Biden delivers remarks at July Fourth barbecue | USA TODAY

President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden host a 4th July barbecue for military families, during which the president will deliver remarks.
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    1. @tony blackmon I don’t like him either but that’s taking it way too far. There’s worse out there.

    2. Oh you poor thing you must really miss Darwin 🤡🤡🤡 sorry Darwin bone spurs 45 is incapable of running anything

  1. My heart goes out to.the reporters and film crews who had to be there and couldn’t be with thier families.

    1. @Thomas Fitzpatrick Just seems like tremendous waste of time for them. Time better spent with their families better then with a mannequin on a holiday weekend that’s all

  2. I wore my FJB shirt today while shopping and got dozens of fist bumps and thumbs ups. 👍

    1. I have that shirt and my wife who voted for him has no clue what it means because she only watches cnn. My son thinks it’s funny when I wear the shirt around her. I won’t tell her what it means for that reason. I guess it’s an inside joke that over half of America gets.

  3. I could comment, but it would just be considered elderly abuse! Wow! ..just Wow! Happy Fourth of July my fellow Americans!

  4. When the people fear the government there is tyranny, when the government fears the people there is freedom “words of our founding fathers ‘

    1. I have found that if you want to relieve anxiety and depression it is a good idea to learn some form of self-defense. Americans allow their people to have guns.

    2. that’s the problem with the american system of government. American’s believe that fear has to be involved and it’s either the government or the people. Did it ever occur to you homunculi that the government and the people can work together to build a better country?

  5. “We always come out better the way we went in”. Hey, someone please remind him about Afghanistan.

  6. The worse 4th of July speech in 246 years focused on division and leading from behind. I’m no advocate for this potato but I’d still be more than dam patriotic enough to write an amazing speech that would shake, rattle and roll this country together, for 1 day.

  7. Thank you for the coverage, always remember just why we celebrate this day, all those that fought and/or died for our (everyones) complete freedoms and liberty. Not just lip service but in all actions

  8. “There are men running governments who shouldn’t be allowed to play with matches.” ~ Will Rogers

  9. This is comical…I’m newly 54 years old last month, a nd although I’m not a political guy, and I’ve never seen anything like President Brandon…it’s awful…I mean, pull up any Trump speech, even Obama or Clinton or Bush…at least these other men could speak off the cuff, this Brandon guy, he’s a complete squinty eyed creepy uncle type, could any one out there tell me why anyone would vote for him and better yet defend it after? Please, asking for a friend

  10. I can only imagine where we will be by this time next year, hopefully we will still be an independent nation

  11. thank you joe for constantly reminding us to vote. we know this is important now. come november the sane,open eyed people in this great country will vote to take back a country going in the wrong direction because of you and the far left democratic constituents in the house. our eyes are opened to your lies. we will take back this country.

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