Biden Calls On Congress To Pass Covid Relief While Introducing Nominees | MSNBC

Biden Calls On Congress To Pass Covid Relief While Introducing Nominees | MSNBC 1


  1. Once Georgia votes blue and Moscow Mitch no longer has power, Congress will *finally* begin to work for the American people again.

    1. Agreed! Being from Georgia I am so disappointed with the reptilians representing our state and by the brainwashed communist sheep tRump voters, “as I can see in the comments”, let me tell you something they have nothing in common with you, there billionaires! What do you have? A family to feed, a job to go to, a roof over your head, “ for awhile only “ . If you vote for the reptilian party and Moscow Mitch you will receive nothing!! Maybe that’s the way you want it all over the do nothing party and the lies coming out of don’s mouth! I’m confident that the voters in my state will do what’s right, on both sides, red or blue, to get this country moving in the right direction. We just can’t do it with the two billionaire reptilians we have right now.

    1. @Francis Leon Yep, Camel toes Harris will move to President & then Pelosi will be VP, They have planned it from day one. Be interesting to see 2 women going to meet with leaders from other countries. A lot of them has more respect for a herd of goats than a woman. Sad but true.

    1. Like Rep Katie Porter said: it’s not REALLY “stimulus” if you’re trying to put food on the table, or pay your rent. [it’s more “essential” than stimulus]

  2. Why should Congress care when they are eating 3 meals a day & their Bill’s are paid on time….Drama Drama Drama

    1. And those meals are paid for with taxpayer dollars. The same taxpayers they’re now telling to shove it and laughing at.

    2. I just want to remind everyone here that there has been widespread voter fraud and it changed the outcome of the election

    1. @Ji Hyun Kim YOU’RE wrong he wants the public to get something… Your house leader is the one that doesn’t care… Otherwise it would be in the bill… Brick brain

    2. Hopefully his old a will be PUT IN HIS PLACE SOON. Him & his Wife has been stealing from the government for year’s & NEED’S to be INVESTIGATED to the FULLEST EXTINCT OF THE LAW!!!

    1. @Tink Tink I’m starting to think that in these republican-controlled states that they kind of control the media to a certain extent also. Please help me in spreading the definition of Nazism from Wikipedia so people see exactly what they are saying

    2. @Randy Couch ….you are in a dream and it is your own nightmare! We woke up from ours that lasted 4 yrs! Join the ones with their eyes open! Throw away your RED HAT. It is Thought Repellent !

    3. You blame mitch, yet Republicans continue to hold the majority. The real problems are a progressive wing most Americans won’t accept and a two party system that has hurt American Democracy.

  3. Direct cash relief stimulus checks need to be in any bill passed by Congress. People need help. Not everyone can get unemployment.

    1. That’s what is frustrating to myself and probably a lot of people who aren’t unemployed but could still greatly use a boost. I work 2 jobs that are considered essential. I eat 3 times a day and pay the rent, but the continued lack of another stimulus is ridiculous.

  4. i didnt have a nice thanksgiving meal this year just chicken nuggets and instant mashed potatoes i received in my food bank

  5. Pass a stimulus package now without language protecting big business. Corporations that don’t regard citizens health and safety as important.

  6. The Supreme Court just voted against the ridiculous notion to over turn our elections. The GOP are toast!! They’re useless!!

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