walk through a black neighborhood then i will agree to racial equality, otherwise disparity will continue in their lives

  4. Actually Americans have a duty to dismantle this administration. I, as a “former” Republican, will cast my vote for Biden in Nov.

    1. @Chris Perry Well let me ask you then what’s wrong with Joe Biden? You’re saying you don’t like democrats and also you’re saying you don’t like trump either except that he makes you money. Otherwise what good is trump doing for you or your family?

    2. @Vaughn Besley what’s wrong with Biden?? Really?? Are you kidding? His son profits from foreign companies for doing nothing?? That’s not corruption? The kid is a lawyer not a board member for a foreign power company. What don’t you understand about that??? He and his former boss with pelosi rigged the 2016 nomination for a unqualified and incompetent Hillary AND LOST which gave us trump in the first place. And they rigged the nomination for this special kind of turd too. I can’t understand how few people see this.

    3. @Roy Rodgers how do you figure? From a guy that can’t spell grammar Maybe you could stand some herd thinning.

    4. this is what Trump thinks. if you contribute to society at zero and then commit crime, then your life is valued at negative. 876

  5. Know what we see today from the Democrats the anti-American Democrat regime is nothing but hate for the president of the United States and at no cost will you continue to throw crap at him you people are nothing but hypocrite Liars

  6. First in office a bill to get it on the floor and no more racist. I live it, college, schools, work. It time. We are one country, constitution.


  7. I see that the trump supporters came to this to try and think that after all of trump screw ups that he should actually be given a chance.. trump has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that he definitely isn’t for America and absolutely a complete racist traitor.. you klan members don’t waste your breathe because trump only gonna keep reminding us every single day just how really unfit he is for office!!

    1. this is what Trump thinks. if you contribute to society at zero and then commit crime, then your life is valued at negative. 543

  8. Hmm, Biden has not declared war on America. He hasn’t told me to drink bleach. Yeah, he’s got my vote.

    1. this is what Trump thinks. if you contribute to society at zero and then commit crime, then your life is valued at negative. 564

  9. It was the Democrats that founded the KKK. The same systemic hated that dems have toward Trump and his supporters is the same hate. Racism isn’t the problem hate is the issue.

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