Biden Discusses 'Unimaginable Damage' Caused By Hurricane Ida 1

Biden Discusses ‘Unimaginable Damage’ Caused By Hurricane Ida

President Biden delivered remarks on efforts to provide relief to those who have been impacted by Hurricane Ida. The president discussed the damage the storm caused and his visit to Louisiana this week.
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    2. @Daniel Dos Santos Spare me the propaganda..45 and the republicans are the biggest traitors in the country’s history, and no amount of fake grief for those Marines will change that..

    1. @Allan Burns the court settle law not it’s ok when we enact it but unconstitutional when we don’t like bush 2 law that put roberts sorry butt in the chair for a Supreme Court that plays politics is not the founding fathers intent and a new chief Justice can mean a new direction

    2. @Gary Davidson Let me guess, a$$hole. Justice Roberts is a CINO, right? You DO know what that acronym is, yes?

  1. Army Cor of engineers, don’t get the credit they are do. They are and always have been the best and brightest. Thank you.

    1. *Biden halts Drone from preventing Kabul Bombing and Saving American Lives*

      _Former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Western Hemisphere Affairs_ *Roger Pardo-Maurer* said they knew where and when the bombing would happen, but that they even had a Predator drone lock on the bomber, but that “they” refused to grant permission to take the guy out.

      _“[Permission] was requested and was denied. Because we are in this process of negotiating with the Taliban who aren’t even in control of their own government or their own people.”_

  2. “I will heap on them one disaster after another,
    I will use up all my arrows on them:
    pangs of hunger, ravages of plague,
    and bitter pestilence.” – (Deuteronomy 32: 23-24) –

    “Turn back all of you to God’s help; practice loyalty and justice
    and wait always upon your God.” – (The Prophet Hosea 12: 6) –

  3. the most evidence we have that his party cheated is that Trump lost, after we’re ranking the election with roman numbers as in NFL
    if biden can’t rank, he’s not electoral: Of course, Google is his friend.
    We might be renegade (sorry, other door).

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