Biden Praises Troops As U.S. Ends 20-Year Afghanistan Mission 1

Biden Praises Troops As U.S. Ends 20-Year Afghanistan Mission

The U.S. military has officially ended its 20-year mission in Afghanistan with the last troops having left just before August 31 according to officials. We discuss the implications with Peter Baker, Tom Nichols, and Carol Leonnig.
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  1. My condolences to those brave US soldiers & the innocent Afghans lost their lives.. may your souls Rest In Peace & May Peace Prevail in the world

    1. After reassuring Americans and their allies that an Afghanistan takeover by the Taliban was NOT inevitable a month ago, *BIDEN* was *CLEARY WRONG*

      We know that he had been warned many times and ignored advice (or, he chose to take the wrong advice if you want me to put it that way).

      NYT article titled _”Intelligence Warned of Afghan Military Collapse, Despite Biden’s Assurances.”_

      Also Sean Hannity confirmed from dozens of sources that this was the case. The YT video is available to watch.

      *President Trump’s Exit Plan*
      1) evacuate civilians
      2) dispose of military equipment
      3) pull troops

      This is a typical military exit strategy. Biden ignores the plan and did not dispose of military equipment and did not evacuate the civilians he had reassured a month prior that the Afghanistan military would fight.

      By not disposing of the military equipment like President Trump planned to, Biden armed the Taliban with dozens of billions of dollars of equipment. Including, but not limited to:

      – Black Hawk Helicopters
      – A-29 Super Tocano Bombers (aircraft)
      – Armoured Humvee and Drones
      – Night visions goggles

      Since then, we have found out through Breitbart news titled _”Biden Officials gave Taliban List of Stranded Americans, Afghan Allies.”_

      When asked if he trusts the Taliban, he completely dodged the question. Even if he does not trust them why would you give them a list?

      Our government is now “working with the Taliban” to create a perimeter. If he doesn’t trust them why does he want to work with them?

      The Chinese Government openly supports the Taliban.

      – Signed Traitor Joe

    1. @Name Here who knew that his son Tarek Ghani is a senior aide to Sen. Elizabeth Warren; and was an advisor to Pete Buttigieg’s 2020 presidential campaign

    1. In Europe we do. In America the dope comes from Mexico or S. America. In Europe and most of Asia, the dope comes from Afghani fields. Of course there was almost no opium production before America chased the Taliban out.

    2. @Elliott Boomsluiter most heroin came from Afghanistan at that time. It’s almost like people forget that we had no reason being there. They said Iraq had weapon of mass destruction as an excuse for free oil. Meanwhile America was using depleted uranium rounds in tanks.

  2. “If there are American citizens left, we’re going to stay until we get them all out.” – Joe Biden August 18, 2021
    It didn’t take long to dispel that lie.


  3. Don’t worry in two months Biden and this network will say the real terror threat was domestic. “We now know the real threat was here the whole time” Way to shatter morale

    1. Suckers and losers was what the guy who prefers heros that weren’t captured called them ol captain bonespurs

    2. Biden is well on his way to being considered the worst President of all time and he’s only been in office 7 months.

    3. Some dude took a selfie on Jan 6th though in the Capitol Building though!… forget the Taliban though, top guys

    4. @crocodile2006 Yep, that’ll require a full Congressional investigation. That’s about all Congress is good for these days.

  4. social collapse
    How many news sources need to announce our retreat this is a military decision not a social gathering for all to see.

  5. If Biden wants to make the American military smile today then he should resign.
    The US military hates Biden and has no respect for him.

    1. Really? I seem to remember “Hair Furher Trump” calling them Sucker’s and Loser’s, the “Furher” didn’t go to any Repatriation ceremonies after early 2018, I know some people just want him to fail, but even if he did resign we’d have President Kamala Harris and I know she’d make a really good President, but Seditious Taylor Greene would have a fit and at least Biden turned up for the Repatriation Ceremony for the Fallen and no the Military doesn’t “Hate” Biden, unless you’ve forgotten Beau Was in the Military and won the Bronze Star, Biden also didn’t steal the Housing Maintenance and Reconstruction Budget for a Stupid Wall, like Trump did

    2. @kev n Warriner The Trump card again. This is about Biden, but you Dems always have to talk about Trump for some reason. The world and the Terrorist are laughing at how stupid the Biden Administration is. They are an embarassment to America.

  6. Biden; We are going to take back our bases in Afghanistan. First I will send in the women and children.Then civilian men.Then military personnel. Then weapons and ammo and equipment.

  7. Joe Biden has disgraced the United States military and the American people. Yet the mainstream media will fawn over him especially all of the NBC news outlets.

  8. Our troops always have our backsand it’s SAD and DISGUSTING when our president doesn’t have your backs

  9. Remember who is the last one WALK out of the battle field!

    Do not let the MOUTH of politician says he/she is the brave one
    to order him/her .

  10. I heard the families of the 13 deceased American servicemen were yelling profanities at Biden when he met with them

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