Biden Calls On Congress To Pass Police Reform | MSNBC 1

Biden Calls On Congress To Pass Police Reform | MSNBC


President Biden calls on Congress to pass police reform before the first anniversary of George Floyd's death, during joint address. Biden says, "We've seen the knee of injustice on the neck of Black Americans."
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  1. The world is watching! Watching from Barbados . American is sick… America needs to be revived in all aspects.

  2. President buying that his own words that are he’s making that up for all of you as American citizens different people different voices different language and different life matters because the real president he’s only concentrated that up for you for me for your mother from your father from your children from your family loved ones neighbor’s cousin uncles and nephews because this is the way to Future to keep America United again and by the way that was the case speech right there on April 28th 2021 in the spring so I got to say this to everyone is really great that the first inauguration inside Capitol Hill and to everyone that you just need to work together and you need to work to change your life and one more thing for everyone that if you are smoking that outside inside backyard fun you’re including that smoking inside the car because I’m smoking right there or not the same smoke it is just like drugs marijuana and weed and I had to say this to everyone you need to just stop smoking because this is for damaged up for your lungs from your teeth your eyes and your healthy body that is going to be moving forward and you’re not going to get a second chance you just have to be strong but if you get a second chance then you’re already fight for you in your life

    PS everyone when President buying the candidate of a few years ago a few months ago and a few weeks ago you keep it promises and it’s keeping promises right now

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