Biden Faced With New Mass Shooting As He Attempts To Carry Out Agenda | The 11th Hour | MSNBC 1

Biden Faced With New Mass Shooting As He Attempts To Carry Out Agenda | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


Biden calls gun violence a “national embarrassment” after eight people were killed in shooting at an Indiana FedEx facility. Demonstrations continue over fatal police shootings. And Pelosi calls for a special commission to investigate the January 6th Capitol riot. Aired on 04/17/2021.
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Biden Faced With New Mass Shooting As He Attempts To Carry Out Agenda | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


    1. @Matt The Constitutionalist “Jeffery Epstein is a terrific guy who loves the young girls as much as I do” Donald J Trump quote from the New York magazine

    2. @Mort Goldman Domjan New York magazine, the one newspaper that has been proven to post fake stuff.

    3. @Matt The Constitutionalist trump has 30 sexual assault allegations against him including one from a girl who was 13 at the time and she claims Epstein was with him. He also sent well wishes to Mss Maxwell when she was arrested. He’s also openly admitted to being attracted to his daughter. So hows Matt Gaetz doing?

    4. @Mort Goldman Domjan allegations that turned up not to be true. On the other hand there are tons of video evidence of Joe Biden inappropriately touching kids.

    1. @Mr Archer Your own comment went above your _own_ head by miles! Mr “Archer”,.. Who said Americans didn’t understand sarcasm?

    2. @Chris the point, you’re *still* missing, is that restrictions/bans will slide the scale of possession of arms to the criminal element and away from law-abiding citizens. I used the war on drugs as an example depicting the market created and to whom such a market is aimed. Try to keep up, sport.

    3. @Mr Archer The overwhelming arrogance and ignorance of an American. Spot on!
      You tell me to keep up, whereas the rest of the western world has made it illegal, long ago. Australia made that change just 20-30 years ago, for their entire country in one big swoop! In my country, it’s illegal entirely, except for hunting and competition. Both requires education, courses, tests, registration and background checks.
      I’ve never seen a gun, knock on wood, on the streets of my country (or anywhere besides shooting ranges), in my entire life! And for that, I’m incredibly grateful.

      We had American neighbours growing up, house swapping neighbours. The parents were scared beyond by the idea that we kids walked and biked to school by ourselves. It took a couple of months before they realised how quiet, safe and calm it was, and they could let their kids do the same.
      I know it’s hard for you guys, living in it, realising that things could be different. But please, look outside of your country. You are not the only one, by far . And do keep up – it’s your country that’s behind,..

      I wish you the best though, I really do

    4. @Chris LOL! It’s cute how you think you make points. Before Hitler disarmed the people, Austria begged for his help. Some people learn from the past. Others are doomed (or doom themselves) to repeat it. When word of Jewish camps first spread, media denied it and public laughed at the idea of such a thing.

    1. @Collis Williams I mean hookers sure but cocaine causes death and violence around the globe daily lol. Just smoke some weed.

    2. @Collis Williams Fairly sure Jesus isn’t gonna forgive you if you aren’t sorry and just live your life thinking “ah screw it I can do whatever because Jesus will just forgive it all at the end”

    3. @Wob you’re right. I’m going to clean up my life as soon as this cocaine is gone and all these hookers go home.

  1. Collectivism: Blame everyone for the actions of others.

    Individual liberty: Don’t blame me for the actions of someone else.

    1. @William Sherrill You mean like BLM, Black Bloc, and Anti-Fa rioters?
      Im pretty sure its considered radical to be against gun control by the party in power of the House, Congress, and executive right now….

    2. @IronskullGM I don’t believe those groups advocate for violence, so congrats on once again showing your ignorance and blatant biases. I’m sure you’ll try to come back with some garbage examples that can only be verified by Breitbart and TDW so don’t waste your breath. Being anti gun control isn’t “radical” no, but “blatantly stupid and insincere”? Yes.

    3. @Joe Smith Not really, demilitarization of the police for sure. But they need the funding for training or better/longer training. We need a strong military.

    1. Because the second amendment prevents the FBI from cracking down. Also 53 mass shootings in 4 weeks has now just become the American way of life … errr … death. The true crazies are not the guys with guns shooting people no, the true crazies are the ones who could change the situation but don’t out of fear of losing votes. America has the guns and Army to stop and control the situation but really I think they are most concerned with thinning the herd.

    1. @Nathaniel Patterson Actually the guy didn’t have his guns taken away because he was a threat to others, pretty sure his mom called the cops on him because she thought that he might commit suicide.

  2. lmfao this is clear as day what they are doing i cannot believe people dont see what is happening

    1. @Charles L Jones I do not care who may or may not have started the divisiveness/division that is currently going on. Both sides of politics tries to further divide people. Organizations like BLM have been dividing people way before trump was in office, and he’s a puppet too just like the rest of them. Divide and conqueror has been used since the beginning of time. Everybody needs to wake up and see the corrupt politicians and overreaching governments for what they really are. The people all need to stand against the government but that looks like it is very unlikely to happen at this point

    2. @Charles L Jones well I’m not those people I never claimed that there was something sinister going on. I was saying I find it extremely odd that when Joe Biden took the presidency these mass shootings feel like a weekly event they kind of felt that way under the Obama Administration as well. And they are extremely open about their opposition towards firearms in the fact that they want to strip Americans of their Second Amendment right. I know it’s a completely crazy thought but someone that wanted something bad enough would have to make something happen to get everyone on board just a thought.

