Biden Committed To $15 Minimum Wage, Says Head Of WH National Economic Council | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1

Biden Committed To $15 Minimum Wage, Says Head Of WH National Economic Council | Morning Joe | MSNBC


Director of the WH National Economic Council, Brian Deese, joins Morning Joe to discuss the president's $1.9T coronavirus stimulus plan and why the president is committed to a $15 an hour federal minimum wage. Aired on 02/26/2021.
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Biden Committed To $15 Minimum Wage, Says Head Of WH National Economic Council | Morning Joe | MSNBC


    1. @Young Lee We need more Unions. They offer the power of Collective Bargaining. Which allows the employees to negotiate a raise in pay with their employers. If the company isn’t making profits then no raise in pay. If the company is making profits then yes the employees should get a raise in pay.Why let all the profits go to the company/employer we it’s the employees who are making them rich?

    1. I am somewhat neutral on minimum wage, not crazy about the usual pork, and you probably ok blue state tyranny, I like living where I decide my risk on restaurants, gyms, churches

    2. @Highly Medicated not enough of the majority to pass anything, we still need a certain amount of republicans to vote along with us for a bill to pass.

    3. @Sam Harris there is NO pork in the covid package, and the minimum wage if passed would NOT be an across the board raise it would be incremental

    4. Shohreh pourmand I can live with myself. Unless they raise my salary the same percentage as they want to raise the Min wage I am against it. 😀

    1. @Randy Couch Cheap labor conservative loves illegals immigrants. Trump supporters there in Mississippi doesn’t like to work for cheap wages. So the chicken processing plants there in Mississippi hired illegals immigrants!

    2. @Randy Couch LOL and they lost!!! That’s as real as it gets. The majority of Real Americans voted him out on his @$$

    1. Pam J
      Who do consider rich in the US when you compare us to the rest of the world? When people realize that $15.00 per hour is NOT a living wage
      when prices go up, taxes go up, jobs are lost so unemployment go up (great during a pandemic) what then? You need to take a more serious look at the economy
      today. What is your alternative? Socialism where you put our individual economic power in the hands of the Government? LMAO, No thank you. I suggest
      you make better life decisions with your money.

    2. @Will YoujustSTFU “The fallacy of anecdotal evidence arises when one uses proof that relies on personal testimonies, such as a story based on someone’s individual experience, in order to support or refute a claim.” – Google

    3. @psycobleach46 tullis you are right sometimes people do come looking, but not a guarantee for most. Glad it worked out. I wish you the best.

    4. @Moredakkamus you don’t have to believe us. I don’t care if you do or not. Not trying only hurts you. You have the choice to be success or feel sorry for yourself.

    5. @Will YoujustSTFU I’m glad you are doing so well. I am by far not a millionaire, but I have no complaints. I live in a nice house. I am able to save for retirement, and I get busier every year.

  1. When I began working the minimum wage was $1.60/hr. If raising the minimum hurts the economy, why hasn’t the economy crashed several times over since then.

    1. @Bill Jones who am I blaming. Tbe republicans well they are rhe ones that stopped it when yshouldnt thwy be blamed lol

    2. @Bill Jones when someone like the republicans does something this stupid dont yoi think they should take the blame? Its called being accountable foe your actions and they did this lol

    1. Raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour during a pandemic is not too smart. They are saying it will cost 1.4 million jobs. Think people. And by people, I mean Democrats. And think about people on fixed incomes. Those that are retired and receiving pensions. They will not be receiving raises but they will be paying more for everything===Groceries, Utilities, Repairs and upkeep (EVERYTHING). The country will fall apart. That is the end goal for some in the democrat party. Obama, Clinton, Biden and their Saul Alinsky and Cloward/Piven principles. No joke! C’mon man!

    2. chemon ather
      why exactly would He care when people voted them in and they have the power to give themselves a raise? It’s the voters fault
      for letting them have so much power, live with it.

    1. @JJ Strumr I’m not sure what you’re getting at, but I’ll assume you mean it’s foolish to think they’d ever work for a living lol

    2. They are all too rich for it to matter. Override parliamentarian. The Republicans never cared for four years.

    3. The problem is that the way that senators and representatives make their money…is not from their salaries. Dark money is where they make their money, as well as indirect benefits from outside investments.

    4. WalkingByFaith
      I can do better than that. Get rid of all the Democrats in Washington and free up that money 😀

    1. She has always been there. She has been there since 2012. Her name is Elizabeth MacDonough. She is chosen by the Senate majority leader. Yes, she can be overruled or fired. I’m not suggesting to do either one. Hers is question for you, where have you been since 2012 when she was chosen?

    2. @Jonathan Banner She should be fired since McConnell is no longer the Majority leader. The minority should not be overriding and blocking the majority.

  2. America: Who is actually against making sure workers are paid an actual living wage?
    republicans: **raise hands**

  3. I actually hope they put the minimum wage increase into a separate bill and get it there in front of the Senate asap. That way people can see who is voting against this measure. And it can be used in the 2022 election…

  4. And hey congress why don’t you forgo your benefits, and monies for frivolous crap and expense accounts Stop giving yourselves raises….

  5. Government’s officials instigated and acted in concert with insurrection attempts . Touchy suvject ? 1984 Voter interference Ban on Republican tactics that did not represent GOP , Forty years wasn’t long enough. In my opinion

    1. @Ro G a lot of idiots in this comment section don’t give a crap either,what’s wrong with this world snyways

    2. Companies want happy workers then they will pay them 15 an hour but they don’t care either,they will hire someone that will work for pennies anyways

    3. @BostonBruins 88
      Prices of consumer goods get raised irrespective of a minimum wage increase, my friend. It happens all the time. And why does it happen? Because companies are in business to make profit. It’s simple economics.

  6. The Republicans are trying to block this so they can use the disingenuous “Where’s the $15 minimum wage Biden promised you?” talking point come 2022 and 2024.

    1. Is the only thing they have going for their “party” there is nothing else left but a bunch of morons running part of this country, you know the part that don’t need $15.00 to survive! !

    2. Most of the States with a high cost of living already have a high minimum wage. The 10$ Republican plan is a bit inadequate but it is the E-Verify that is the biggest problem.

  7. Ask the GOP if they would want another tax break for the billionaire’s and big corporations and see if they are still worried about the deficit.

    1. They would probably still rather make bombs to drop on innocents in other countries than help any of us

    2. They never consulted with the parliamentarian I never even heard about this silliness until the Democrats come along

    3. @Rosie Rose correction the parliamentarian said they couldn’t use reconciliation to pass trumps tax cuts so the Republicans fired him and did it anyway

  8. I could see a 15 minimum wage in some “reference” market and a cost of living adjusted minimum wage in other markets. The point should be to provide a living wage wherever you work.

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