Biden Forms Task Force To Reunite Separated Families | The ReidOut | MSNBC


    1. @Randy Couch are you sinnless, look at everything Trump did. I have a right to my opinion sorry. I will like any president who is not evil. If you don’t like someone else’s opinion hit the delete button
      I only follow God 🙏 have a blessed night

    1. @Chris Albert “I don’t know about evil, but 45 was definitely corrupt.. and stupid.”

      “Tulsi has a platform. It’s on FOX “news””

      You do make a solid point since you avoided any attempt in defense around your own statements lol.

      Chris Albert here just wanted a participation award I guess.

    2. @J So who am I defending again? And from what specifically? And what’s this about a predator?
      If you’re gonna criticize someone, at least be clear about it.

    3. @J Donkeys like that guy live for participation awards. Anything to honor their elites. Probably chanting “orange man bad” to help him fall asleep at night.

    4. ​@Chris Albert I missed that was a different threat you made the following mindless comment in. Why are you trying to back down now?

      “That’s okay, Biden doesn’t need your acknowledgment to do his job. He just needs you to stay out of the way.”

    5. @J Now I see. You’re just confused about which thread you were on. Okay. I suppose it must be hard for you to keep track of the randos you argue with. It happens when you spend too much time on comment threads.

      As for what you quoted, if you consider that a threat, you must scare easily. That simply meant that although you don’t have to support him, the least you can do is not cause trouble.
      I am curious though, if I recall correctly, by your own admission you weren’t American, why do you seem to take this personally?
      I’m not American either, as I said to you, but I do find their political circus amusing. What’s your excuse? You don’t have to answer that if you don’t want to. I don’t actually care.

  1. Unfortunately it’s not that simple. You’ve got institutionalised kids who’ve been in detention for 4 years being reunited with parents they barely know. The damage can never really be undone.

    1. Correct. I had a severe trauma at age 4. Last week I spent several bad nights gnashing my teeth and sweating from head to toe as I relived a near death in my dreams. I’m 40+ years away from age 4.
      Ask me, I’d say anyone inflicting this knowingly on a child should be put in public stocks. They’re evil.

    2. @Joe Anderson While it is true that there were some family separations under Obama, it only became policy and deliberate under Trump. Yes, that’s right. Orange man bad. Orange man Satan.

    3. True, some damage will be difficult to undo. But this is still something that needed to be done as an act of moral responsibility for the US.

    1. @J That’s okay, Biden doesn’t need your acknowledgment to do his job. He just needs you to stay out of the way.

    2. ​@Chris Albert I’m in his way? Not sure we have much influence in BC here bud. We are a good 5 years ahead of you in terms of media sponsored socialism anyways.

    3. @J I’m not American either, and by the looks of it, it’s a good thing you aren’t too. Because his job is hard enough without having more detractors to worry about.

    4. ​@Chris Albert Being a dictator in a sad effort for sponsored socialism must be the most difficult job lol.

      At least it pays well. Hunter refused to divest his interests in foreign affairs I hear?

  2. I’m proud to say i voted for Biden in 2020. I voted for Sanders in the primary and Biden in the election. I voted for Hillary in 2016. It’s a shame trump was allowed to hold public office.

    1. It’s strange to look back at all the people framing their choice to vote for trump as them voting for the lesser evil because they were so blinded by their hatred for Hillary. From your sister country Canada good on you for being one of the reasonable ones.

    1. J – still a better life than Mexico or South America.
      We should be tackling the issue of what makes these people flee their country instead of sending them back to it.

    2. God already let it happen, what makes you think he gives a crap to reunite them? As usual when the gods turn out to be useless real people step up and do research and talk to other real people to rectify the situation.

    3. @Crimdor Now I’m not sure of anyone who would disagree with that statement. We can still prevent the damage until the larger issue is resolved, no? Glorifying the problem helps nobody especially the victim.

    4. J – they aren’t victims. They aren’t being held against there will.
      They have a better shot at a better life here than back in the country they fled.
      And if you looked into it, you would see that the kids are treated quite well and given educations until/if they can find a home with somebody here in the states.

    5. J – we gotta start talking about the cartels if we really want to help these people.
      They shouldn’t have to flee there own country

    1. Kids are back in cages, men are in girls bathrooms, 100’s of thousands of jobs are being killed, COVID murder rates up higher then ever, and we are fully dependent on foreign energy again. Oh wait and Abortion is being glorified more then ever. What a wonderful country we live in!

  3. 1) This should have never happened to begin with. 2) A plan to reunite these families is LONG overdue.

    1. Now we get to send the kids home to their country with their parents.
      Back to the place where they fled.
      Just like obama had done.

  4. Good, reuniting these families should never be up for debate because it shouldn’t have happened in the first place.

    1. @Rad Rig Crawlers Here’s a solution for you….leave. How about all “you people” that want to make America white again just simply leave and you won’t have to be bothered. 😌

    2. @Rad Rig Crawlers Oh you silly goose. 😂 You know better than that. But if the objective was to make America “non white”, who’s fault is that? “You people” CAME TO a land occupied by people of color, stole that land, brought more people of color to that same land to be enslaved and because papa trump stimulated them racist bones, you all think it’s going to be like the “good ole days” where at the very least, if you can’t annihilate people that don’t look like you, you can control and severely oppress them but it’s not going to happen sweetheart. Pipe down, relax, take a deep breath, and understand that you will NEVER get what you desire. There’s nothing you can say that will make what they did to those children okay, so give it a rest. 😌✌🏾

    3. @Rad Rig Crawlers Yeah about that…🚽👎🏾🗑👎🏾🚽👎🏾🗑
      Don’t waste your time or energy here, it’s futile. 😌✌🏾

  5. I thank God for Biden to help these families get their there children back. No one should be going through this.

  6. How they picked up a career ‘pay for play’ crook known for his excessive lying and made him president is crazy.

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