Biden condemns Trump's election claims as an abuse of power 1

Biden condemns Trump’s election claims as an abuse of power


Joe Biden spoke after the Electoral College confirmed his election night win, saying he'll be president for 'all Americans' but the U.S. president-elect also condemned a Texas-led lawsuit supported by a number of Republican officials which was promptly dismissed by the Supreme Court.


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    1. He’s reading fine, he’s having trouble speaking, but so what? The country just had a president who is better at talking than working (or anything else); time for a change. ¬_¬

    2. @- Trump is the hardest working president at least in the last 100yrs. He sleeps 5hrs and is sober 24/7. Biden appears to have a early to mid stages of dementia..I wouldn’t trust him to feed my goldfish.

    3. @- There is no change, the momentum for justice is building at a fast rate. Everything Biden said there was deceptive. It’s more about what he didn’t say about the fraud that everyone is acknowleding exists in the courts. They just don’t want to deal with it.

    1. That is correct President Trump needed speak out about the corruption, which he has been doing for the last 5 years. He is a wonderful President. 4 more years of great work and fixing America.

    2. @Intelligent Design Lol, how’s he going to get four more years when he lost the election and his bogus fraud claims were thrown out of court?

    1. Trump is President until January 20th then again for four more years. Reality sucks for those who choose to deny it. This is a world-wide I.Q. test!

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