Biden Faces ‘Urgent Domestic Diplomacy’ After First Overseas Trip

President Biden faces "urgent domestic diplomacy" after first overseas trip as talks continue for a deal on infrastructure.Β 
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    1. @Jock Young they know it they just don’t want to beleive it. + 6 months after… Tells you that much about that base.

    2. @Dave Waldon
      A majority of Americans seem to disagree with you. that’s why we have elections.

  1. Me: Hey, GQP cultists. The ACA is saved. You couldn’t destroy it.

    GQP: Why would we destroy two letters in the alphabet?

    1. @Harvey Manfredsenjenson
      I do pester people for evidence in order to make the point when they are parroting crap talking points with new no evidence at all. Besides, I’m a scientist, and evidence is kind of important. Plus I’m going a little overboard today because I am sick to death of the incivility i see people relish in here, and I’m having my say be for finally quitting cess pit for good.

    2. @Richard Vanek Cherry-picking facts? That’s an appropriate accusation if we were to, say, do something ridiculous like defend Trump’s honesty by finding the ONE time he told the truth. But it doesn’t apply here. It’s well-known that the GOP doesn’t want M4A. But it’s quite obvious to anyone who isn’t asleep that the Dems don’t want it either — despite the fact that 70% of the country regardless of political affiliation want it

    3. @Harvey Manfredsenjenson Great. Well oh great prognosticators, tell us the plan to use reconciliation and how it is a slam dunk. I can see where it might work out, but it would also give ammunition to Republicans. Getting and attempting, to a point, concensus would actually be a good win
      Not that I am saying that it is a slam dunk eithet, or continue for several more months. But if consensus can be reached that would do more good in the the end. IF REPUBLICANS CAN NEGOTIATE IN GOOD FAITH. Which they have not for quite a while.

    4. @Harvey Manfredsenjenson oh. And we already both know there is no truth that trump has ever told, so neither of us needs to go looking….

    5. @Harvey Manfredsenjenson
      My point is there is no such thing as “the Dems” or “the GOP”. The democrats are a very diverse party and clearly only the progressive part wants M4a but that is understandable. People have different opinions. If you are talking about the official positions of the DNC or RNC, I wouldn’t know or care about that. I have never understood this fantasy of monolithic “parties.”

    1. @Harvey Manfredsenjenson
      When have I said anything remotely “DNC”? Do you really not see how empty and dishonest it is to make up crap about someone just to justify your own irrational hatred? This is ruining America. Just. Stop

    2. @Jock Young / That’s the problem. Republicans won’t stop.
      Slash and burn is all I’ve seen them do in my 54 years.

    3. @Jock Young He (harvey) is a cultist. Does anybody believe one can have any discussion with cultists?

  2. Anyone against this infrastructure bill is clearly an enemy of America. No one wants to see America fail to pass this infrastructure bill more than China.

    China is counting on republicans blocking a bill to update America’s infrastructure.

    1. @Roston
      Oh, I’m sure there is a lot of money in the bill that will not be used well, but that seems to be the price we pay for getting anything done around here.

    2. Sure. We owe Chine 22 trillion $$$. And only 20% of the bill actually goes to infrastructure πŸ’‹πŸ’‹

    3. @Harvey Manfredsenjenson I mean that’s basically it.. How it gets allocated is all the talk but I don’t think the bureaucratic middle man actually cares. Lockheed Martin smells blood in the water. One way or another, these companies are going to get a check. The companies are going to find a way to get it no matter how Congress says the money is allocated. That’s just political talk.

    4. @Dave Waldon
      It depends on how you define infrastructure. Yes, they have expanded it beyond roads and bridges, but so what? If it needs to be done, what difference does it make what you CALL it.

  3. If the bill was about tax cuts for the rich there’d be no need for urgent domestic diplomacy with Republicans but the bills about infrastructure the people need so forget about it πŸ™„

  4. But Trump’s alternative to ACA is nearly finished. He’s going to put it up on his blog 🀣

  5. So, wonder what went wrong with the Federalist, turtle, dumpy court that had to set up for this vote. Could it be that when you get your life long job you have no masters? ha ha they sure fooled you mitch.

    1. @Klaus S Van FedReserve Digital Dollar Robot Chicken, Velociraptor Practice, Bartholomew…”Why you so mean?”

    2. Hilarious. Old dementia Joe is a National embarrassment πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ€‘πŸ€‘πŸ€‘πŸ€‘πŸ€‘πŸ€‘πŸ€‘

  6. now on a far more pressing note, the extent of bezos wealth is equivalent to having germany’s hyper inflation being beneficial to him and only a few others…

    so yea we’re just a reichstag fire away from complete and total fascism, thanks!!

    1. @Dave Waldon yes I do and I would trust Biden with them. Would you trust Trump with yours? And if you answer yes you better check with your wife.

    2. Biden still has the confidence of all his KKK buddies too. Remember joes comments, no bussing, no racial jungles, ie did not want blacks in white scools. Don’t forget he went to KKK members funerals as well. Glad to see you support him.

    3. @Will Ulik Miyas Dude, you joined 2 days ago and already have over 150 comments on this channel. How’s weather in Petrograd, Boris?

  7. A trillion is NOTHING. We haven’t done infrastructure on 50-70 years. We are about to let future Americans down, BIGLY.

  8. If they don’t have the public works department build the infrastructure then private companies will siphon the money into the pockets of executives through an elaborate system of consultants.

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