Biden honors Jan. 6 heroes: ‘History will remember your names’

President Joe Biden commemorates two years since the January 6, 2021, insurrection at the US Capitol, as he seeks to elevate the law enforcement and election officials that held firm against the most serious effort to prevent the peaceful transfer of power in American history. #CNN #News


    1. @Jessica Work  It’s all on video you dimwit. Between the footage on the ground, the thousands of hours of surveillance footage they refuse to release, and the Ray Epps footage, you would have to be amongst the dumbest people in our society to believe the official narrative.

      This is why I come here to vent on you people…

      YOU are destroying the country.

      YOU are the traitor.

    2. @Jessica Work No we won’t! All those blm attackers burned things to the ground and destroyed families businesses. WE WILL NEVER FORGET!

    3. @Jessica Work about all the buildings blm burned and cnn cutting footage of the cars on fire? Yes we will never forget!

  1. Thank you President Joe Biden for your steady stewardship after that most dsyfunctional last administration.

  2. Today is “PaTrIoT’s Day” for MAGA.

    The 900 Proud Boys and Girls forgotten by Donald Trump on Jan 6th.

  3. Much respect and admiration for those who protect our country from terrorists, both foreign and domestic. For those who fought against the domestic terrorists two years ago, you are appreciated and are extremely bright spots on that dark day in American history.

    May the “police officers” who assisted the domestic terrorists know only disgrace and scorn.

    1. 🤣😂The January 6th pipe bomber was not mentioned in the January 6th Committee…not once. DC OWNS YOU.

    2. @Liberals haveitallbackwards Both. Joe Biden is compromised by the cartel. No doubt they are paying him to so they can smuggle their goods into this country.

    3. @Chris Sparks
      Nah, Joe Biden is just incredibly stupid and incompetent, AND…. his donors want cheap labor….AND he thinks he’s getting more future Democrat voters.
      It’s a perfect storm

  4. Great that medals are being handed out to those who deserve them. Have you also considered punishing the people who have committed serious crimes against America? I ask because Merrick Garland is still heading the DOJ after two cowardly years of neglecting his duties.

    1. @Red Alert. Haven’t you heard. Jack Smith is on the case. He is in the states now and indictments are coming soon.

  5. So I went into this day having at least a few expectations:
    1) I would hope that they honor not just the law enforcement but also those people in the January 6th committee or in General on that day who stood for that democracy and fought back.
    2) if I was in biden’s position I would have played the videos. Let’s show the Republicans what they did back again and what the results of their efforts really did and say “this was your president! This was your guy who you defended all those years ago. This guy is the reason why Congressmen and women nearly died. May it be a reminder of the pain that America has endured but also a gruesome punishment reminder to those people who helped you will not go unpunished. The long arm of Justice will find you and it will catch you.” I would also start evoking the 14th Amendment as president so that right away Republicans are warned those involved will probably get arrested and I probably would send the FBI just for good measure

    1. @caren Webb kinda hard to when the people making the decisions are federal criminals and lack integrity and probably don’t have the best interest of the country at heart 🤔🤔🤔

  6. Not just all of America internationally as well so we can believe our eyes when we say that was a crime and he should be in jail

  7. I do have one little criticism regarding the whole issue and it’s the fact that as Democrats they will say that nobody is above the law but once we talk about a sitting president all of a sudden that does not apply anymore. Cuz you can’t actually charge a sitting president which I find just antithetical to “nobody above the law”. If it were true then no matter what even if Trump became president again he could have been charged even as a sitting president so he wouldn’t be out of the woods, he wouldn’t be immune. Plus obviously if he does get charged and he has to go to jail you got the vice president to take over so it works both ways with the system


    Good to see this news channel running their same make believe story two years later 🤣 hahahahahahahahahahaha 🤣

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