Biden on Republicans’ reaction to State of the Union: ‘They seemed shocked’ | USA TODAY #Shorts

President Joe Biden commented on Republicans heckling him during the State of the Union after he suggested they wanted to cut funding for Medicare and Social Security.

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If President Joe Biden wants a second term, the path could start in Wisconsin where his tiny victory in 2020 over former President Donald Trump sparked a two-year war in this evenly split battleground state over the state's system of elections.

Now, following his State of the Union address and ahead of a potential 2024 announcement, Biden made his first stop in Dane County — a voting powerhouse for Democrats that also is one of the only areas of the state with consistent population growth — to promote his economic plan that he argues will address the challenges of an aging population and a stagnant workforce.

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  1. Democrats speaking negatively about Republicans has just as much weight as Republicans talking negatively about Democrats.

    1. @Ryan Cole The entire history of the United States. Democrats don’t help minorities, Republicans don’t help veterans, Democrats don’t keep us from war, Republicans don’t protect our gun rights.

      We got corporate party A and corporate party B.

  2. MTG was wrong to shout ‘Liar, liar!’
    It should be ‘Shameless liar!’
    How has America fallen so far to elect a man like this?
    With 3.5 million ppl cant we find anyone better?

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