    3. @Mr. Hemiroids Biden and BLM want to take our guns away so we will forget about Hunter’s laptop and cancelling Dr. Seuss! Stop the steal!

    1. his copter was shot down by Oathkeepers and ProudBoys and he died trying to save a Person of Color

  3. Told you ! Every time Capital Hill pushes for gun control, another mass shooting in another “ gun free environment “ makes the MSM’s top stories . Coincidence, I think not.

    1. @Mr. Hemiroids
      “If you question any aspect of the benevolent Gubmint’s agenda, or anything the official TV experts tell you to believe, you’re a flat earther lizard people consPEEwacy theowist!”

      Fun fact:
      The c i a weaponized the term “conspiracy theorist” against critical thinkers who questioned the Govt’s activities and programs.
      (Countering Criticism of the Warren Report).

    2. @Andrew Ray no. People that believe in saving the second understand the government could care less about heart politics.

    3. They have to get everyone’s emotions involved so it’s easier to pass gun laws to take guns from law abiding citizens.

      News flash….. it’s illegal to murder people but yet it’s like criminals don’t obey laws or something bizarre like that…. crazy stuff.

    4. @Jo Dino there were hardly any mass shootings in 2020 because of covid. Twittledumb stoked the far left and has caused so much division, the likes that has not been seen since the civil war. Biden’s dealing with the culmination of a four year $hit show that was compiled and dumped on capital hill. STFU

  4. The media is making this worse by immortalizing the shooters and glorifying their actions.

    The more they’re broadcast the more they occur.

    1. The MSM doesn’t care. They only care about ratings. You can’t even get the real news out of them anymore unless it has some kind of spin to it. I literally have to come to youtube to get correct info. SMH

    2. @Sara Fernandez “I actually respect traditional Republicans, but Trump supporting Republicans really take the award for biggest hypocrites.”

      Eh, fair enough.

    3. @Youtube is a Fascist do you even know what the definition of fascism is? i highly doubt it because youtube cant be fascist. pick up a book would ya

    1. @Allen Cameron I’m not talking about the citizens. Just the Democratic fascists in the White House and Congress.

    2. @HayK47 The U.S. Constitution and our laws contain provisions for removal of elected officials from office. It should not require the involvement of the military. (And there are criminals on BOTH sides of the aisle.)

    3. @Vernon Hendrickson yes. What TF is BLM. Can we say Black Lives Matter? BLM- the murdering cops are using it for blue lives matter. Like WTF!!!

    1. @Charles L Jones Pretty much. Too bad states can’t figure out how to run a suitable program.

    2. It sounded like Biden violated his oath of office and declared war. But, his mumbling and “stutter” makes it difficult to follow.

  5. People literally called this happening months ago. As soon as they push gun control all of this starts happening MORE THAN EVER. Yes it happened before, but not like this.

    1. Imagine the people that are so dumb on here that want to defund the police and also get rid of guns. So what’s going to happen when the criminals that don’t follow those laws break into your homes and you can’t protect your family? Who you gonna call? I don’t think ghost busters is real

  6. There’s a mental health crisis surrounding violence created by young men aged around 18-25, and I have yet to hear any politician address it.

    1. @Lex Ruptor while you file a report, take the time to look up what the actual term “slander” means. in the mean time Karen, do your thing.

    2. @Jenna Puhl It’s interesting on how some do not believe in mental health issues. That view shifts quickly when you have actually seen an individual display those issues.
      In prisons, at least the one I was at, gave 3 different levels of mental health. 1 being the lowest, least severe, and 3 the highest, most severe.
      3 were the murders and child molesters mostly.

    3. @Jenna Puhl Thank you and yeah it’s been alright so far. Not on probation/parole but the background checks do cause a little issues. Everything has been going pretty smooth though. Appreciate it.

  7. This is absolutely insane that the FBI and other authorities that knew about this young man didn’t do more after the information the parents gave them. It is NOT the GUNS,it is the PEOPLE.

    1. @Koen Weiss : Made up ? and a completely different set of circumstances ? WOW ! Now I gave you the requirements to repeal it, so yes it IS pretty much written in stone. I’m in a rural area of the midwest where probably 95% of us are armed. Why do you think the U S is not likely to see an invasion ? All countries know that most people are armed. Also, repealing slavery is NOT the same as giving up the right to defend yourself. So that’s not an accurate comparison. Also, I have coyotes, bobcats, ground hogs, and venamous snakes all around our farm, and the rural people out west have to deal with bears, wolves, and mountain lions. So what do we deal with them with ? a knife ?

    2. @Gary Campbell nobody attacks the US cause you have nuclear arms and you spend a gazillion dollar on your army every minute. Of course its sensible to defend yourself against a mountainlion. But that’s an entirely different issue. Anyway, this is how I see things, and you see it differently, and that’s ok. Thank you for the exchange.

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