Biden declares state of emergency in Mississippi water crisis | USA TODAY


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  3. I wish these people would be this enthusiastic about global warming, the drought and the inevitable impact on the extinction of species 🤦‍♀️😭💔

    1. @Mr PumperKnuckles if you’d like we can share references to prove that it also has some impact from global warming

  4. Not blamin jst this administrtion, but the mayor and governor sounds like they r trying to pass the blame for no water to previous administrations when they had plenty of time to bring this matter up in prior yrs they have been in office. Not to mention, the no water situation currently sounds like it’s simply a matter of the pumps being flooded or the motor or some electronic controls got shorted out cuz it was not sitting high enough above flood levels. Jst go fix the short or clear out the flooded motor or replace it. Unless i’m mistaken, they seem to b trying to make it sounds like the water is not available cuz the entire infrastructure has been damaged irreparably due to aging. Also, where is the money that should have been saved up to upkeep critical infrastructures, like the water system, with all the state and local tax dollars collected, as well as thousands collected from property taxes from homeowner every year ?

    1. The mayor is to blame because that’s within the mayors court of decision making not the governor.. the governor has other major roles to do… promoting system maintenance and water pump systems of the city is under the mayors authority and the mayors responsibility. The governor focuses on the state as a whole.

      You can’t blame the governor for this when he pushed for an infrastructure bill to be passed for the state to get a better pump system…

    2. The mayor and city council got that money. If they weren’t black, they’d be investigated and the money would be found.

  5. Maybe next time don’t vote against an infrastructure bill which had “water systems” in the bill. Sheesh

    1. @Trever Whoever well. Now you’re gonna have to pay double because not only did it fail and they have to build another water system. You now have to pay to hydrate the capital if Mississippi. Cmon dude. You don’t wait for your car to die to fix it, do you?

    2. @Trever Whoever that happened when the community organizer doubled our national debt during his tenure. Whats terrifying will be when the chicoms come calling for all the money that was borrowed from them. I say give them California

    1. White flight definitely allowed for what he said “deferred maintenance.” This country is about to start reckoning with its past.

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