Biden bans Russian oil to disrupt ‘Putin’s war machine’ | USA TODAY

Biden bans Russian oil to disrupt 'Putin's war machine' | USA TODAY 1


  1. How Biden just gna boycott Russian oil while we pay more at the pump smh we gna need another stimulus buddy or sum gas cards complimentary of the white house 😆

  2. Peace brothers Peace. Let us channel our aggressions and violence into constructive actions such as working, dancing, massaging, doing art, cleaning, training, washing, kissing & making love via Love & Understanding.

    Putin is not fkn around with us in the West. He told us straight & direct not to interfere with his military operation. Was hoping for peace albeit always stated not to underestimate Putin and his brand of nationalist authoritarianism via witch he Rules Russia. 2 days ago the biggest War of my generation ( LGBTQ Millennial ))) just started. What say ye ? What do we do ? My friend said in a grim rather dark tone : well, keep paying athletes millions, rappers millions, actors millions and the rest of North America divided, in debt, living from paycheck. to paycheck …and then proceeded to rap somethings witch would rather not write due to being *( Age Restricted Matters) and finished how do you like that version of Freedom & Democracy….did reply that he had a rather cynical, pessimistic, negative and rather dark vision of North America *( and the West ) in the past years and today…. think he just needs a hug, a kiss, a massage and some love…what do you think ? PS: He also added something interesting to note of a more discerning intellectual manner ! He stated that Putin’s nationalistic authoritarian ideology is very reactionary to the West’s Liberal Politics of Pro-LGBTQ, Multiculturalism, Feminist and pop-culture ideology witch he views as having weakened the West and is morally degenerate…. claims that by analysis of Putin’s own speeches and discourses that is a major part of his social, cultural, political and psychological ideological views and tendencies….. HAD to and WILL meditate on that….if even half of that is true….then we gotta go back to my first statement in summary : Putin is not fkn around with us in the West.

    Support, join, bless & love the Dancing Goddess & Dragon Kingdom for a New World Order of Peace, Justice, Insured Freedom and attaining Harmony between Civilization & Nature.
    PS: Make Love tonight ! Otwerwise wtf are we fighting for to save Civlization ? Rich multimillionaires & billionaires ? wealthy artists ? rich athletes ? huh ? and while you are at it tell the Leaders of The Free World Dragon Zero’s Message; Drop down and give Dragon Zero 13 pushups with Love & For World Peace.

  3. We were energy independent prior to this. WHY is it so high? Putin? NO!. Democrats. April 2012 national average was $3.94.

  4. We as Arab don’t like Russia and we don’t have any benefits from this war. But, what USA did in our country we all stands with Putin and we pray he win

  5. It’s kind of funny how everyone still working up on the north slope in Alaska but they’re saying we’re not pumping any oil isn’t that strange? Maybe we’re buying our own oil at extremely high prices and they’re all shoving money in their pockets does that sound more believable? It does to me …I live here

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