Biden Chief Of Staff Sees GOP Politicians Accepting Biden's Win | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC 1

Biden Chief Of Staff Sees GOP Politicians Accepting Biden’s Win | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


Ron Klain, chief of staff to President-elect Joe Biden, sounds a hopeful note about the Biden administration working with Republicans, citing the state Republican elected officials who stood up to pressure from Donald Trump to overturn the election, and a new round of acceptance by national Republicans now that state electors have voted. Aired on 12/15/2020.
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Biden Chief Of Staff Sees GOP Politicians Accepting Biden's Win | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


  1. Try as they might. It’s over for them! I am just happy the world gets to see the spineless cowards they are. They have made history for all the wrong reasons. Smh!

    1. @DG LYM Now that’s the hard part. They are out of control to the point where the Trumpster cannot handle them. They control him…. Law enforcement will have to deal with them one way or another.

    2. When sedition is no obstacle, there is always hope in the deranged mind of a Trump cultist.

      After all avenues failed, and after all state courts rejected his lies, and after all federal courts rejected the same lies, and after even the highest court in the land, the Supreme Court, sent him away twice with his lies, Trump still held hope that electors would stop the certification of the free and fair election result today. And when that failed…

      Trump cultists say it’s not over until the 6 January 2021 when Congress accepts today’s electoral college certificates. And when that doesn’t turn out for them…

      Then it’s not over until 20 January inauguration arrives. And when that happens…

      Then it’s not over til Trump suspends the constitution just before Biden’s inauguration and declares martial law and Trump rules militarily until he is given another term to rule.

      And when that doesn’t happen because the military will also have reject him because he is the first Republican nominee to have lost the military vote…

      Then it’s not over until the civil war ends and Trumpists fight against the US military and fellow citizens so in their mind it is finally determined if Trump really doesn’t continue his rule of America.

      And after all this, it will NEVER dawn on these Trump cultists that they stoped being Americans and are now Trumpians, and if they were ever successful, the country they would live in would not be America anyway, they’d be in Trumpia, the constitution would have been abolished and democracy a thing of the past. And all that in support of their despot Trump.

  2. Imagine being so weak a party that you can’t admit Biden won out of fear that it will upset your base of snowflakes.

    1. IKR? Trump’s cult are a bunch of Karens now. Make EXAMPLES! Every GOP crime needs swift, harsh JUSTICE! Not just for the countless dead, the unnecessary deaths. But, so we don’t have Donny 2.0 in four years. For the sake of National Security, lock them up!

    2. Yes, this love of authoritarianism is fear based and it’s ironic that a group of people so driven by fear that they’d give over their democracy would call others snowflakes. Of course, it’s well known that the right doesn’t understand irony… so perhaps your line will be understood. I doubt it though… no doubt they’re beating their chests, claiming to be patriots while engaging in undemocratic, traitorous behavior.

    1. Yes! We need to remove McConnell as Senate leader. That way, maybe we’ll get some needed legislation passed.

    2. This Georgian is voting Red. Warnok Is too creepy. Obstructing a child abuse case and mentioning that the military can’t serve god.

    3. ​@John I. Source about the child abuse case?

      And no, the U.S. military doesn’t serve God. We’re not a theocracy. Our military takes an oath to first defend the Constitution, and second, to obey orders by superior officers and the president–as long as said orders don’t violate regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice.

      So if Reverend Warnock did actually say our military doesn’t serve God, he’s correct.

  3. That’s not Protest but Insanity. There is always one winner and one Loser. Accepting the Defeat is courage too.
    Trump and his supporters are Sore Losers.

    1. When you say “his supporters” you make it sound like all of us don’t want this to be over already. That’s not the case. I voted for Trump. I did my duty as a citizen, the results are the results. It is what it is

    2. @Bas Koller so cnn is now telling you flag burning cop killing rioting dumbocrats that 700,000 people have died from the Chinavirus in US .Where does cnn say the virus came from?

    3. @Bas Koller yes you flag burning cop killing rioting dumbocrats are good at not addressing the facts! Looking the other way doesn’t always work! Your numbers are not adding up.

  4. It is bordering on being unlawful for Republican electors in states Biden won to enter those state’s capitol buildings and try to cast votes for Trump

    The followers will in FACT face consequences *( behalf of donald)*

  6. Hillary told us at one of her last debates for years ago… She said “… There he is. You can see him right there. There he is before you. That is who he is. He will never change“.
    I implore you to bring back that clip up for us again. She was right.

  7. Why avoid answering the question? Why not just say, yes this is dangerous. Haven’t we had enough of politicians not speaking plainly?

