Biden Meets With Financial Regulators To Fight Economic Challenges 1

Biden Meets With Financial Regulators To Fight Economic Challenges


President Biden is meeting with the nation’s financial regulators to discuss climate change and economic equality. MSNBC’s Geoff Bennett speaks to NPR’s Roben Farzad about how Covid is still affecting the economy for consumers.  

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  1. we all have to adjust. Get that global corporate minimum tax so the wealthiest don’t continue to support other countries instead of their own, and help the country that made them wealhty in the first place.

  2. Rates are at the zero lower bound. We need some inflation as 2% is the minimum not the target and we need to get rates above the zero lower bound. Plus what does anyone expect when comparing to a year ago when parts of the economy were essentially shut down?

    1. I honestly do not think most Americans do think in this perspective. Most are either in a nutshell, or fighting an agenda MSM drops at them. The pandemic was the perfect Patsy to gain unbelievable wealth, and control. The financial system is not strong. If it was, then why do banks and the Fed Reserve have to swap repo’s for close to a trillion a day now? Why do they have so much cash on hand, and nothing to do with it? Why the sudden spike in big banks buying residential real estate? We all know why.

  3. I want to wake up one early morning and found out that my portfolio is $90. I know its possible….

  4. 1:23 Hey robin, 5th grade me wants to know how “buying all sorts of securities” will “smoke people into taking risks.”

  5. Biden has an opportunity to jump start the economy.This summer can be saved.
    EU, European Union, has recommended lifting the travel ban for American tourists.
    But this has to be a two way street. America has to agree to allow European tourists to America.
    Let’s see if this opportunity is bungled.
    As regions of the globe become vaccinated it’s important to allow them to travel.

  6. Do any of these so-called economists actually go to a regular grocery store? They say prices are up 5%? That’s laughable. When something goes from $1 to $1.50 in less than a year then that is 50% higher and that has happened on a lot of products. When chicken wings that used to be 39 cents a pound before buffalo chicken wings came out, reach up to $3 a pound now even though the last time I looked every chicken has two wings two legs two thighs and two breasts. September of 2020 at my local Ace hardware store, I could buy a 2x4x8 for $5.99. in January of 2021 the same piece of wood started costing $9.99 which means it almost doubled in price. Show me the 5% cuz I know it won’t be on my passbook savings because out of 10 banks that I called the other day, not a single one offered even 1% interest and several didn’t even offer half a percent interest on a regular passbook savings account. I will bet you though, if I want to get a home loan or a car loan then it would probably be up to 24% interest so I guess the banks really have a monopoly on using other people’s money to make money. Thank you Federal reserve.

    1. Prices haven’t changed at Winn-Dixie. Re: buffalo wings – prepared foods are always more expensive than raw foods. Buy your own raw wings and make the “buffalo wings” yourself.

    2. @Constituent A you missed my point entirely on the wings. I make everything from scratch. If restaurants were not using the amount of chicken wings that they do throughout America on daily basis then they would be cheaper at the grocery store. The same thing goes for bacon. I remember bacon coming in 16 oz packages but nowadays it’s 12 oz packages at twice the price. Why is that? Because it seems everybody wants to have heart attacks by throwing more and more bacon and other things on their burgers at fast food places. As far as Winn-Dixie goes, I haven’t seen one of those in a decade or more.

  7. He already forgot what they said.wonder if he passed another note card to Putin on which financial infrastructure not to attack. Lol.

  8. But first he must meet with his caregiver and get cleaned up and a new diaper. And a snack.

  9. He’s gonna screw us on a 4th stimulus, and he’s gonna screw us on his promise to raise social security payments above poverty level – you watch.

    1. @Doug Ohaver what you said is moronic. Biden doesn’t write bills. What an ignorant statement. Biden is garbaggio

    2. @Justin Elliott of course he doesn’t write bills . It was due to him that he made sure that he used his assets in order to get the American people that third stimulus check. Not a single Republican voted yes for that and here you are complaining about a fourth. I live on my social security but apparently you want to go out and buy Lamborghinis or some ridiculous want instead of actually what you need. This conversation is over. Have a fruitful and productive life.

    3. @Doug Ohaver And look where that stimulus got us. Inflation not seen since the 80’s. That stimulus cost you 3 times as much as you received. I would ask you to open you mind, but it seems you are so open minded your brain fell out long ago.

    4. @Giggitty Giggitty surprise surprise. Another Republican or should I say Russian troll that has no content on their YouTube channel. Do trolls even have brains? Say hi to Gorky Park comrade.

    5. @Doug Ohaver Russian troll reply= When you lose a discussion. Enjoy the gas , grocery and consumable prices my brainless friend.

  10. Economic challenges… even biden is hunkering down. He’s switched from his beloved Metamucil to Walmart Equate fiber drink. Times are tight.

  11. Jesus Christ saves from sin.
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    For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God;
    Hebrews 9: 27
    And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment:
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    But we are all as an unclean thing, and all our righteousnesses are as filthy rags; and we all do fade as a leaf; and our iniquities, like the wind, have taken us away.
    Revelation 21: 8
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  12. “The Federal reserve of the United States is the biggest banker in the world…” substitute w for b in ‘banker’ and you have a much more accurate description.

  13. “It takes months longer than normal to get furniture” – who told you that, Bezos? Most Americans buy furniture for a song at the thrift store when rich old people die, and many others trash pick their furniture. LOL, there really are “two Americas”, and you folks in the fancy studio don’t have a clue about one of them.

  14. A needle does not have two-way sharps. The More you print the greenback, the more inflation will go up. To cool down some heat from the present high inflation, Biden needs to lower some import tax. This is the result of the trade war is easy to win.

  15. Banning China imports will increase the cost of living in the short run. Get ready to be squeezed if politics trumped economics.

  16. There is 2.5 times more content devoted to Trump than Biden in the first 20 of the most recent videos on MSNBC’s channel. Gotta keep that Trump hate alive and hide Biden from the public eye.

  17. *U.S. ROYALTY: America would rather war then to listen to someone against the Church and Monarchy who calls himself the 46th Provider of Democracy.*

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