Biden considers gas tax holiday amid soaring prices | USA TODAY

Biden considers gas tax holiday amid soaring prices | USA TODAY 1


  1. Thanks Joe ! I feel better already ! 18 cents is a great amount of money and I cannot wait put that in my savings with .0000001 interest !

  2. I’m 54 and my wife and I are VERY worried about our future, gas and food prices rising daily. We have had our savings dwindle with the cost of living into the stratosphere, we are finding it impossible to replace it. We can get by, but cant seem to get ahead. My condolences to anyone retiring in this crisis, 30years nonstop just for a crooked system to take all you worked for.

    1. Gas prices will always have a direct effect on food prices, the trucks don’t run on hopes and dreams

    2. My local supermarket have started selling their meat joints and steaks in hard plastic security tagged casings here……l kid you not.

    3. keep buying gas like a sucker lol I bought an EV 6 yrs ago because I no longer want to be a prisoner to oil and gas companies lol

    4. You’re not alone, but don’t worry.. if you retired at 65, more than likely as of now, social security will only be able to pay back 79% of what you paid them… This could continue to drop lower and lower as you reach 65. Also, Medicare will probably be broke as well.. In fact, the U.S. may not even exist the way we all see it now if this crap continues.

  3. You have no luck on what your doing to us as the people, we have our own gas and oil , put the pipeline back on dummy, You are so not right

  4. Wow! That like a whopping 3.5% discount. And he is ‘considering’ it. Gee Joey, are we worthy of such a thing? 🧻

  5. Everyone let’s rent for 6 months until prices drop or move in with parents People need to stop buying and control the urge to buy in order for these prices to drop, people are making things worse by over bidding which in turn causes more damage to inflation

  6. What happened to the letters he said he wrote letters to the oil companies did he get any response from those letters or now they pen pals poor old man doesn’t even know where he is what country he lives in he thinks he’s living in Saudi Arabia

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