    1. In an odd way it’s not dangerous for democracy to be tested and prove the power of the American democratic system, however good men and women will be potentially exposed to danger during those tests as has been the case throughout American history. Democracy is fragile and requires constant vigilance and courage by the citizens. Some patriots serve in the military some as electors some as police and healthcare workers. One thing is obvious despite the extreme fringes our country is full of good decent courageous people and as a result our democracy is strong.
      Respect each other – wear your mask and get vaccinated when you can – they’re the American things to do.

    2. America lost. I was thinking the same thing. Sounded like the GOP on talk shows. Can we have a yes or no, then an explanation?

    3. I swear the coat of arms for the office of the Chief of Staff should be an eel, becaue no matter how straight forward the question, they’re always looking for a way to slip out of giving a direct, or even relevant, answer. I bet you could ask them if 2+2=4 and instead of answering they’d go off on some ramble about why Math is important.

  8. And tRump wants to run for a second term? tRump or any of his family members should never be able to become president ever again.

    1. @MrAudienceMember calm down. The one good thing trump did was guarantee that a republican will never be president again.

    2. @Timmy Turner
      There are still too many stupid people in this country who vote and too many who are too lazy or unconcerned to vote.

    3. @MrAudienceMember you forget the vast majority of potential voters only abstains because they KNOW they’re vote is worthless.

  9. #45 has demonstrated no civility… whatsoever. What do you expect from a guy…who has been friends with Jeeffee EPSTEIN??? No decency…no morals…no high ground.

    1. Trump was the protégé of the sewer rat Roy Cohn. He learned to win at any cost, with no consideration for ethical behavior. Trump followed the lessons that Cohn taught him. In the beginning just small-scale chicanery. When he became president he was emboldened. And soon he was able to intimidate people like Lindsey Graham. And to inspire loud-mouths louts like Jim Jordan and Matt Gaetz.

    2. He dragged Republicans into “the mire”. That’s gunna be tough to crawl out from. In a post-trump world, what do they stand for?

    3. @Ragu Navaratnam I’d have thought we’d all be sick of “the games” by now. It’s a waste of everyone’s time, don’t you think?

  10. Trump has lost the presidential election more times than all the 44 US presidents before him combined. hahaha bunch of losers

    1. @RICHE SNOW You are a dupe, a traitor, and very foolish. You dems have quashed his plans, and have sided with China to destroy US. If you think there is anything in it for you, think again. Buy a gun.

    2. @Mike Cash However badly you feel about Trumps loss now, I think that in time you will begin to realise that your world isn’t about to end just because Biden won. In fact I don’t think you’ll really notice, apart from the fact that there’ll be a lot less hot air and lies coming from the White House. Biden may not be your choice, but he’s no traitor and he won’t actually sell us out to China, that’s simply pure propaganda from Trump. Biden is a centrist and he won’t rock the boat too much, and besides, if the Republicans retain control of the senate he won’t be able to do much anyway. Stop bleating and get on with your life, because it’s too short to waste on people like Trump. He couldn’t care less about you, he’s only interested in your money.

    1. They didn’t love him, but they respected him. When he said PAY UP they paid up. When he said WE ARE NO LONGER GOING TO PAY MORE THAN OUR SHARE they listened. Hehas brought peace to Israel for the first time in 4 decades. He has shut down a 20 years war that cost trillions and many lives. He got the vaccine for the Chinese Virus in the arms of Americans so quick, even doctors and scientists are calling it a MIRACLE. Biden has been in D.C. for over 45 years AND HAS DONE NOTHING BUT PROTECTED HIS ADDICTED SON AND HIS CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE TO ENRICH THE BIDEN CRIMINAL FAMILY, HIS BROTHER AND HIS SISTER ALSO.

    1. @Not That Donald I think that depends on how good The Biden Administration is. If they “get it right”, you may find that Republicans will have no choice but to return to the mainstream. And, ultimately, that depends on what voters think/will think.

  11. Ron Klain is such a gentleman. So refreshing to listen to someone who doesn’t spread negative vibes. Good bless our country.

    1. No kidding, Can’t wait til April when Harris gets rid of old, white, pasty, demented and insane Biden. Then the real plan begins.

    2. @BO NES if that’s the case, why waiting until April? Get your dosage of koolaid, Bones. Specifically for your BRAINS

    3. @Liv3 Ent Not to smart, are you Liver. Harris has to wait a few months so it doesn’t look obvious. Haven’t you paid any attention to the Clinton Crime Family? You just can’t go knocking people off, especially right after an election. We want Harris anyway

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