1. Better get permission from the Taliban or is this yet another agreement the USA breaks? How many Americans left still are US mercenary/services contractors or CNN/MSNBC reporters hot to exploit Afghan drama? The World continues to see US incompetence

  2. The Taliban said no extension. Face it, the US talks a good fight but keeps getting beaten. When will they learn?

  3. The problem right now is afghanistan, addressing the covid right now is to take the attention of your biggest mistakes in your political career, the world don’t gone to let this one pass under the table. Allies have the right to know where the government stands.

  4. Most Americans are ignorant of all the facts so the polls should be ignored. Take a poll a month or so from now. Intel is not the problem. Military and political leaders were given several options and they chose to go with the one they most favored. Twenty years ago Intel troops who did the grunt work knew there were no WMD s in Iraq. Keep an open mind until most of the facts are known.

    1. “Peace cannot be kept by force. It can only be achieved by understanding” ~ President Donald Trump

  5. The media needs to have “experts” who aren’t tangled up with military corporations and the Pentagon. They have a financial interest in keeping soldiers deployed. Hearing a bunch of hawks saying Biden should have stayed or should go back is disgusting and pathetic. Let’s have some diplomatic experts in the discussion instead of just fighers.

  6. It’s up to the TALIBAN whether the US stays after August 31. I HATE how f’ing hostile the media is being! WHO THINKS THEY CD DO BETTER?!?

  7. I wonder what biden administration will give the taliban next already gave them all our equipment and embassy. I’m sure they’ll take more $

  8. Does the US State Department keep records(Passport) of incoming and outgoing individuals in Afghanistan?

  9. Of course . He cowered under the threat of “Taliban consequences “. He is not fit to run a lemonade stand, let alone the most powerful country in the world.

  10. It should say “Biden begged the Taliban for more time and got slapped down”. Anyone left behind wants to stay and be a hostage!

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