Biden greenlights Alaska’s Willow oil project to increase US oil production | USA TODAY

Despite criticism from his green base, President Joe Biden approved Alaska's Willow project to boost domestic oil production.

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The Biden administration is preparing to decide whether to allow the Willow oil drilling project in Alaska to begin, and a social media fueled opposition campaign has gathered widespread attention in recent days.

Environmental groups are urging Biden to stick to his campaign promise to ban new drilling on federal lands, and promising to sue if he doesn't. They say the project will contribute to climate change and alter wildlife migration and habitat for polar bears, caribou and other species.

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  1. As an indigenous woman, I ask can you not head to Mars with anything left pristine on this tired abused planet?

  2. If the planet didn’t still have the intense reliance on fossil fuels then then drilling would be drastically reduced.
    A lot of the items we use everyday require petroleum. It’s not just petrol/fuel.
    Drilling for oil will always happen, it’s just the amount needed that will change.

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