Biden calls for assault weapons ban after Nashville school shooting | USA TODAY

President Joe Biden addressed the shooting at The Covenant School in Nashville, Tenn., that killed six people, including three children.
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A heavily armed woman shot three students and three staff members to death at a small private Christian elementary school in Nashville early Monday, police said.

Officers engaged and killed the shooter at the Covenant School, Nashville police spokesperson Don Aaron said.

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  1. Reduce guns and crime over time, not overnight:

    – Ban AR-15s, similar weapons for new purchases
    – Increase sentence for illegal guns
    – Pay cops more to improve quality
    – Build more prisons to demonstrate oversupply
    – Amend the 2nd Amendment (“militia” “arms”)
    – Embarrass suspect(s) publicly to reduce copycats
    – Reform the bail policy; lock repeat offenders
    – Shame, recall judges & DAs who reduce their sentences

  2. Joe chose to make a crack about chocolate chip ice cream before delivering very sad news! What is wrong with this individual? Three little kids will NEVER have ice cream again! Unbelievable SMH

  3. No matter someone’s race, religion, politics, nationality, gender, mental state or ‘motive’ – we should focus on reducing access to weapons specifically made to kill many humans easily within seconds

  4. Make this your prayer:

    God, give me the Courage to stand up to Republicans.

    Give me the Strength to _demand_ they stop taking blood money from the NRA.

    Give me the Wisdom to see past their smokescreens.

  5. it’s awful what happened earlier today and prayers go out to the families. A “ban” on firearms or certain firearms will not mitigate anything. Firearms will still be obtained regardless. Why does the left think that banning firearms will be some kind of resolution? It’s not going to resolve a thing. For example- a truck or car can kill people en masse in the hands of a crazy person. Do we thus ban vehicles?

  6. Assault bans for low income areas. I doubt they gonna go onto some rich persons property and take away their guns.


  8. Let’s be honest, if they are going to be called assault rifles then we also have to call the handguns assault handguns. But let’s continue to be honest and acknowledge that the school shooter most likely drove to the school in an assault vehicle.

  9. UPDATE: Nashville School Shooting Suspect and victims ID’ed.
    – Audrey Hale, 28 (shooter) transgender aka Aiden hale
    – Evelyn Dieckhaus, 9
    – Hallie Scruggs, 9
    – William Kinney 9
    – Cynthia Peak, 61
    – Katherine Koonce, 60
    – Mike Hill, 61

  10. He literally said he only came down there for ice cream at the beginning of the speach what is this guy Satan in disguise!!!?!

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